Visegrad, Hungary

Area Code 36 $1=?Ft, Aug 26, 99

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Small village between Szentendre and Ezstergom, very famous for medival castle standing on the hill overlooking the Danube.
If you take a bus from Budapest, get off at Visegrad Hajoallomas 1.5 km before Visegrad, from here you can climb up to the castle.
i Visegrad Tour: near the bus stop of Visegrad, 9:30-18:30. Private travel agent where you can get some travel info.
P Police: from Visegrad bus stop walk E and turn left

A few tourist restaurants at Visegrad bus stop and V. Hajoallomas bus stop. For local restaurants and food stalls, head for the village, E 500m from the Visegrad bus stop.

T Train Station: at the village of Nagymaros, just across the Danube. Trains to Budapest Take ferry 80Ft
Visegrad to Nagymaros, 35min. of the hour
Nagymaros to Visegrad, 45 min. of the hour
Train to Budapest: 368Ft, 51km, 1hr, Many 3:42-22:37(2000 info)
Old style "Nosztalgia" train
from Budapest, Nyugati R.Station to Nagymaros May 1- Sept 25, dep9:40, arr 11:15, from Nagymaros to Budapest dep16:49, arr18:01
360 + 200Ft supplement
B1 Visegrad: Bus stop at Visegrad village:
to Esztergom, time of the bus is 9 min. later than B2,
to Sentendre and Budapest, 9 min before the ones for B2
(2000 info)
B2 Visegrad Hajoallomas: Bus stop at the foot of the Castle:
to Esztergom:
216Ft : 23.5km, 46min. of the hour + 13:26, Ft, takes 42min.
to Budapest:
388Ft: 40.5km, 19 & 34min. of the hour, Ft, takes 79min.
to Sentendre:
216Ft, 24.1km, 19 & 34min. of the hour, takes min. (2000 info)
Bo Boat pier Visegrad Hajoallomas:
Hydrofoil service
to/from Budapest via Visegrad.
fare Budapest ?Ft., Ezstergom ?Ft Jun 6 to Sep 6 weekend only.
Pleasure Boat service: to from Budapest via Szentendre.
Fare: OW 650Ft, RT 975Ft
to Visegrad:
Apr 3 - May28, Aug 30 -closedown Sa Su Holi dep8:00, arr11:25, Daily dep9:00 arr12:20
May 29-Aug 29 Daily dep7:30, 9:00 arr 10:55, 12:30
June 19-Aug 29 Daily, dep14:00 arr17:00
from Visegrad:
Apr 3 - May28, Aug 30 -closedown Sa Su Holi dep16:30, arr19:00, Daily dep16:00 arr18:30
May 29-Aug 29 Daily dep10:30, 16:50 arr12:55, 19:40
June 19-Aug 29 Daily dep17:30 arr19:55

2nd weekend of July: Palacde Game Festival(Jul 9,10): medival crafts and open air performance and Medival tournaments

S Visgrad Castle : 1km S from the village 8:30-18:00,
200Ft/st. 160Ft
Small but very well preserved medieval castle. historical exhibition incl. torture in Hungary. It was originally built by Romans in 4th C. and in 10 C. In 14th C. the royal court moved to Visegrad, the fortress expanded and became as a castle.
The Danube bends in Visegrad and there is an excellent view of the river.
If you only want to visit the castle, no need to go to Visegrad village. Get off at Visegrad Hajoallomas, near Salamon Tower. and climb up the hill.
to the Castle from Visegrad village, 40 min.
Bus :from the ferry boat pier(Nagymaros) of Visegrad 9:26, 12:26, 15:26, , from the castle back to the pier 10:01, 13:01, 16:01
S Salamon-torony(Salamon Tower): 9-17:00, 200/st 100Ft
Knight's Tournament in the Salamon's Tower and lunch/dinner at a Renaissance restaurant. 3200ft, without lunch/dinner: 900Ft. Contact Visegrad Tour travel agent for@reservation. The Tournament can be visited if there are enough tourists, usually it starts at 12:00, 12:45 and 18:00, depending on the number of the groups
S Bath/Swimming pool: 500 S from the Visegrad bus stop.

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