GDANSK, Poland

Area Code058 $1= 3.89zl, Euro=4.56zl, May 11, 2004

Most of Gdansk's sights are within the Main Town area and are easily walkable.
ul. Dluga (Long St) is the heart of old Gdansk, it is lined with historic buildings and distinctive 16th C architecture, but they were destroyed at the time of the WW2 and were re-built. There is always something happening along the street which is crowded with street sellers, performers and, during the day, tourists, and, at night, locals.

S1 Dlugi Targ: Market square, a section of ul Dluga, contains several historical buildings.
joint ticket for S2, S3 and S4 12zl/St6zl
S2 Dwor Artusa (King Arthur's Court): Dlugi Targ 44, Tu-Sa10-17 Su11-17:00, 14 C building(reconstructed) 3zl, /St.2zl
S3 Ratusz (Town Hall)+ Muzeum Historyczne Gdanska:
ul Dluga 47, M10-15, Tu-Sa10-18, Su11-18:00, 6zl/St.3zl. Gothic style dating from the 14th C rebuilt after the war. Now it houses the history museum, the most impressive exhibit is the Red Chamber ceiling which is covered with Baroque paintings. Good views of the city from the tower.
S4 Dom Uphagena(Museum of Burgher Culture):
ul Dluga 12, TuThFSa10-17:00, Su11-17:00, 6zl/St.3zl. It houses treasure of Uphagen family. You can see18th C nobles' life
S5 Fontanna Neptuna, Dlugi Targ
Much photographed fountain, dates from 17th C.
S6 Brama Zielona (Green Gate) ul. Dluga
Part of the city walls. Leads to the riverside.
S7 Kosciol najswietszej Marii Panny (St Mary's Church) ul. Krowia. The biggest brick church in Poland. Built 14-16th C. and one of the original buildings. Good views from the tower.
S8 Kosciol Sw. Katarzyny (St Catherines) ul. Wielkie
S9 Kosciol Sw Mikolaja (St Nicholas's)
ul. Swietojanska Built 15th C, Gothic style.
S10 ul. Mariacka One of the most attractive streets in the old area. The distinctive architecture dates from 17th C. rebuilt after the war. Many of the houses have been converted into souvenir shops.
S11 Zuraw (Crane) ul. Szeroka
Huge Gothic crane. Part of the Maritime Museum.
S12 Centralne Morskie (Maritime Museum) ul. Olowianka 9-13, 10-18:00, 6zl/S4zl
S13 Katredra Oliwska in the Park Oliwski, ul.Opata
Jacka Rybinskiego Organ recitals take place during the August Music Festival, featuring famous organists from around the world.
Free and no reservation necessary.

S20 Sopot Beach resort: N from Gdansk, 20min by SKM commuter train, 4zl. or by boat. Popular with Polish tourists.
S21 Hel Beach: N from Gdynia. A fishing village being developed as a beach resort. Much quieter and cleaner than Sopot.
Transport: Train or bus from Gydnia, ferry from: Gdynia OW35/RT48zl Sopot 37/50zl Gdansk 48/61zl, Possible discounts for students. See transport sheet for time table.
S22 Malbork: 50km SE from Gdansk. 7.2zl, Site of gothic castle dating from 13th C, built by Teutonic Knights.Transport: 1hr by train 15.02zl, by buses 1.5hr,10zl. 7:30, 8:30, 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, 15:30,
S23 Frombork: 90km E from Gdansk.A small, medieval town whose main attractions are its impressive Cathedral and Muzeum Kopernika. Kopernika lived in Frombork for over 30 years. Transport: Bus:2hr, 9:50, 13:00, 16:35, 18:50, 19:15, 14.4zl.
S24 Westerplatte: 5km W from Gdansk. The land of the outbreak of the WW2. There is a memorial and a museum.
Transport: Bus:#106 30min. every 30 min from the old town. 2.4zl.

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