Area Code 056 $1= 3.84zl, 1Euro=4.41zl, Feb 12, 2004

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There are limited bus & train services from here but you can travel to a few destinations of Germany, Italy by bus.

T Train Station S of the main city, across the river
Transport: Bus to town - #22, #27, 1.9zl - validate it twice. You must also buy a ticket for large luggage - validate this ticket once only. Can book domestic and international train tickets at Kompas Travel Agency, ul. Kopernika 5. There is a train timetable outside Orbis Travel Agency.
O=ordinary, P=fast train, Ex=Express.
To: fare zl

Timetable direct train
Warsaw Ex.37.41,P76.50l 6:15, 7:40. 10:08, 14:03, 18:46 3hrs
Poznan P 30.03 8:47,10:13,14:39,15:44,19:29 2.5hrs
Wroclaw P41.42, E82.50 8:47, 14:39, 5hrs
Krakow P46.76, E80.00 8:50, 21:05, 23:02 7hrs
Gdansk P35.91 4:08, 4:27, 5:39, 8:25,11:21, 19:49 3.5hrs

B1 Bus Station N from the town center, 8-10min walk


Warsaw 36zl 4:45, 4:50, 13:05, 17:00 4.5hrs
Lublin ? zl 7:20, 9hrs
Gdansk 28zl 6:00, 12:35 4.5hrs
Dusseldorf 220zl 16:45 18hrs
Wenecja 422zl M-W,Th-Sa10:00 24hrs
B2 Polski Express (private bus co) Student price available M-Th. St discount 50%. Possible to be dropped off at the airport in Warsaw.
Warsaw 48zl hourly 5:20-18.20, 3hr40min
!warning: The pick up point for Polski Express is on Szosa Chelminska NOT from the bus station. Buy tickets from Orbis or Kampas
ta Orbis: ul Mostowa 7, or
ta Kompas Travel: ul. Kopernika 5.

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