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Warsaw's tourist sights, though concentrated within certain districts, are still quite widespread, so some pre-planning & selection is required.

Stare Miasto (Old Town)
Almost completely destroyed during the II World War, this area was faithfully restored. The architecture is impressive. The area is full of cafes, boutiques and galleries and has a lively atmosphere day and night.
S Plac Zamkowy (Castle Square): In the center of the square is a very tall column on top of which is a statue of King Zygmunta III Wasy - It was during his reign that the capitol was moved from Krakow to Warsaw. On the E side of the square is the Castle.
S Zamek Kroewski Royal Castle: 4 pl. Zamkowy, Tu-Sa10-16:00, Su11-16:00 Former Royal Residence burnt down in 1939, Rebuilt between 1971-84
Tour of Royal Appartments & Courtiers Lodge (Route I & II) - Tu-Sa: Pol. 17zl, st.10zl, Eng/German 70zl
No tour on Su - Entry free
S Rynek Starego Miasta (Old Town Square): Very attractive square filled with renaissance, baroque style buildings - many of which are restorations as the area was severely damaged during the II World War.
S Katredra Sw. Jana (St. John's Cathedral): ul. Swietojanska
Gothic style Cathedral built in the 14th C. free, M-Sa10-18, Su14-18:00
S Barbican: ul. Nowomiejska A section of the ramparts, dates from 16th C
S Syrenka (The mermaid) The symbol of Warsaw, dates from 1855.

Nowe Miasto (New Town)
S Rynek Nowego Miasta (New Town Square):
The Royal Route 4km long route between the Castle to Lazienki Palace, passes through ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie, ul. Nowy Swiat, al Ujazdowskie Along the route are many historical buildings, museums & galleries.
S Kosciol Sw Anny (St Annes Church):
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie
S Palac Radziwillow (Radziwell Palace): ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 46. Polish Presidential Residence.
S Palac Czapski Krasinski: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5
Former home of Chopin, houses the Academy of Fine Arts and Chopin's Salon - see museums below.
S Kosciol Sw. Krzyza (Church of the Holy Cross):
ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie Built in 17th C.
An urn containing Chopin's heart is on show inside.
S Botanical Gardens: al. Ujazdowskie 9-16:00
S Lazienki Royal Park: al. Ujazdowskie/ul. Juria Gagarina
4:45-21:30 Free 18th C park at end of the Royal Route.
There are many Palaces and museums within the park.
Free performances of Chopins's music on Sundays.
S Palac na Wodzie (Water Palace): Tu-Su 9:30-15:30 10zl, st.7zl. Former Summer Residence of Polish Royal Family.
S Stare Pomaranczarnia (Old Orangery): Tu-Su 9:30-16:00. 5zl, St.3zl Free Tu. Houses a theater and an art gallery.
S Stanislawowski Theater: 18th C Court theater free.
S Wilanow Park: 6km SE from Lazienki Park 9:30 - dusk . 4zl Tu free. Transport: Bus #410 or #522 from the center
S Palac W Wilanowie (Wilanow Palace): Wilanow Park ul.Wiertnicza 1,MWSa9:30-14:00, Su9:30-18:00, 23zl with guide, St. 11zl?, free on Tu no guide. 18th C. Baroque Palace, former Royal residence. Tour of Royal appartments.

Town Center
S Palac Kultury I Nauki (Cultural Palace): pl. Defilad 1, ul. Marszalkowska. This enormous modern palace was a present from Stalin to the people of Warsaw. Visible from much of the city. It contains offices, theaters, cinemas, museums, swimming-pools, etc.
fee to Panorama (Viewing floor): 15zl 9-18:00
S plac. Defilad (Parade Sqare):
Huge market most of the stalls sell consumer goods of poor quality.

S Muzum Narodowe (The National Museum): al. Jerozolimskie 3 Tu-Su10-16:00 Th12-17:00, 11zl, st. 6zl, free on Sa.An excellent collection of Polish art & sculpture. With impressive international visiting exhibitions.
S Warsaw Historical Museum: Rynek Starego Miasta 28
Tu,Th11-18:00, W,F10-15:30,Sa,Su10:30-15:30. Shows a documentary on the destruction of Warsaw during the II World War and its rebuilding/restoration program in the post war years.
S Museum of Fine Arts: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5
S CSW (Center for Contemporary Art): al. Ujazdowskie 6 Tu-Th,Sa/Su11-17:00, F11-21:00, 10zl, St. 5zl, free on Th..
Lots of exhibitions and new visual theater performances held here.
S Chopin Museum: ul Okolnik 1, May-Sep M-WF10-17, Th12-18, SaSu10-14:00, Oct-Apr M-WFSa 10-14:00, Th12-18:00, 7zl, Exhibition on the life and works of Chopin.
S Chopin's Salon: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 5
M-F10-14:00, Entry fee:?
S Poster Museum (Muzeum Plakatu), Wilanow:
Tu-Su10-16/17:00, Entry Fee: 7zl, St. 3.5zl.
S Marie Curie Museum: ul. Freta 16, Tu-Sa10-16, Su10-14:00 Entry fee:?
S Museum of Technology: Palac Kultury I Nauki, pl. Defilad 1, Tu-Th11-17:00, WFSa9-16, Su10-17:00 Entry fee:?
S Polish Military Museum: al.Jerozolimskie 3, W-Su10-16:00 Entry fee:?, houses polish arms from medieval period.

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