Area Code 056 $1= 3.84zl, 1Euro=4.41zl, Feb 12, 2004

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h4 Kopernik: ul Wola Zamkowa 16 T6162883
sb s86zl, d100zl, ab s105 d125zl C4 R
Concrete Block building. Many Polish guests. Large, furnished rooms. It has been upgraded recently but prices have still remained very low. Good budget option.
h3 Hotel Polonia: pl Teatralny 5 T6223028
ab s140 d180 t230, C3 Bar bf Old building. Large furnished rooms with sink. 5min walk from main square.
h1 Trzy Korony: Rynek Staromiejski 21 T6226031
sb s80 d90 t110, ab bf s150 d190, t230 C4 R bar
Great location in the town square.
Once it had reports of dirtiness, but has cleaned its act up a bit. Easily the best location in Torun but still noisy.
h6 Dom Wycieczkowy PTTK: ul. Legionow 24 T6223855 10min walk from center. Transport: bus #23, 27
sb s60 d90 q112zl, C3 R TV room
Very friendly staff who try their hardest to understand English. However there are better options closer to town.
h2 Pod Orelm: ul Mostowa 17 T6225024 ab s110zl d140-180zl C4 TV Billiard, bar Excellent location and services. The best place stay in town. Highly Rec
h7 Camping Tramp: ul Kujawska 14 T6547187, 20zl for a site(2 person tent) Transport: bus 22 or 27
h Youth Hostel Schronisko Turystyczne: ul Chrobrego 86 T6558236 located in a fort: open year round (Not checked)

Student dorms: Summer only (99 info)
Both of these accommodations are available from July-August. They represent the best budget options in Torun, with excellent facilities. Location may change every year. Ask and book at Tourist Information office.
h Dom Studencki No.5: ul Skowackiego 5/7 T6228565
sb s30zl d50zl t60zl, C4 HighlyRec
h Dom Studencki No.10: ul Gagarina 27 T6542960
sb s45zl d70zl C4 HighlyRec

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