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Torun's beauty and historic importance have deservedly been recognised by UNESCO - in December 1997 it was added to the World Heritage List.
Within the old town there are many fine examples of gothic architecture including the former house of the astronomer Copernicus, and several interesting historic sights.
S1 Ratusz (Old Town Hall), Regional Museum & Tower
Rynek Staromiejski 1 Open Tu-Su 10-16:00(18:00).
Entry fee to: Museum - 7zl, st 5zl,Tower - 7zl,st 5zl.
An impressive gothic style building dating from the 14th C. The complex originally housed a cloth hall, a merchants home, a courthouse and the 1st town hall. Over the years additions to the building and renovations have occurred. The museum has exhibitions on Torun's history and some works of art.
S2 Dwor Artusa Artus' Court Rynek Staromiejski 5 (Renovation now completed) Venue for classical performances from 12zl.
Neo-renaissance style built late 19th C.
Site of many historical events.
S3 Kamienica Pod Gwiazda (House under the Star) & Far Eastern Art Museum: 5zl St 3zl Rynek Staromiejski 35 Open Tu-Su10-16:00 Gothic building with Baroque style facade, the ornately decorated interior dates from the late 17th C.
S6 Kryzwa Wieza (The 'Leaning Tower of Torun') ul Kr. Wieza 17 Built early 14th C. The 'lean' is caused by subsidence though according to legend it was a punishment of a teutonic knight for breaking his vows of celibacy.
S4 Katedra sw Janow ( Cathedral of SS John's) ul Zeglarska
Huge, Gothic style church built 13th-15th C.
The oldest church in Torun. It's possible that Copernicus was baptized here.
S5 Nicolaus Copernicus Museum: ul Kopernika 15/17
Tu-Su10-16:00(Jun -Sep10-18:00)
Entry fee: 7zl, st.5zl. Model & Sound & Light Show 8zl, St.5zl.
Gothic style house built in mid-14th C.
Copernicus was born here (or next door at no. 17) on 19 Feb 1473. A separate exhibition includes a model of 15th C Torun and regular Sound and Light Shows (in several languages).
S7 Teutonic Knights' Castle ul. Przedzamcze
Ruins of the 13th C Castle, destroyed in the 1454 burgher uprising.
S8 Museum Etnograficzne(Ethnological Museum): ul Watygen Sikorskiego 19, T6228091, 8zl St 5zl, Oct-Apr15 Tu-F9-16,SaSu10-16, Apr16-Sep MWF9-16, TuThSaSu10-18:00
S9 Dom Eskenow: ul Lazienna 16, Tu-Su10-16:00, 5zl St3zl Museum of War houses war material from 18-20th C when Torun was peak as a border town.

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