Pecs, Hungary

Area Code 72 $1=?Ft, Aug 29, 99

Most of the sight seeing spots are located in the center. It is very easy to look around. It is possible to enjoy Pecs on a daytrip from Budapest if you set off early.
Get the excellent map of sights of interest at Tourinform office.
Fee indication: Normal fare / student fare

S1 Parish Church: Szechenyi ter, Originally built as a mosque by Pasha Gazi Kaszim, during Turkish occupation.
S2 University Library: Beautiful old wooden, library. Open only when the University is open.
S3 Zsolnay Museum: Kaptalan u. 2. 10-18:00, Displays beautiful pottery & porcelain(historical and Art Nouveau style) made at Zsolnay factory since 1853. 250/120Ft,
Amerigo Tot Museum: Kaptalan u. 2. , 10-18.00. sculptures, 250 Ft/120 Ft
S4 Vasarely Museum: Kaptalan u. 3. 10-18.00. featuring works of Pecs born artist, 250/120Ft
S5 Basilica:: M-F 9-13:00, 14-17.00, Su 13-17.00, 220Ft/st. 110Ft, Chamber: 10-17.00Great Cathedral. Founded in 4th C. neo-romanesque style. with four corner towers, oldest part is from the 11th century. Rec
S6 Barbican: Almost N W part of the old town.15th C. circular bastion which is a part of double wall system of the Bishops Castle.
S7 The Bishops Palace: just W from Basilica, originally built in 14 C. neo-romanesque style.
S8 Early Christian Mausoleum: Szent Istvan ter 12., SE from the Basilica.Apr-Oct10-18.00, Nov-Mar10-16.00
crypt, chapel, cemetery from Roman times
S9 The Synagogue: Kossuth ter, 9-12, 12:30-16.00. Beautiful wooded synagogue, built 19th C. Rec
S Mosque of Pasha Hassan Yakovali: Rakoczi ut 2. , 10-13.00, 14-18.00, Wendsday closed.Mosque+minaret
S Csontvary Museum: Janus Pannonius u. 11., 10-18.00
250 Ft/120 Ft

Outside of town (1998 info)
S10 TV Tower: On the hilltop, From the observation deck, you can enjoy excellent views of Pecs and surrounding mountains and forest. Su-Th9-21:00 FSa 9-23:00, Highly Rec
Entrance fee 170Ft
Transport: Bus #35 takes 29 min.
From train station M-F8:05, 11:05, 14:05, 17:05, 21:25(limited days need check) SaSu6:35
From tower: M-F8:35, 11:35, 14:35, 17:35, 21:57(limited days need check)) SaSu7:05

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