GDANSK, Poland

Area Code058 $1= 3.89zl, Euro=4.56zl, May 11, 2004

There is limited, year round budget accommodation in Gdansk. However during the summer the situation improves due to university dorms (the best value option) opening up, some may be open during September. Unfortunately staff don't usually speak much English, making it difficult to make a telephone reservation, It's better just to go there. Though dorm style you will probably not have to share a room with strangers. Many are based on the campus on ul. Wyspianskega, prices vary from 35zl/p for a single with shared bath to 40zl for single with attached bath.

Youth hostels: There are several in town. The most convenient is at ul Walowa 21, Tel. 3012313, reservations are recommended.

Homestays: Good budget option. The agent, Grand Tourist ul. Heweliusza 8, T3012634, arranges rooms in the centre s70z d90zl. Almatur office, T3012931, can also reserve private rooms and university hostel rooms but aren't very friendly.

Campsites: There are several around Gdansk- ask at the tourist office for info.



University Dorms.
h1 Politechnika Gdanska: ul. Wyspianskego 5-9, T3471753, Jul 13-Sep 30 only. dr/s ab (between 2 rooms)40, d60 t80zl C3.
Simple furnished rooms, quiet. Considered the best student accommodation in Gdansk by polish tourists.
Transport: SKM commuter train to Gdansk-Politechnika, zl.2.20.or tram #2,8,13,15 Rec
h2 Dom Studzenki'Hilton": ul. Chlebnicka 13/16 T3312816
sb dr/s 1st night 35zl following nights many be cheaper. C3
10min walk from train st. Convenient location. Basic facilities. h1 is the better option.

Youth Hostels
h Youth Hostel: ul. Walowa 21 T3012313
sb s23.54 d36.38, ab s5029 d50.29zl sheet 4.28zl C2 R. Good location and facilities. Lockout between 10:00-17:00. 5min walk from train station. But very basic. Better options available somewhere else.
h Youth Hostel: ul. Grunwaldzka 244 T3411660
sb s23.54 d36.38, ab s5029 d50.29zl sheet 4.28zl C4 R. lock out 10-17:00. 5km N from Gdansk Very good facility and considered best hostel in town. HighlyRec
SKM to Gdansk-Zaspa, 2.20zl.
h Youth Hostel: ul Kartuska 245B, T3026044, sb 17.12-32.10zl ab 46.01zl + sheet 5.35zl C2 R if you do not have reservation 6.32zl extra. ISIC 10% off
Transport: from train station, tram #10, 11, 12, 15min

Budget Hotels - not much choice.
h Zaulek: closed
h Dom Harcerza: ul Za Murani 2-10, T3013621 sb s50 d96 ab d200 t250zl bf-8zl C3 This basic hotel offers a superb location(1 min. from ul Dluga) Great for groups on budget. Rec

h Willa "Zlota Plaza": ul. Kapliczna 12 T5530851, sb d100 t120 ab d170 t200zl C4 fb-12zl, Far from the center but only 50m to the sea(not so beautiful) Transport: From train station tram #2,6,8 to Zlotej Plazy 40mins.
h Villa Akme: ul Drwecka 1 T3024021, sb s110 d150zl bf C4 small hotel only 12 rooms. Very comfortable. Transprot: From the train station bys #208, 295, 155, 118 then get off at the 4th stop or by taxi 15zl. Rec
h Pokoje Goscinne Wentur: ul Drwecka 7, T3020290, ab s90 d130zl TV C5, Cheap but great facility. Transport: From train station Bus # 155 208, 295 20mins. Highly Rec
h Minihotek "Abak": ul. Beethovena 8, T3220440, ab d60-120zl TV bf C4 Transport: From train station bus #130 or 184 to the 4th stop

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