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Krakow is packed with tourists, particularly in the summer months. Reservations are recommended for hotels and youth hostels. The Tourist Office opposite the train station has info on all kinds of accommodation and may phone and make a reservation for you. From late June to early September, student hostels/hotels open up, ideal for the budget traveler. Some have representatives at the train station. Prices have risen a lot since last year.


Summer student hostels/hotels
Some offer limited, all year round accommodation - check with tourist office near train station.
h1 Bydgoska: ul. Bydogoska 19 T6368000 F6387788
sb s50zl d70zl ab K s90zl d100zl t130zl C3 TV @
Basic hotel for students. 15 min on foot from the center.
Transport: From Centrum, tram #4, 13, 14, 24 to the 4th stop.
h2 Strawberry Youth Hostel: ul. Raclawicka 9 T2945363, Open only in summer (from July) 15min walk from center.
sb dr (2-4beds) 50zl d80zl C3 I TV room, K(2002 price)
No curfew, check out time 9:00. Basic rooms. Popular because representatives meet and transport backpackers from the train station. Solo travelers may end up sharing with 1-3 other people.
Very poor management. Reception lost my room key, so I had to spend 9 hrs sleeping outside reception. I was not only one. Much better option in Krakow
Tour (unguided) to Auschwitz/Birkenau,
15-20min walk from center or bus #301 or #302 from ul Krowoderska, 3rd stop.
h3 Jagiellonian Univ. : ul. Sliska 14 T6561266
Close to the medieval city and within walking distance to Wawel Castel and the old Jewish District. Can book through Orbis at Rynek Glowny.
sb s53zl d92zl C3 K
from train station - tram #10-direction ul. Smolki, 7th stop, or bus #124-direction Mateczny, 7th stop.
h4 Zaczek: al. 3 Maja 5 T6221102 F6328735, 10min walk from center. sb s65 d75 t90 q100zl, ab s70-85 d105-120 t120-150 q(family)200zl C4 I R bicycle ab rooms are luxurious & comfortable, hotel standard - excellent value. However sb rooms are the same standard as other student hostels. Very popular with Spanish backpackers Rec
from station bus #119, 6th stop.
Tram #15,#18 from ul. Lubicz (near train st.) to al. 3 Maja
h5 Nawojka: ul Reymonta 11 T6333936 F6335548
ab s80zl+ d85zl+ t100zl+ C3 R s TVroom
Basic but excellent value, the cheapest rooms in Krakow. 10-15min walk from center.
Highly Rec
bus #179 from train station to al. Mickiewcza, tram #15,#18 from ul. Lubicz (near train st.) to al. 3 Maja
h6 Letni Hotel: Kamionka 11A, open July-Sep only. T6486969, sb dr40zl ab s100zl, d130zl balcony C4 R. Reported to be good value. Transport: tram #1, 22, 14 for 15 mins. Rec
h7 Piast: ul Piastowska 47, T6223100 F6372178
ab s55-90 d80-130 t150zl C3 R TV @ Basic hotel , 20 min on foot from the center Reasonable prices.
Transport: From Centrum tram #4, 13, 14 to the 7th stop or Bus #208, 5011, 511 to Hotel Warszawskiego. Opp from the hotel.

All year round hostels/hotels
h10 Schronisko Mlodziezowe Youth Hostel: ul. Kosciuszki 88 T4221951 dr 18.75zl, non-member 25zl C3 The best option in Krakow. Situated inside of a fantastic old cathedral on the river bank. Managed by non-English Nuns, yet the 2-30 bed dorms are Co-ed. No better place to go for those on tight budget. Curfew 23;00, lockout 10-17:00 Transport: tram#2 from ul Westerplatte direction Salwator, last stop Rec
h11 Schronisko Express: ul.Wroclawska 91, T6338862, 35zl
h12 Schronisko Mlodziezowe: ul. Oleandry 4, T6338822 F6338920, sb IYH15zl, dr20-34zl C4 R K, Huge Youth Hostel. Often full with groups but usually has space in the summer. Must have an HI card - issued here, 5zl. Check in - after 17:00. Lockout, curfew.
Transport: from station bus #119, 6th stop. Tram #15,#18 from ul. Lubicz (near train st.) to al. 3 Maja
h13 Saski: ul. Slawkowska 3 T4214222 F4214830, ab s295 d345, t420 C5 R bf20zl I Credti cards
A lovely, old, well-maintained hotel with lots of character. Excellent location in the town center. Best value hotel in Krakow. Advance reservations recommended.
Highly Rec
h14 Europejski: ul Lubicz 5 T4232510 F4232529, sb s85zl, d155zl, ab s295zl, d345zl t370zl C4 R New renovations(new restaurant and bar)had made this hotel very expensive. The Saski is much better value and closer to the town center.
h15 Polonia: ul. Basztowa 25 T221233 sb s98 d109, t129, ab s251,d285 t329zl C4 I $ bf-17zl Opposite the railway station. Classical, attractive building with pleasant, reasonable value rooms.
h16 Dom Wycieczkowy PTTK: ul.Bulwarowa 37, T6440863, 22zl+ C4 Transport: tram #4 from train station 20mins. then 20min on foot. It is far but the price is cheap. minimum facility.

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