GDANSK, Poland

Area Code058 $1= 3.89zl, Euro=4.56zl, May 11, 2004

Gdansk is located on the Baltic Sea on the N coast of Poland. It is part of the 'Tri-City' area which includes the other coastal port cities of Sopot - Poland's main beach resort area, & Gdynia.Though one of Poland's main industrial centers, Gdansk is an attractive city that attracts many visitors, particularly German day trippers.
Almost completely destroyed during the War, Gdansk's old quarter (known as the main town), has been completely restored. Much of the architecture in this area dates from the 16th C.
New telephone system: Many numbers have changed from 6 - 7 digits. Numbers starting with 3 have added 0 as the 2nd digit Ex. 317634 has become 3017634, numbers starting with 5 have added 5 Ex 537160 has become 5537160, Numbers starting with 4 are now preceded by 3 Ex 417620 has become 3417620.

Useful publications What Where When Also available on the internet:
Tourist Card Gdanska Karta Turystycarna:
unlimited ride for public transport and free entrance for the museums. 1-Day 23/St11.50zl 2-Day 35/St17.50 available at the train station, Ruch kiosk in front of Zlota Brama, etc
i1 Tourist Office: ul Dluga 45 T3011343, F3016096, 8-20:00 Very helpful. Maps, info on accommodation, transport, etc. Free leaflet listing essential city info - Banks, hotels, hostels, etc. in Polish/German and English (A little difficult to understand).
i2 it: ul. Heweliusza 27 T3019151 M-F8:00-19:00
Sight info, maps. Will telephone bus, train station for info. Don't reserve accommodation.
i3 Gdansk Tourist: ul. Heweliusza 8 T3019444 F3011227, M-F9-17, Jul-Aug 8-19:00. Reserves international bus tickets & accommodation - private rooms only.
Single/Double in town center
- s80/d120zl, suburbs s80/d100zl.
There are lots of women outside offering rooms.
$ American Express: closed
$ Exchange: Kantors (Exchange bureaus) offer the highest rates for cash, no com, rates do vary. T/C's must be changed at some banks.
$1 PBK Bank: ul. Ogarna 116 + Pocztowa, M-F8-19, Sa10-14:00
No charge for Am EX T/C in $.Other T/C: 0.5% com. Yen T/C 1.5% com. min.5zl
$2 Kantor Xmax: ul Dluga 81/83 M-F8-20, Sa9-19, Su10-18, rate: ?
$3 Kantor: - Train Station 24hrs
$a ATM: There are many ATM's around the tourist areas - Train Station, ul Dluga. Train St. has one inside main entrance of station and the other at Millennium Bank.
I Immigration:
P1 Tourist Police:
P2 Police Station: ul. Piwna 32/35
H1 Szpital Miejski Hospitals: Al. Jana Pawla II, 50 T3564515
Hp Apteka Ratuszowa Pharmacy: ul. Dluga (next to cinema) M-F8-20, Sa9-17:00
M0 Post Office GPO: ul Dluga 23/28
Main Section: M-F8-20, Basic services 24hr.
M2 branch: ul Szeroka
M0 Telephone Office: at Post Office, ul Dluga 23/28
Can buy phone cards here. Internet available
Telephone There are no coin/token pay phones. Only card phones are available.

A Gdansk-Rebiechowo, International Airport:
22km S from city T3314026
International flights to London, Copenhagen, Hamburg & Helsinki, domestic flights to Warsaw. 2 flights/week to London
transport to airport: (direction Port Lotniczy)
Bus from main train station. Bus #110 from Gdansk Wrzeszcz SKM station.
a LOT: Waly Jagiellonskie 2/4 T3312827 M-F8-18
a KLM: ul. Grunwaldzka 87/91 T3416220
a Aeroflot: ul. Podwale Staromiejskie 102 T3313337
T GdanskTrain Station: Dworzec Glowny PKP, ul. Podwale Grodzkie 1. An attractive station with good facilities - Bank, bankomat, kantor, McDonalds(5-25:00), Luggage storage.
Computer print outs of train times/prices at information counter. International counter with same service upstairs.
B1 Bus Terminal PKS Gdansk: ul Maja 3, W from the train station. Access from train station via underpass.
B2 City Bus Terminal: ul Podwale Grodzkel, in front of the train station.
F1 Domestic ferry Terminal: next to Zierona Broma(green gate) on the canal.
F2 International ferry Terminal: from the train station Bus #150 15mins.

Local Transport
Gdansk has an extensive, cheap transport system - commuter train, bus & tram.
Taxi Not recommended, known for ripping off tourists.
Bus/Tram routes ?
1.20zl, 30min-2.4zl, 1 hour- 3zl, day ticket- 6zl., No student discounts for foreigners. Buy from Ruch kiosks. Can buy 10, 30 min and 1 hour tickets on bus.
Tourist Card Gdanska Karta Turystycarna: unlimited ride for public transport and free entrance for the museums. 1-Day 23/St11.50zl 2-Day 35/St17.50 available at the train station, Ruch kiosk in front of Zlota Brama, etc
Commuter Train (SKM) Runs between Gdansk, Sopot & Gdynia, Wejchorowo. Cost according to distance - 2.20-6zl
Buy ticket from counter or kiosk. Must validate ticket in machines before/on platform
Travel Agents
ta1 Orbis: Podwale Staromiejskie 96/97 T3014544 F3018412 M-F9-17:30, Sa10-14:00
ta2 Almatur: 1st F Dlugi Targ 11 T3012931 F3017818
M-F10-18 Sa10-14:00
Sells international bus, plane, ferry tickets, issues ISIC cards -
67zl(need a student card & one photo), reserves accommodation in student hostels (ISIC card necessary), and private rooms.
ta3 Lauer: ul Piwna 22/23 T3011619 F3011619 M-F9-17:00
Arranges visa & trips to Kaliningrad (Russia).
Visa charge is cheaper here than from the Embassy.
Visa charges depend on nationals, about
$30-160(Please report to us.) 3 photos required. It takes bout 7 days.. one-day service extra $100

Amber is sold everywhere.
m Market: ?
Souvenir shops Many along ul. Mariacka
s Cepelia: 3 branches: ul Grunwaldzka 31,
ul Jagiellonska, ul. Dluga 47, ul Monte Casino
s Bookshops: English Unlimited: ul. Podmlynska 10 T/F313373 M-F 10-18:00, Sa10-15:00
Good collection. Has a small salon area where you can sit and read.
s Photo Developing: Several shops in the main street.

c Cinemas: Neptun/Kameralne/Cinema City Krewetka ul. Dluga 57 12zl st-10zl Cinema City Krewetka in front of the train sation.
c Theatre: 3 locations in town. Teatr Wybrzeze, Plac Targ Wgglowy-20-40zl
c Opera: Filharmonia i Opera Battycka: ul Grunwaldzka, 30-60zl

month / day
June-August Gdansk Musical Summer 2004: Polish Baltic Philharmonic Hall on the Oliwa
6/29-8/31 47th International Organ Music Festival: at Oliwa Cathedral. on Tu F
7/4-8/1 Gdansk Music Stage: at Oliwa Gate on Sa Su Open air concert performed by excellent Polish musicians. Free admission
July-August 27th International Music Festival: at Kosciol Najswietszej Marii Panny
7/31-8/22 St. Dominic Fair: Many sport events and concert which was continued since 14th C. Most popular festival in Gdansk
8/6-8 Gdansk Carillon Festival: at City Hall and Kosciol Sw Katarzyny
8/26-29 FETA International Open Air Performance: Many performances in Old town area.
9/9-11 YACH Film Festival: at many theaters in town.
11/25-27 International Jazz Festival: at Zak Club
12/19 Gdansk Christmas Eve: in Old Town
12/31 Gdansk New Year's Eve: in the port area.

@ Internet @
@1 Internet Cafe: ul. Karmekicka 1, at Cinema City Krewetka T3209230 M-Sa9-25:00 Su9:30-25:00, 1zl/10min 5zl/hr Free coffee/tea
@2 Rudy Internet Cafe: ul Garncarska 18/20, T3013986, 2.5zl/30min 5zl/hr, 110-24:00
@3 Jazz 'n' java Internet Cafe: ul Tkacka 17/18 T3053616, 10:00-, 3zl/30min 5zl/hr in the old town area
@4 Internet Cafe Spacja: ul Motlawska 14, T3016212, 11-20:00, 2zl/30min 4zl/hr in the old town area. Cheap.

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