Eger, Hungary

Area Code 036 $1=203.5ft, E=246.5ft, 7 Sep, 2004

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i Tourist Office Tourinform: Bajcsy Zsilinszki utca 9. T517-715. M-F9:00-17:00, Sa9:00-13:00
Knowledgeable, multi-lingual staff. List of Budget accommodation. Lots of free leaflets,,
$ OTP Bank: Szechenyi 2, T310-866, M7.45-18.00, Tu-Th 7.45-17.00 F7.45-16.00 T/C no com. Rate Cash/TC 1 Euro=243.56/245.63Ft, 1 GBP=355.77/358.8Ft, JPY100=179.78/181.63Ft, US$1=198.94/200.63Ft
$ IBUSZ: Szechenyi utca 9, M-F 8.00-17.00, Sa9-13:00, 1 Euro=246.50Ft, 1 GBP=360Ft, JPY100=182.50Ft, US$1=203.50Ft
P Police: Esterhazy ter 3, T522-111
H Hospital: Markot Ferenc u 1-3, T411-444
M0 Post Office: Szechenyi 22 M-F8-20:00, Sa8-13:00

T Train station: 1.5km S from the center of the town.
20 min. nice walk through a park.
B Bus Terminals: Just W of the center. Very convenient location.

The town center is very small. Walking is enough.
rb Rental bike: Egeszseghaz u.11, 800Ft/hr, add 200Ft/hr, 2000Ft/day

Events listed below are only selected ones. There are many more events so contact Tourinform.
Jan: New Year Concert:
Mar-Apr: Eger Spring Festival:
Jun: Music band parade:
Jun 2-Jul 13 Agria Summer Festival:
Jul 8-11 Eger Wine Festival:
Jul 25 Baroque Festival:
Jul 17-25 Castle Wall Pleasures Entertainment:
held in Eger Castle. Historical/musical performance. Folkart fairs, street performaces.
Aug Auguest Music Festival: Jazz and others
Aug 20-22 Valley of Beauties Festival:
Aug 25-29 Agria International Folk Festival:
Dec Vintage Wine Weeks in Eger

@ MATAV Pont. Eger, Fellner Jakab u. 1.

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