Area Code 061 $1= 3.8zl, 1Euro=4.41zl, Feb 9, 2004

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People in Poznan is famous for potato lovers, the most in Poland. Therefore their potato dishes are excellent and highly recommended.
in the old town center, many cafes and restaurants which set tables on the side of the street serving good coffee and cakes. They are best in the central Europe.
r Restauracja Balticka: ul. F. Rooseverta, Polish 30zl
Near the train station, 2min on foot. Good Polish set meal less than $10. Pleasant atmosphere.
r Drukarz ul.Zachodnia Polish 8-12zl From the train station, 5 min on foot. Better than Bar Mleczny, in term of the quality quantity and price. ex smazona watroba, fried pork 5zl . Almost full Highly Rec
r Ali Baba: pl C.Ratajskiego Arabic, Shish Kebab 8.5zl, rice 3zl
r Apetyt: ul Szkolna 4 near Stary Rynek M-Sa8-22:00(Su10-22:00) pork cutlet 4.2zl crepe 4zl Large volume, many locals, Rec

r Dramat: Stary Rynek coffee+crepe 10zl
crepe speciality, more than 30 kinds. The quantity is large, not only with fruit but also with meal/vegetable. Also sauce selection is large. interior is sophisticated. Full of locals and tourists. Watch for the big frying pan ad board.
Highly Rec
r TIGER Stary Rynek 2 doors away from Nalesnik coffee,bear 5zl A bar for youngs. Noisy music.
r Bar Mleczny  pl.C.Ratajskiego   Polish 5-10zl
Milk bar. Cheap but the quality depends on dishes.
r cafe: S.Mielzynskiego cafe coffee+cake10zl no toilet
r Pub Studnia: ul Slusarska(Stare Miasto) beer 5zl Friday party is entrance free for students
r Pub Aluzja Poznon: ul Rybaki 24/25 (end of Stare Miasto) 18:00- coffee 3zl beer 5zl, some tables are set outside. comfortable place.

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