Area Code 022 $1= 3.76zl, EU=4.4zl Feb 6, 2004

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At 99 research we could not get visa info. If you have this info, please sned it to us.
E1 USA: al.Ujazdowskie 29/31 T6283041 M-F 8:30-17
E44 UK: al.Roz 1, T6281001,
M-F 8:30-16:30, lunch 12:30-13:30
E61 Australia: ul. Estonska 3/5 T6176081
E64 New Zealand:
E43 Austria: ul. Gagarina 34 T410081
E1c Canada: ul. Matejki 1/5 T6298051
Visa - M-F8:30-11:00,
Other services plus Visa pick up M-F 13-15:00
E33 France: ul. Piekna 1 T6288401
E49 Germany: ul.Dabrowiecka 30 T6173011
E81 Japan: al. Jana Pawla II 23 T6539430 M-F8:30-16:30

E359 Bulgaria: al. Ujazdowskie 33/35 T6294071
M, W, F 10-12:00
No visa required: British/US
Visa required: Canadian/Australian/New Zealand/ Japanese - US$68 valid for stay up to 3 months, issued same day, 1 photo
E385 Croatia: ?
E420 Czech Republic: ul. Koszykowa 18 T6287221/Consular T6282168,M-F9-12:00
No visa required: British/US/Can/New Zealand Visa required: Australian (free), Japanese US$29 (US$ only), 1 photo, issued 1 week.
E36 Hungary: ul. Chopina 2 Entrance on al. Ujazdowskie, T6284451, MWF 9-12:00
No visa required: British/US/Canadian/Japanese Visa required: Australian, New Zealand. Single entry: US$65, Double entry: $100 (US$ only). Transit visa: $50, 3 photos. Visa issued next opening day. Express service (issued same day), plus $15.
E371 Latvia: ul. Rejtana 15, T481947
E370 Lithuania: al. Szucha 5, T6253410
E40 Romania: ul. Chopina 10 (Visa Entrance on side street) T6283156,M, W, F9-12:00, slow service.
No visa required:US
Visa required: Australian, New Zealand/Canadian/Japanese Single entry: US$35, British US$60?
E7 Russia: ul.Belwederska 49, T6213453
E42 Slovakia: ul. Litewska 6, T6284051-4M-F9-12:00
No visa required: British/US/Canadian /Australian//Japanese
Visa required: New Zealand - US$21 (64zl), 2 photos, visa issued same day.
E386 Slovenia: ul. Staroscinska, T498282
E380 Ukraine: al. Szucha 7, T296449
E381 Yugoslavia: al. Ujazdowskie 23/25 T6285161M-F9-11:00
No visa required:Japanese,
Visa required: British/US/?

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