Esztergom, Hungary

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Esztergom is 66 km from Budapest, very famous for medieval royal palace and the biggest Cathedral of Hungary. They overlook the Danube and the bridge between Hungary (Esztergom) and Slovakia (Sturovo) which looks like a memento mori since it was bombed during the WWII and could not renovate. (In 2 years they will build it again due to the political changes.)
When you come from Budapest by bus, the monuments of Esztergom, the Castle Hill, suddenly appear on the right above your head. You can visit Esztergom and Visegrad in the same day.
i Gran Tours: Ezecheenyi ter 25 M-F8-18:00, Sa9-12:00
Travel agent where you can get some info about Esztergom

T Train Station: 2km outside from the center.
to Budapest (Nyugati pu). 286Ft, 49km, 1.5hrs. Many3:45-21:13
to Komarom: 368Ft, 53km, 2.5hrs. 14:25, 17:41, 21:41
B Bus Station: slightly closer than train station. but still 1.5km from the center. You can get a bus from the center of the town. To Budapest, Szentendre, Visegrad. Many 6:50-19:15. If you take a train from Szentendre, the last one is 21:00
Fare: to Visegrad 23.5km-216Ft 35min, to Szentendre47.6km- 432Ft,90min., to Budapest 64km-570Ft, 2hrs.
To Munich: ?Ft, TuThSu18:00(4:00+1)
Bo1 Boat:
Hydrofoil service
to/from Budapest via Visegrad. fare ?Ft. Jun 6 to Sep 6 weekend.
Pleasure Boat service: to from Budapest via Visegrad, Szentendre. Fare: one way: 690Ft, round trip: 1035Ft
Budapest to Esztergom: Sa Su Holi Apr 3 - May28, Aug 30 -closedown dep8:00, arr13:20 Daily, May 29-Aug 29 dep7:30 arr 13:00, Daily, June 19-Aug 29 dep14:00 arr19:00
from Esztergom: Sa Su Holi Apr 3 - May28, Aug 30 -closedown dep15:00, arr19:00, Daily, May 29-Aug 29 dep16:00 arr19:55, Daily, June 19-Aug 29 dep9:00 arr12:55
Bo2 International ferry: to Sturovo,Slovkia, Currency exchange available at port. fare: 110Ft
From Esztergom: dep 20min of the hour between 7-11:00, 13-18:00 + 12:40
From Sturovo: dep every hour between 8-19:00

h Golf Youth Hostel and Camping: Nagy-Duna setany 1-2. at the embankment of the Danube
Open: 1 May-30 Sept,
dr 950 Ft, bf300 Ft
2, 3, 8, 9, 11, 14-bed rooms

r Arany Elefant: Petofi u. 15., 11.00-22.00, local restaurant, Hungarian food, 500 FT+
r McAlleney/Pizzeria: Kossuth L. u. 11., 11-24.00 Pizza
r Pizzeria Italian Restaurant: Lorinc u. 5. M-Th, Su 11-22.00, F-Sa 11-24.00, 500 Ft+ Pizza
r Primas Pince Restaurant: Szent Istvan ter 4., 9-21.00
walking distance from the Cathedral and the Castle, garden/outdoor seats as well.. higher quality and prices (place for tourists)
r Sorakademia sorbar (pub): Lorinc u. 1., 9-23.00 few places but seems to be frequented by locals
r Szalma Csarda: Nagy Duna setany 2., 12-24.00, 800 Ft+, Hungarian dishes, garden. overview to the Danube
situated at the embankment of the river
r Belvarosi Kavehaz (Inner city Cafe): Vorosmarty u.2., M-Th 8-22.00, F-Sa 8-24.00, Su 10-22.00 indoor/outdoor seating, several kinds of coffee (90 Ft), breakfast, sandwiches
r Kaktusz Pizzeria: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 27. Tu-Su 12-22.00, 500 Ft+ Pizza
r Kispipa Restaurant: Kossuth u. 19., M-F 9-22.00, Sa-Su 10-23.00

22-20 Jul Comtemporary Art Festival
18-21 Aug Saint Stephen's Days
23 Jun-21 Aug Castle Summer Festival

S Esztergom Castle : Szent Istvan ter 1, Tu-Su 9.00-16:30,
160Ft/ st-60Ft, Situated on the Castle Hill, remains of the medieval royal palace. Historical exhibition: Romanesque style (living-room from the 12th century, royal sanctuary chapel.
S Cathedral: 9-16:30, 130/st-65Ft It was built between 1822 and 1869 in neo-Classical style. It is the biggest cathedral in Hungary. The red-marble panelled Bakocz Chapel, which is an outstanding example of Renaissance architecture, dating from 1507 is joined to the church on the south.
100 Ft, Crypt: 50 Ft, Cathedral Treasury: established in the 11th centery in the northwest part of the Cathedral. Collection of ecclesiaitical goldsmith's art and textiles. (13th-centery golden cross on which the Hungarian kings took the oath)
S Christian Museum: Mindszenty ter 2., 10-17.00 (exl. Monday)150 Ft/st-70 Ft. Italian & Hungarian painjtings
S Danube Museum: History of Danube and its Water management system which supplied water to people along side of Danube.
S War Museum?: 160/st 80

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