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Krakow's beautiful town center contains the bulk of tourist attractions and is easily manageable by walking. Most visitors spend a lot of time in the main town square - sitting in open air cafes, browsing in the shops, watching various street performers - the 'White Lady' performance artist, attracts the biggest audiences.
The Krakow Insider Magazine is a good guide to current exhibitions at Museums & galleries.
S1 Rynek Glowny: The town square.
- The largest medieval square in Europe - is the heart of the old town and site of many of Krakow's historic buildings. In the summer open air cafes extend into the square. There's lots of activity with the many artists, sellers, street performers, horse carriages. The streets leading from the square to the Planty (the green park area surrounding the old town) also have many fine historical buildings. The most attractive street, ul. Grodzka, lies on the route between the square and the castle.
S2 Sukiennicach Gallery: Rynek Glowny 1/3, It houses 2 sections, National Museum and Cloth Hall. The combined tickets Entry Fee: (nomal/student) 8zl/St5zl. TuTh11-18, WF9-15:30, SaSu10-15:30 (Free:Su 10-15:30)
National Museums: 5/3zl Exhibition of 19th C Polish art.
Sukiennice (Cloth Hall): 7zl/St.4zl Built 16th C, Renaissance style. In the middle of the square. It also houses three museums.
1-The Museum of Emeryk Hutten Czapski
7zl/ St4zl
2-Malejko House 5/3zl 3-Museum Czartoryski 4zl/St3zl?
S3 Town Hall Tower: Rynek Glowny free
S4 St Adalbert's: Rynek Glowny
Built 10th C. One of the oldest churches in Poland.
S5 Mariachi St Mary's Church Rynek Glowny, NE corner of the square.
Built in 14th C, The church houses a copy of the Black Madonna - Poland's most important religious relic, and an altar - one of the finest examples of gothic art in Poland. Every hour a trumpeter plays from the top of the tower, look for the open window.
S7 Sts Peter/Paul Church: ul. Grodzka, 17th C, Baroque
S8 St Andrew's Church: ul. Grodzka, 11th C. Romanesque
S9 Wawel Castle: S of Old town. Castle Grounds: free. TuF9:30, WThSa9:30-15, Su10-15:00
There are 4 separated sections. M-Sa9-17:00, Su12:15- 17:30, Free time M9:30-12:00
Royal Chambers & Exhibition
: 12zl, St7zl
5zl, St2zl. Built in 14th C. Burial site for Polish royalty.
Crown Treasury & Armory: 12zl, St7zl
King's private section: 15/St12zl
free English tour at 11,12,13, 14:00
District SE from Castle. Former Jewish ghetto, established as the Jewish quarter in 1495. In 1941 during German occupation, most of the 70,000+ Jewish populace were relocated, finally ending up at concentration camps.
With in the district are several important religious buildings both Jewish & Christian.
Transport: 15-20min walk from center or tram #13, from ul. Dominikanska+ulGrodzka, to ul. Midowa+ul. Starowislna.
S11 Remu'h Synagogue: ul Szeroka 40 8zl st:5zl
Built in 1557, Jewish religious services are still held here. Behind the synagogue is a Jewish cemetery crowded with ornate Renaissance style, gravestones.
S12 Stara Synagoga (The Old Synagogue) & Jewish Museum: ul. Szeroka 24, Open W/Th/Sa/Su9-15:30, F11-18:00, 6zl, St4zl. Built in 1557 - the oldest Jewish building in Poland.

S13 Czartoryski Museum: ul sw. Jana 19, Tu-Th, Sa,Su10-15:30, F10-18:00, 7zl, St4zl, European art 14-18th C. Includes some works of Rembrandt and Leonardo da Vinci.
S14 Museum of Ethnography: ul.Krakowska 46, MW-F10-17, Sa/Su10-14:00, 5zl/St3zl. free on Su
S15 Center of Japanese Art & Technology: Munggha, ul. Knopnickiej 26, Tu-Su10-18:00, Exhibition of Ancient Japanese art. One of the best collections outside of Japan. 5zl/St3zl.
S16 Narodowej 'Apteka (Pharmacy) pod Orlem': pl. Bohaterow Getta 18, M-F10-16:00, Sa 10-14:00 Entry: 2zl. Art/Photography Exhibition on the Krakow ghetto and Plaszow concentration camp.

Outside of Town
Auschwitz/Oswiecim-Birkenau Concentration Camps:
Dec15-Feb28: 8-15:00, Mar1-30/Nov 1-Dec15:00 8-16:00, May 1-31/Sep1-30: 8-18:00, Jun1-Aug31:8-19:00 Entry fee: free.
60km W from Krakow, Oswiecim is an industrial town, infamous as the site of the largest Nazi concentration camps - Oswiecim/Birkenau. During the II World War, over 1.5 million people, mainly Jewish, were 'exterminated' here. The Oswiecim camp contains a visitors center, museum, as well as many of the original buildings. Birkenau has been preserved as it was left by the Nazis.
UNESCO World Heritage site. Tour with Orbis 47zl
The cheapest way to come here is Bus from the train station to Oswiecim 8zl 2 hours. Not many buses running so check the time table.
Wieliczka Salt Mine & Museum: ul Danilowicza 10, Wieliczka Open:8-18:00 Tour (English) 33zl, Video 13zl, Camera 8zl, 2hr30min - can leave half way through. 15km SE from Krakow.
A huge salt mine with amazing carvings and sculptures made out of salt - the highlight of which is the St. Kinga chapel.
Transport Lux minibuses from bus/train station/ 2.5zl, run every 20-30min.UNESCO World Heritage site.

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