Sighisoara, Romania

Area Code 065 $1=21,300Lei, 1 July, 2000

Small town, most of the shops and services can be found on the main street. Though the Train/bus station15 min. N (walking) from the center of town.
i Tourist Office: no official office.
Maps: Hotel Steaua, 1 Decembre, sells maps which include sight description in English, German, French. There are two kinds.
Small map 10,000Lei, the bigger 15,000Lei which is recommended. The names of the street on the map do not always match the ones of the real streets.
Exchange: Many people offering money exchange on street for dollars and DM. The rate never higher than ones in money changers. If they offer higher rate, you should not change. We don't recommend to do it unless you need money on Sunday and cannot find any places to change.
$1 Banco Commerciria Romania: 1 Mai, Most hard currencies can be exchanged to the local currency. ATM for Visa/Master Card
Cash no com., T/C com. 1.5% min.$6, $1=21,300 100yen=17,000
$2 Banca Agricola: 1 Mai, street off Hermann oberth
Cash advance Visa/MC 0.5% com. min $2(cheapest we found)
$3 IDM(money changer): Piata Hermann next to the Rest. Parla Cetatii, M-F8-20:30, Sa 9-13. DO NOT USE Visa/Master card. The rate will be very bad.
$a ATM: Banco Commerciria Romania: Also some ATMs are on 1 Decembre near the park.
P Police: 1 Mai, street off Hermann oberth opp from Banca Agricola
M0 Post office/Telephone: Hermann oberth #14, same street of 1 Decembre. M-F 7:00-21:00
M1 Telephone: Hermann oberth #14, next to the post office. M-F7-21, Sa8-13, 17-20. No collect call. Rate/min. USA18,000Lei, UK14,000Lei, Japan 25,000Lei/min.

T Train Station: 15 min. walk from the town center.
B Bus Station: just E from the train station

Town is small. Walking is enough. The local buses are running. 4700Lei.

July 29-30 The Medival Art Festival:
New festival featuring fair, music, theatrical events,etc.

There are three internet cafes. All are cheap but slow, close on
Sunday. So you should finished all e-1-mail by 14:00 on Saturday.
@ Internet: 1 December at an electric appliance shop Closed on Sunday
@ Internet Cafe: Horea Teculescu #37 M-F10:00-19:00 Sa 10-14:00, 5,000Lei/30min. A proper internet cafe and a computer school. Very relaxing environment. Coffee is on sale. possible to reserve. Rec
@ Kolping Internet: From the Post office walk S and pass the street of Banks, it is on the left side.M-F 10-20, Sa 10:00-16:00 5,000Lei/30min.

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