Area Code 022 $1= 3.76zl, EU=4.4zl Feb 6, 2004

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Warsaw offers a wide variety of eating options, however prices also vary considerably. The Milk Bars, self service restaurants are the cheapest option but they are getting less and less. The 2nd cheapest is cabin-style Chinese/Vietnamese places located along the main transport routes near the Central train station.There's an excellent value Chinese
r Co Tu Nowy Swiat 22, in the courtyard. M-F 11-21:00, SaSu 11-19:00 Chinese 8-20zl Tasty, good value meals. Great location.Highly Rec
r Pau Gia: Nowy Swiat(next to Co Tu) in the courtyard Asian 8-20zl Not as popular as Co Tu but similar standard of meal
r Chmielna Kawiarnia: ul. Zgoda+ul. Chmielna11-22:00 Polish/International/cakes 6-16zl/cake3-5zl
Very popular. Budget priced.Great location in a major shopping/entertainment area, open air seating.
r Grill Bar: ul Zgoda 4/6 closed
r Krokiecik ul. Zgoda M-Sa 9-20:00 Polish 6-15zl, Soups 3-6zl Nice wooden floorboard upmarket milk bar style cafe in pleasant environment. Tasty meals, popular with local workers. Highly Rec
r Restauracja Polska: ZAR Bldg.ul Nowy Swiat 21, Highly Rec
12:00-late High class restaurant. Serves delicious,Gourmet traditional Polish food, rustic decor.
r Pod Samsonem: ul Freta 3/5, Highly Rec
Polish-Jewish 13-16zl
Popular, traditional, cheap tasty food in a great location. Pleasant outdoor seating.
r Bliss: ul. Boczna 3, 12-24:00 Chinese 8-20zl Local place with great value, tasty, filling meals. Pleasant outside area. Highly Rec
r Tokio: ul. Dobra 17,Japanese/Chinese 12-23:00
r ?: Nowy Swiat 28 closed
r Cafe Amatorska: ul. Nowy Swiat 21,7-21:30
Cakes 3-4zl coffee 3.50zl Very popular with locals. One of the cheapest cafes in the tourist area. Lacks the attractive decor of other cafes but serves excellent coffee and cakes. Outside seating area Highly Rec.
r Bar Uniwersytecki: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 16 Polish 2-9zl M-F7-20:00, Sa/Su9-17:00 The best value meals in Warsaw. popular with backpackers.Has an English menu at cash register. Highly Rec.
r Bar Mleczny Familijny: 37/39 Nowy Swiat
Polish 4-7zl M-F7-20:00, Sa/Su9-17:00 Standard milk bar. One of the cheapest options in this area.Rec
r Pizza Giovanni: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie37,
Pizza/Pasta 17-25zl 11-23:00 Trendy, stylish restaurant with fun bright decor, outside seating. Always crowded. Huge pizzas - 1 between 2 is enough. But too expensive.
r Hoang Kim: ul. Freta 18/20 Rec Chinese/Vietnamese 18zl+ 10-22:00 Huge menu. excellent value 4 course lunch specials - 18.50zl. (M-Sa 12-17:00)
r Nowe Miasto: Rynek Nowego Miasta 13. Vegetarian/Salads,15zl+, 10-23:00
Serves salads named after Shakespearean characters. Up-market, pleasant environment, organic. A quieter location than the Rynek Starego Miastro
r Tsubame: ul.Foksal16 T825127, Japanese 28zl+ M-F12-25:00 SaSu12-22:00, High class, traditional Japanese style. Staff wear kimonos.
r Cafe Blikle: ul. Nowy Swiat 35 9-24:00 Cakes, Rec
Opened 1864. This is where locals bring their foreign friends when they want to show off Warsaw. Viennese classical style, outside seating area. Occasional music performances.
@ Casablanca: (former Cyberia)ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 4/6 (behind Domino Pizza), 9-25:00,
Internet cafe - see internet section
Interesting, modernistic decor, excellent The milkshakes are fantastic but expensive coffee.Highly Rec
r Literacka: ul. Krakowskie Przedmiescie 87/89,
13:00-late Polish/cakes
Great location, trendy and classy, long running restaurant.
r Nowy Swiat: ul. Nowy Swiat 63,9-22:00
ice cream/cakes/snacks,
Breakfast menu from 12zl, coffee 5+zl

Classical Viennese style cafe. Newspapers for reading (Herald Tribune, Guardian). Delicious ice coffee - coffee, cream & ice cream. Rec
r Bazyliszek Cafe: Rynek Starego Miasta 3/9.
Ice cream/cakes 4+zl 10-22:00
Elegant decor - pastel pinks and lace. Lots of locals despite its tourist location. Outside seating in the square is fantastic. Good coffee. Highly Rec
r Pozegnanie z Afryka (Out of Africa):ul.Freta 4/6, Coffee, cookies, 3+zl 11:00-21:00 Highly Rec
Cafe serving best coffee in Poland. A huge range of coffees from all over the world, prepared in the traditional way, however only has a couple of tables.
r Modular Cafe: Plac Tzrech Krzyzy 3 8/9:00-24
Breakfast 9+zl snack/salad 15+zl coffee 5+zl
Le Corbusier inspired cafe, interesting decor, trendy.
r Champions: Sports Bar/Restaurant LIM Center, Al. Jerozolimskie 65/79 opp from the train station, 11-2:00, 9-27zl 30+ TV monitors, screens all the major US/International sporting events. (Check the monthly sports calendar). Foods expensive but tasty and huge portions.
r The Empik Pub: Nowy Swait + ul Jerozolimskie beer 8zl+
The outdoor pub might be a bit expensive but you could easily nurse a beer all day and watch the people walking by.
r Lody: Nowomiejska 9, Ice cream 1.6+zl Highly Rec
The cheapest and best ice cream in town. So hugely popular that the line went back 25m into the street
r YEAR ON ICE: Panska St. 61, It has a special room called "Ice Room" , tickets 10 PLN, where you can have enjoy the world of - 8 C, in a special Eskimo cloak. The room has tables, bar and sculptures are made of transparent or matt ice. You can order vodka - served in ice glasses has a unique taste. On Fridays you may dance with the music of the 70s/ 80s, on Saturdays with modern music

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