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Krakow, the former capital of Poland, is one of the most popular destinations in Eastern Europe. Unlike the rest of Poland, Krakow sustained little physical damage during the II World War, its magnificent old quarter is listed in UNESCO's register of 'World cultural & heritage sites'. Krakow is a good base for excursions to nearby sites - Auschwitz/Birkenau concentration camps (60km), Wieliczka (15km), site of a medieval salt mine, and the mountain resort of Zakopane (100km, 2hr30min by bus).
Krakow is a cosmopolitan city with excellent facilities, a reasonable range of budget accommodation and some wonderful restaurants. 3+ days is necessary to see all of Krakow and nearby sights.
Warning: Telephone numbers have changed in Krakow, most numbers startin with '2' have an additional 4 in front, numbers starting with '3' now have a 6 in front.

Tourist Office: There are several offices. The best one for info on accommodation is opposite the train station.
Krakow Tourist Ticket: 2 day-45zl, 3 day-65zl, unlimited ride for bus & tram + free admission for museum.
i1 it: ul. Pawia 8 (opposite train st.) T4226091 M-F8-18, Sa9-13:00 Very helpful. Good info on accommodation,however it will only make reservations for Letni Student rooms.
Info on transport, sights, etc. Sells maps.
City tours 45zl, trips to Auschwitz Price? and Salt mines with English gude 47zl, st.36zl
i2 Cultural Information Center: ul. Sw Jana 2 T4217787 M-F10-19, Sa11-19:00, Very helpful
website: Sells theater, opera tickets. Monthly cultural magazine - Karnet - 3zl.
i3 Dexter: Rynek Glowny 1/3 T4217706 M-F9-18, Sa9-13:00
i4 Columbus: ul. Basztowa 24, T4217788
i5 Lufthansa City Center: ul. Sienna 9, T4224188
Useful publications:
What Where When Krakow
- free from Tourist Office, contains essentials and map.
Karnet -
3zl from Cult. Info. Ctr. Info on the month's cultural events.
AE American Express: Rynek Glowny 41 (Orbis Office) T4229180 M-F8-19:00, Sa8-15:00 Mail Service Cash rate T/C$1=3.95, no com. Personal check encashment no charge
$1 Bank: Pekao SA: Rynek Glowny 31 M-F7:30-19:00 Sa10-14:00 T/C rate $1=3.95, com 10zl/check. Min. 5zl. Long queues.
Kantors (Exchange) Many throughout the city. Cash only. Kantors in the center offer the best rates.Hotels & Kantors at the bus & train stations offer lower rates.
Warning Travelers Report: While taking money out at an ATM 3 suspicious guys approached, the traveler, aware of their intention, held up 1x10zl note, one of the guys snatched it and he and his 'friends' ran off, the traveler collected his card and money and ran in the opposite direction.
$a1 ATM Bank Pekao SA: Rynek Glowny 31 Visa, MC, EC
$a2 U Sasjada: Rynek Glowny AmEx, etc
$a3 Castle grounds: Wawel Castle AmEx, etc.
P1 Police Station: Rynek Glowny 30, T997
Hp1 Pharmacy: Rynek Glowny 13 M-F8-20, Sa8-15:00.
Hp2 Apteka Herbapharm: ul. Dunajewskeigo 2 24hr
M0 Post Office: ul Wielopole+ul Westerplatte 24 hours. Read the English notice in the entrance for instructions on the queueing system.
M0 Telephone Office: Main Post Office, 24hr
Mainly card phones with a few token phones. Yellow card phone telephone boxes in main square. Phone cards are be bought from the kiosks around town. The demoninations are 9,16,26 zl
International Direct Dialing:
Possible from card phones. - 00+ country code + area code + number
E43 Austria: ul. Cybulskiego 9 T4219766 (Visa) M-F9-12:00
E33 France: ul. Stolarska 15 T4245305
E49 Germany: ul. Stolarska 7 T4218473
E1 USA: ul. Stolarska 9 T4245100
E7 Russia: ul. Weserplatte 11, T4228388
E45 Denmark: ul. Florianska 37, T4217120

A Air/Airport Balice 18km W from Krakow Flight info T227078
International flights to Frankfurt, London, Milan, Rome, Paris, Vienna & Zurich. Transport: bus #208 from train station, from the old town #152, #209
Airline Offices:
a1 LOT: ul. Basztowa 15 T4224215
a2 Austrian Airlines: Maly Rynek 1 T4226470
a3 British Airways: sw Tomasza 25 T4228645
a4 Lufthansa Airlines: ul.Sienna 9, T4224199
a5 Swiss Air: ul.Szpitalna 36, T4229440
a6 Delta Airlines: ul.Szpitalna 36, T4214640
T Train Station: Krakow Glowny pl. Dworcowy 1 T4222228 (Int.)
Queues at the train station are long. It's possible to get information/buy tickets at Orbis Travel Agency in Rynek Glowny.
left luggage 6.20zl for back packs
B Bus Station: ul Worcella, near the train station.
There are several different bus companies operating international services. Travel Agencies have information however they don't have connections with all bus companies so you should check around. International buses are cheaper than trains but don't run very often.

Local Transport
Bus & tram services operate from 5-23:00
Tickets (non transferable) cost 2.4zl, transferable ticket (1hr) 3zl from kiosks, can buy from driver for 2.7?zl. Day tickets 10zl, weekly ticket 24zl. large luggage.2.40zl
Express bus tickets - 3zl (A, B,C or D marked buses). Day 10zl
Krakow Tourist Ticket: 2 day-45zl, 3 day-65zl
, unlimited ride for bus & tram + free admission for museum.
Warning: I was inspected 3 times whilst in Krakow. Foreigners Students CANNOT use student tickets on local transport in Krakow. Ticket inspectors will fine you if you don't have a validated full price ticket (1.20zl. They may also fine you (18zl.) if you don't have a validated full price ticket for your luggage.The day ticket covers for your luggage.
Taxi ? Usually overcharge tourists. Not recommended.
Travel Agents: Orbis Rynek Glowny 41 T4226147
ta1 Orbis: Rynek Glowny 41 T4221157
ta2 Sinbad Bus Co. Bus Station M-F8-18, Sa/Su9-14:00

There are many elegant boutiques in Krakow selling stylish clothing and shoes. Bargain Season: Jan-Feb
m Market: The Cloth Hall in the main square is full of souvenir stalls
m Fruit market: ul Nowowiegska + Lea, A big market, very cheap.
Supermarkets: There are several delicatessen style shops in the main square.
Bookshops: Many bookshops on the main square started handling a large selection of foreign magazines and English books.
s Interbooks: ul. 27/1 Karmelicka A large selection of classics and some contemporary fiction, certain books are cheaper than at home.
s English Book Center ul. Bastowa 17
Photo: Very cheap 24 standard prints+developing 25zl. Many kodak shops are at the city square.
la Laundry A few of the student hostels.

c Apollo: sw. Tomasza 11 16zl
c Sztuka & Annex: sw Jana 6 16zl
c Pasaz: Rynek Glowny 9, in the alley 16zl
c Mikro: 5 ul. Juliusza Lea 10zl. Shows less commercial movies. Cheapest and shows some art movies.

May Student Song Festival
May/June Ballet Spring Festival
May/June International Film Festival
June Summer Festival of Opera & Operetta
June Jewish Cultural Festival
July International Jazz Festival er
July International Festival of Street Theatrer
August Folk Art Fair:
Sep Festival of Old Polish Opera
Nov All Saints Day Jazz Festival

@ Internet @
@ Internet bar U Louisa: Rynek Glowny 13 11-23:00 3zl/hr
@ Internet Cafe: ul Grodzka14/16 8-23:00, 3zl/h, 8-11:00,2zl/h
@  Klub Internetowy Pl@net: Rynek Glowny 24, 10-22:00, 2zl./30min, 3zl/hr Very cheap price with free tea/coffee. Staff can speak English very well.
@ Cafe Internet: ul.Grodzka 14, 8-30:00, 8-11:00-2zl./hr 11-30:00-3zl/hr Free hot drink 8PCs Very popular for travelers.

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