Egar, Hungary

Area Code 036 $1=203.5ft, E=246.5ft, 7 Sep, 2004

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Valley of Beautiful Women: Eger's famous wine is served at several cellars with restaurant facilities e.g. Kodmon, Kulacs, but just walk around and choose. Also wine tasting is available at several places. Ask Tourinform for details.
r Expressz: Self-service, Pyrker ter to bus station
Large restaurant serving cheap dishes.
Set menu 500Ft, 3 kinds and good quantity.. Supermaket on upper floor is also very popular and cheap.
r Senator House: at Dobo Square, small cafe with excellent atmosphere, coffee, salads, sandwiches
r Helyorsegi Club: Kossuth Lajos u. 12.
Hungarian local restaurant
r Kondi Salad Bar: Szechenyi u.2. Salads, cake, coffee
r Gyros: Szechenyi u. 10. Greek Salads, dishes
r Dobos Cukraszda: Szechenyi u. 6. Best cakes in Eger
r Planetas: Zalar u. closed
r Ibolya Cafe: Jokai + Kossuth Lajos,closed
r Sarvari: excellent ice-cream, next to Ibolya Cafe.Most recommended by locals Rec

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