Area Code 01820 $1= 3.75zl, EU=4.4zl Feb 2, 2004

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Sadly, there are many cheap accommodation in town but there are very few good budget options in the town center, and this fills up very quickly. Domestic tourism is thriving in Zacoapne whether it be hiking in the summer month (Jun - Sep) or skiing in the winter(Nov-Feb), so reservations are essential. For something a little bit different and without the hassle of an 23:00 curfew, try the fantastic pensions just a 15 min. walk out of town.

h Youth Hostel Szarotka: ul Nowotarska 45, T66203,
sb dr40(4-8 bed), ab dr50(2-3 beds), TV Bf C1 curfew
A very noisy hostel often full with Polish students. It was very dirty and the staff were rude to the few foreigners guests. Last option.
h Dom Turysty PTTK: ul Zaruskiego 5, T63281 sb dr20-28zl, ab dr 34zl, d68 t96zl C3 curfew A well managed hostel with the best location in town. Literally 30 seconds from the tourist information. Reservation should be made before hand.
h Hotel Giewont: 1 kosciuszki, T12011, Jan 2-Oct 31 ab s225 d295zl, Nov 1-Dec 21 s175zl d220zl C4
A bit pricey but the best option if you want to stay in the center without worrying about a curfew.
h Hotel Gorski PTTK Kalatowki: PO Box 194 T63644 June 10-Aug 29 ab s 58zl d110zl bf. Winter 10% extra
Access: From Kuznice 30min on foot. Pick up service is available(need fee)
By staying a bit far out of town(15 min. walk)then you can find much cheaper accommodation in pensions. At the very end of ul Tetmajera is a very nice part of town which is filled with classic three-story-houses against the backdrop of Mt. Kasprowy. Here you will find many pensions. Orbis handle reservations for pensions in this area.
h Pensjonat POD Giewontem ul Skibowki 35a: T62884 56zl/p Bf At the foot of Tatra Mountains National Park

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