Egar, Hungary

Area Code 036 $1=203.5ft, E=246.5ft, 7 Sep, 2004

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The center of the town has many medieval buildings including a castle. S of the town there is one of the best spas (swimming pools in Hungary). Outside of the town there is the famous caves, a UNESCO World Heritage site.
If you are wine lovers, the red wine, Bulls Blood is reputed to be one of Europe's most delicious. Eger is possible to see on a day trip from Budapest but well worth staying longer.
Prices: Normal / student
S1 Istvan Dobo Castle(Egri Castle): Var 1. NE from the town center. The establishment was started in 13 C. Istvan Dobo is a hero who fought against Turk and defeated them with only 2000 troop in 1552. It is said that Turks thought Eger men, drinking red wine, were drinking bull blood. Also Eger women threw hot soup to Turks climbing the wall of the castle. Eger's wine is called blood of bull. This castle was used until 1596 when they defeated Turks.
It houses a history museum and a prison museum. Many cannons are laid on the castle ground.
Castle Ground only 300Ft/St.150Ft, Apr-Aug 8-20:00, Sep 8-19:00, Mar Oct 8-18:00, Nov-Dec 8-17:00
Museums and Ground 800Ft/St400Ft, Monday closed except Hero's Hall and the underground section. Mar-Oct 9-17:00, Nov-Feb10-16:00 This ticket includes many sections of the castle but Heroes Hall and the underground section are required to join a guided tour. Hungarian tour is included to the ticket but _English tour costs extra. Rec
S2 Lyreum Konyvtar: Eszterhazy ter.1. In front of Basilica. Beautiful and historical Library with many wooden sculptures which has 16-17 C collection, 450Ft/St300Ft, Apr-Sep Tu-Su9:30-15:30, Oct-Mar SaSu 9:30-13:00, (Closed Dec23-Jan5 Highly Rec
S3 Basilica: Eszterhazy ter From the train station, walk on  Vasut and turn right to Deak Ferenc. Behind the bus station. One of the biggest church designed by the same architect who designed the Basilica of Estergon.
Organ Concert
400Ft From Mar 15 to Oct 15, M-Sa11:30-12:00, Su12:45-13:15 Rec
S4 Minirita temple: Dobo ter, Baroque style in the central square.
S5 Serbian Church: Vitkovics u.30, Built in 18C. It houses 17-8C icons. N part of town, 15 min on foot, 7-8 min from the minaret. If the manager is not around, ring the bell. He will come out from it. The out side looks very simple but the interior is very beautiful 300Ft, Tu-Sa10:00-16:00 Rec
S6 Minaret: N part of town. You can climb up the tower. Until 1841, it has a mosque. The steps are steep and very hard to climb but you can have a excellent view to the town. 200Ft, Apr-Oct10-18:00
S7 The Parish Church of St Bernard(Ciszterci templom):Szechenyi utca 15.
S8 County Hall: Kossuth Lajos u.9. The entrance is on Kosuth L.u.1, It exhibit 9-19C articles of Eger and its surrounding. The gate door to the court yard is a master piece made by Henrik Fazola. It has Sport museum which has an exhibit of water polo 140Ft/St70Ft, Mar-Sep Tu-Su 9-17:00
S9 Torteneti Tarhaz: Dobo u.9., It houses arms from prehistorical period. New museum opened in March 2003. 400Ft/St250Ft, Tu-Su9-17:00, (Closed from Dec 21 to Jan 5)
S10 Magiban? Museum: Harangonto u. 4. It will open in 2005. About Cake making
S11 Erseki Gyujtemenyi Kozpont): Szechenyi u.5. From 1699 to 1943. About the history of Bishop of Eger 250Ft/St150Ft, Nov - Mar M-F10-16:00, Apr-Oct Tu-Sa9-17:00
S12 Tuzolto Muzeum:Tuzolto ter.9.1000Ft/St50Ft, Museum of Fire department Mar 15 - Oct10-17:00
S13 Paloc Nepmuveszeti Kiallitas: Dobo u.12., Paloc tribe museum, 19-20C 140Ft/St70Ft, Apr-Oct Tu-Su 9-17:00
S14 Telekessv Patika Muzeum: Szechenyi u.14., Apotek museum in Baroque period free, Mar-Oct Tu-Su 9-17:00
S15 Strand Park: (Egri varosi termalfurdo es elmenyfurdo): Petofi ter 2. Large park in S part of town. 6 outside hot spring pools and one indoor hot spring pool are here. The entrance is on Klapka street The quantity of hot water is very large. May-Sep M-F 6-19:30 SaSu9-19:00, Oct-Apr 9-18:00, 800Ft/St600Ft Turkish bath Sa14-18:00 Su8-18:00
S16 Vale of Fair Woman(Szepasszony-volgy): More than 70 wine cellars exist in Eger. To buy this wine many tourists visit here. This winery was established in 13C and in 15-6C, many cellars were here. From Basilica, follow the sign for 40 min. From the center for 25 mins, walk on Dobo ter, then to Jokai u., finally o Kossuth Lajos u. Buy 1 liter, you can taste wine sample for free. If you do not, pay for each glass.

Outside of town
S20 Aggtelek Cave: UNESCO World Heritage site. It contines to Slovakia. Since there are many caves you can visit. Good idea to ask to Tourinform
Access: Bus dep 8:19, arr11 11. To return dep 14 57, arr at Eger 17:25. Only one bus /day (May be more from Budapest Can be visited with a tour only.
1hr tour, Oct-Mar 10,13,15:00
1200Ft, Apr-Sep 10,12,13,15,17:00 1400Ft
S21 Bukk Mountains: Szilvasvarad, Narrow gage railway, horse riding, cave, waterfall. Take a bus or train from Eger and then look for the Szalajka Valley
S22 Egerszalok Hot Spring: By bus 15min. many bus every hour. About 70 degree hot spring coming out from 400m below ground. Need bathing suite. Good to wear slippers. Summer 24hr, Winter 7-16:00. Possible to just look. The temperature of the water in the bath is rather hot which is unusual in Hungary.

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