Sighisoara, Romania

Area Code 065 $1=21,300Lei, 1 July, 2000

There are not so many choices in Sighisoara.
Mainly Italian restaurants in the old town. There are some of local worker style, (filling but not tasty) closed early evening. There are several cafes offering cakes and drinks.

Outside of the old town area
r Restaurant Perla Cetatii: Hermann oberth 21, Italian/local Very good Pizza, around 30,000Lei Rec When you arrived on the rainy dark day, it is a good place to come and watch the fire of the oven for pizza.
r Local restaurant: Hermann oberth near post office on the same side. Romanian Rumanian workers eat here for lunch. 15,000+
r 4 A.Mici: Str O.Goga #12 and Str Morii #7 but they are almost oppsit each other. ,Pizzaria and restaurant.
r Cafe: Hermann Oberth #32 open Sunday as well. There are a few cafes on 1 December/ Hermann oberth
r Cofetarie P&I: Piata Herman. Overlooking the Park. Excellent seating outside in summer. coffee, cakes, beer, etc.
r Pizzateria: Piata Herman, next to the above.. Italian Many pizza around 30,000Lei. Excellent outside seatings. The taste is good too.
Adelas: Walk Hermann oberth W from the post office and turn left at the first corner Romanian M-Sa8-24:00 Very resonable prices.

Inside of the old town area
r Vlad Dracl(Dracla House): on the hill near the tower, claiming Dracula stayed here once. Touristic restaurant but the price is not so expensive Complete meal probably 4-60,000Lei
r Boema: str. Muzeului #6, 10-18:00 Cafe Enter the old town from E, after the town gate, turn left at the first corner. It is well hidden at the end of the street.

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