Bucharest, Romania

Area Code 01 $1=26,200Lei, 29 Dec, 2000

Most of the historical sites in Bucharest have been demolished by Ceausescu to make Civic center of communist Romania. The remain of the historical site can be seen in NW from Piata Unirii, N from the B. Unirii.
Many sites, such as museums, charge foreigners for more than Rumanians. Don't get upset. Generally speaking, they are closed on Monday.
S Palace of Parliament(Palatul Parlamentului): Calea 13 Septembrie Nr 1. T311-3611, 10-16:00, 60,000Lei st-25,000, Camera 60,000Lei, Guided tour(English, France, German, Italian Spanish, Rumanian) only which leaves at the entrance of the S side. Huge beautiful palace, it is said as the second or third? largest building in the world(Many say the largest is Pentagon). The center of the dictatorship of Ceausescu. A part of 330,000 square meters, 84m long 12 stories building is open to public. Access: M2/3-Izvor and walk 400m S across the park. Rec
S Piata Revolutiei: Center of city, on Calea Victoriei. It is the place the revolution of 1989 started. The piata is surrounded by National Museum of Art, University Library, Central Committee building(former communist headquarter), etc.. The balcony Ceausescu had a last speech is marked with a white triangle marble. The first person killed in the revolution is marked with a black cross on B.Nicolae Balcescu, near the Piata. Access: M1-Universitatii or Piata Romana and walk 700m
S Atheneul Roman: Str Franklin Nr 1, T315-8798, just NE from the Piata Revoluitiei, M10-16, TuW14-22:00, Th14-16, F10-17:00, SaSu10-22:00, 25,000Lei. Beautiful domed building where classical music concerts are held.
It looked like closed for a while.
S Piata Universitatii: B.N.Balcescu + B. R. Elisabeta, Another memorial place for the revolution. Here people faced with the Ceausescu's force on December 21, 1989. There are memorials for the victims. Access: M1-universitatii

S Patriarchical Cathedral(Cathedrala Patriarhala): Str. Dealul Mitropoliei, Almost between Piata Unirii and Place of Parliament, on the hill. Rumanian Orthodox Cathedral built in 1656.St. Access: M1/3-Izvor
S Nicolas Students' Church(Sfantil Nicolae Biserica Studentilor). Str 12 Ghuca Nr 9, NW from Piata Unirii. Relatively new, built in 1909. But it is a Russian Orthodox church with many onion dorms on top.
S St. George(Biserica St. Gheorghe): Piata St. Gheorghe, Near the Piata Unirii, Two domed church, good example of Rumanian Orthodox church. Access: M1/2/3 Piata Unirii
S Old Court Church(Biserica Curtea Veche): Str Luliu Maniu, NW from Piata Unirii, built in 1559, oldest church in Bucharest. Wallachian Church architecture. Access: M1/2/3 Piata Unirii

S Romania Peasant Museum(Muzeul Taranului Roman): Sos Kiseleff Nr 3, T650-5360, Tu-Su10-18:00 20,000, camera 100,000lei, Best museum in Bucharest which received the award , European Museum of the Year in 1996. 18-19 th C. exhibits of weavings, Easter eggs, pottery, etc. Access: M1/2-Piata Victoriei Highly Rec.
S History Museum(Muzeul National de Istorie): Calea Victoriei Nr 12, T315-7056 Tu-Su9-18:00, 12,000Lei. Access: M1/2-Piata Victoriei
S Cotroceni Museum: B.Geniului Nr 1. T222-1200, Tu-Su It can be visited with appointment. Tour 10,000Lei St.5,000Lei. It was built as a halls of palace for Queen Marie(1891-93). Access: M3-Politehnica, Walk E.
S Village Museum(Muzeul Saului): Sos Kiseleff 28-30, T222-9110, 9-17:00, 20,000Lei st5,000lei, Camera 20,000Lei, Video 100,000Lei, Open air museum which has many farmers dwellings, churches in villages, water mills, etc., which you can experience the countryside of Romania. Access: M2-Aviatonior and walk 800m crossing the park. Rec
S National Art Museum(Muzeul National de Arta): Calea Victoriei Nr 49-53, T313-3030 W-Su10-18:00 30,000lei, ST-15,000Lei It was a part of the Palace. After it was damaged during the revolution, S wing has been restored and open to public as a museum housing the national treasure of Art. There are 3 separate exhibition. The regular exhibition is at the left door(left wing). Currently the right hosts Japanese Art(10,000lei) and the middle wing hosts Xmas exhibition(free). Guided tours available with 1000,000lei for a group, by an appointment T314-8119(at least 3 days advance) Access: M1-Universitatii or Piata Romana and walk 700m

S Cismigiu Park(Parcul Cismigiu): N of B Regina Elizabeta, 300m W from Calea Victoriei or National Museum of Art. Very central and oldest park with a lake. Access: M2-Piata Universitatii
S Gradina Botanica: Sos Conrocni Palace, 8:00-19:30, Very beautiful botanical garden maintained by University. It also has a glass house museum. TuThSu9-13:00, Access M1-Politehnica
S Herastrau Park: Sos Klseleff 32, N from the center. Huge park contains a huge lake, swimming pool, sport facilities, Access: M2-Aviatorilor.

Out of City
40km N from the city, 90 min by train. A lake surrounded by the beautiful forest and a famous monastery on an island in the lake. Cheap accommodation is available.
Snagov Park: Beautiful park next to the lake.
10,000Lei. You can camp, rent a hut, rent a boat.
Snagov Monastery: 10-18:00.
5,000Lei. It takes at least 30min only by a boat(25,000/hr). You probably need 2-3 hrs to rent. On the island, you find a nun who takes guide you to the monastery which Vlad Tepes, Count Dracula, rebuilt it as a fortress and prisons, tortured chambers, a church, etc. were added. Now he is also sleep in the grave yard of the monastery.
Access: Take a train to Snagov Piata
Curtea de Arges:
If you are interested in Count Dracula's real castle, you may go to Cetaea Poienari, Curtea de Arges which was the capital of Wallachia. It seems to be very hard to take a day trip from Bucharest. No other information is available at this moment.
Cernica Monastery:
take a tram #5 to the last stop and change to bus #459. 1.5hrs from the town.

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