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Since this Poznan was not damaged so much by the WW2, Many 16th C. town remained. The main attraction is the old town of Poznan. The center is Scary Rynek. The commercial street stretched from the train station to Scary Rynek is also enjoyable for window shopping.

S Old Market Scary Rynek:
The center of the old town and the center of the tourist attraction. Many museums souvenir shops are near by.
S Old Town Hall Ratusz Stary Rynek T8525613,The symbol of Poznan. 13th C Renaissance Architecture. But it was re-built after the WW2.
S Miedzynarodowe Targi Poznanskie(Exhibition Hall)  next to the train station. Built in 1921, the largest conventional center in Europe.
S Kosciol sw. Wojciecha  ul.sw.Wojciecha13
The first church built in oznan, 15th C. Gothic architecture. It was rebiuit after the WW2.
Muzeum Narodowe
S Historii m.Poznania(History museum): Al Marcinkowskiego 9 T8568000, TuF10-16, W12-18,Su10-15:00 5.5zl St 3.5zl Friday free entry  It was built in 1900. This is the most famous one in national museums in town.
S Instrumentow Muzycznych(musical instrument): Scary Rynek45 T8568178, Tu-Sa11-17,Su10-15:00 5.5zl St 3.5zl Sa free entry
S Szutk Uzytkowych(handcraft): Gora Przemysla1 T8522035, TuWFSa10-16,Su10-15:00, 5.5zl St 3.5zl Sa free entry
S Wielkopolskie Wojskowe(military): Stary Rynek 9 T8526739,Tu-Sa9-16, Su10-15:00, 3.5zl St 2.5zl Sa free entry
S Etnograficzne (ethnology): ul.arcinkowskiego 9 T8523006, TuWFSa10-16, Su10-15:00, 5.5zl St 3.5zl Sa free entry
S Galeria Malarstwa i Rzezby: al Marcinkowskiego 9 T8568000 Tu10-18, W9-17,ThSu10-16,FSa10-17:00, 10zl St 6zl Sa free entry
S Palac Rogalinie: Swiatniki nad Warta T8138357, Tu-Su10-16:00(May 1-Sep30 Su10-18:00) 6zl St 4zl Wednesday free entry Built in 1919 with mid-18th C Baroque and Classic style
S Palac Grokow  ul.Wodna 27 T8528251, Tu-F10-18, Sa10-18, S10-15:00 Entry 5zl st-2zl Sa Free enty 16th C Renaissance architecture. Re-built after the WW2. It houses archaeological Museum
S Katedra  ul.Ostrow Tumski, Can be visited in the morning only. free Originally it was built in 968. It was renovated a few times. After the WW2, it was re-built as 14-15th C. Gothic style. The Romanesque style remained in the basement.
S City Bazaar  ul.Paderewskiego8 held in every morning
It started from 1899. After the WW2, it was re-built.
S Teatr Polski   ul. 27 Grudnia 8/10. built in 1873. original building.
S Brama wjazdowa i fragment murow obronnych: ul.Dziekanska1
The walls and the gate built in 1835 against the attack of Prussia
S Okolice Jez.Kierskiego: Lake and surrounding area. 10km NW from Poznan. Beautiful lake and fores  You can camp, enjoy a yacht; cycling, etc.
Transport: by train from Poznan Glowny station to Kiekrz station 20min 5zl, then walk

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