Bucharest, Romania

Area Code 01 $1=26,200Lei, 29 Dec, 2000

Low budget options are limited as there isn't an established hostel system in Romania. Many budget travelers stay in private rooms however some hotels are cheaper than most private rooms. Sometime you will be approached by people offering private rooms, start from $10/p. In Bucharest, there is a hostel, but some hotels offer single rooms cheaper than the dormitory.

h Hotel Cerna: B-dul Dinicu Golescu 29 T311-0535, Just in front of the Gara Nord. sb s275,000lei, d375,000lei C4 Better value than Bucegi
h Marma: Str Buzesti 3, T650-6820, Near the Gara Nord. Walk E on C.Gribitei and turn left on the 2nd street(S.Buzesti) sb s325,000+, d550,000+ C4.
h Bucegi: str Witing nr 2, Go out the main gate of train station and turn to right. sb s100,000, d150,000, ab d250,000 C3, toilet/shower C2 (98 info $1=9000Lei)
h Muntenia: Str Academiei 19-21, T314-6010, Near the Gara Nord. sb s$10, d $15+, bf$2.5
h Villa Helga: str. Salcamilor 2, T610-2214,
dr.$12, K, HW, CTV free la bf K C4
, very relaxing atmosphere, excellent staff. From Gara de Nord, take #79, #86, #133 bus to P.Gemen bus stop. 7th night is free. Rec
h YMCA Hostel: str. Silvestru 23, T210-0909
dr.$12/p Near the Villa Helga. From Gara de Nord, take #79, #86, #133 bus Rec
h Daniela Gest House: Gabrpveni #10, 2F apt #7, T315-7887
$8-10/p TV, K, C2
h Camping Padurea Baneasa: Aleea Privighetorilor 1-3, Baneasa, T230-5203
Camp site in Baneasa forest. Bus #301 from Piata Romana 20min N from the town. Cabin $14

Short Term Rental Room Agents
h B&B Flat Rental: T336-5629, Studio $25/day. B & B $20/day
h Adrian Co: T093-347192, $15-30/day.
h Rental Service: T250-8476, Free airport transport
h Terra Imobiliare Service: B. Unirii 21, bl 12 sc A ap 20, T335-9598

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