Pecs, Hungary

Area Code 02 $1=?Ft, Aug 29, 99

There are a few University/high school dormitories. You can get the information at Tourinform. Many are open all year throughout, but reservation is highly recommended)

School dormitories
h Hunyadi Matyas Dormitory (for boys): Szechenyi ter 11. T310875, dr 600 Ft (6-bed), in 2 or 3-bed rooms 2-3000 Ft/room/night with shower. It belongs to the Cistercian Order, good location, nice people,
h JPTE Boszorkany Kollegium: Boszorkany u. 2. T: 224277/ext.650, 900 Ft/p (4 or 5-bed room), 1300 Ft/p(2-bed room)
h JPTE Jakabhegyi Kollegium: Jakabhegyi ut 8., T333355, 700-1300 Ft
h Balassa Balint Kollegium: Jakabhegyi ut 6. T310602, 1000 Ft, 2-bed rooms
h Hajnoczy Jozsef kollegium: Puskin ter 17. T310370,, 800-1500 Ft (2,4, 6-bed rooms)
h Hajnoczy Jozsef kollegium: Turr i. ut 2. T255483, apartmants and 4-bed rooms
h Kodaly Zoltan Dormitory: Kodaly Z. ut 20/a T326611, 1000 Ft, 4-bed rooms, comfortable,
1998 info
h Kollegium: Jokai 8, just S from the center, T315846
sb HW dr 900/p Ft Very central, excellent facilities.
Highly Rec
h Kun Bela Kollegium: Leanka u 6, T411-399
sb dr 1000Ft? Open July 1 to Aug 31
h Leanka Szallo: Leanka u 2-6, T411686
sb dr 800Ft?, e-1-mail
h Mlinko Istvan Diakotthon: Klapka 10, T313943
sb dr 800Ft?
h Hajnoczy Kollegium A: 2 Turr Istvan st. T255-770
h Hajnoczy Kollegium B: 70 Siklosi St. T410-736
h Hajnoczy Kollegium C: 17 Puskin Sq. T310-846
h Tourist Motel: Mekchey u 2, T429014.
ab s/d 2000-3440
h Auto Caravan Camping: Rakoczi ut 79, T410558
450Ft? Apr 15 - Oct 15
h Tulipan Kemping: Szepasszonyvolgy 71 T410580

Private room Agents
ta1 Budapest Tourist: Dr Hibany K.u 2, T320031
ta2 Ibusz(Utazasi Iroda): Szechenyi u 9 T311451

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