Sighisoara, Romania

Area Code 065 $1=21,300Lei, 1 July, 2000

OJT(Travel agent)will reserve hotel rooms for $20+, but not private rooms.
But when you arrive by train you will probably be approached by people offering private rooms, $5+/p
- $5/p $6/p - $12/p $13/p+

h Bobby's YH: Str. Tache ionescu #18. From the train station walk to the center and find the post office on the main Rd., 1 Decembrie 1918. Continue walking W. Turn left on the 3nd street. The hostel is on the right. E-mail:, T772232 US$5/p.
Rooms are spacious and clean. It was about $3 in '98. Bobby was quoting the price with Lei 2 years ago. I think LP mentioned the price with US$, he fixed the price with US$.
h Hotel Steau: 1 Decembrie ab s 31,000 d40,000Lei Often full in this case they find a motel rooms for you.
h Non Stop hotel & restaurant(CHIC): just outside of the train station.T775901 sb d16,000, with TV s14,000, d1800 C4
h Hotel Poentia: T772739 ab ?Lei 2000m from the E end of the 1 Decembrie.

Private Rooms
The number of the private accommodation is increasing. There are two boys waiting for me this year and offering good rooms. The will be changed by the number of your group or availability, etc.
h Private room: close to the train station. Go out the station and turn right and turn left at the first corner. The house on the left, just before #20. $5/p. C3 Old but large furnished room.
h Private room: in the old town on the hill. Tamplarilor #5 $6/p. HW C4 Very large nice rooms. Rec
h Private room: in the old town on the hill. Tamplarilor #24+ Zidul Cetail (Entrance gate from W) $5/p HW C4 Highly Rec

h Camping and Restaurant: Dealul Garii T771046 just N from the train station but you have to walk for a hour, or take a taxi.

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