Area Code 01820 $1= 3.75zl, EU=4.4zl Feb 2, 2004

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Like everything else in Zacopane, the toursit strip (ul Krupowki)holds the wealth of Zacopane's cuisine.

Warning - Many vendors are selling smoked goat's milk cheese. It looks like fancy bread, but it has the foulest taste I have encountered. EAT AT YOUR OWN RISK.

r Fleury Michon: ul Krupowki 15, 4-8zl
Once again thus chain of pastry makers offers the best in budget snacks.
r Steskal an Stoch: ul Gen Andrzeja Galicy 3, 2-5zl
Very cheap pastries and buns.
Highly Rec.
r Smazalna Ryb: ul Krupowki 28, 6-10zl Sea food
Very popular woth the Polish tourists. Great location on the banks of a creek.
r Restauracia Swarna: ul Krupowki 2, 3-10zl
Very nice soup for around
4zl One of the few places open in the early morning.
r Cukiernia Lala: ul Krupowki 13, less than 4zl
Excellent place for a quick snack. Makes grate pancakes and waffles.
r Cafe Sanacja: ul. Krupowki 45 (alley next to Kodak photography shop) 13-24:00
Good coffee, Pleasant environment. One of the few cafes that doesn't seem to be aiming at mass custom.
r McDonalds: ul Krupowki 24, 7-24:00
r Gyros Bar: ul. Krupowki 52a Kebab, good value. Giros 14zl, Pitta sandwich 7zl
r Bistro Grotto: ul. Koscisuszki (next to PeKao Bank)
Polish 6-10zl 8-21:00 Popular, milk bar style. Pierogi 4.2zl, Gulasz 7.2zl
r Swarna: ul. Koscisuszki 4 breakfast 5zl one of the rest which open in early morning.
r Nikita Drink Bars: ul Krupowki 79,
A basement style bar, Very popular
Local beers 5zl
r Zig Zag: ul Krupowki 32, The biggest and best nightclub in Zacopane. It seems like the whole town's population come here to party. Drinks 4zl+

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