Debrecen, Hungary

Area Code ?,$1=203.5ft, E=246.5ft, November 28, 2004

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Debrecen is the 2nd largest city in Hungary though it is much smaller than Budapest. It hosts many Universities. The train station is in S part of town and the main street, Piac street is stretched to N, the center of town and Nagyerdo a large forest  where many Universities are located and many events are held. The tram #1 is running on this street.
i Tourist Office Tourinform: Piac u. 20. T412-250. M-F9-17:00, Sa9-13:00. The staff are knowledgeable and can control foreign language including English. They will help you find cheap accommodation. It has many leaflets as well.,, Map of town
$ OTP Bank: Piac u. 16., T413-233, MTuTh7:45-15:15, W7:45-17:00, F7:45-13:30 ATM 24hours
$a ATM:
Balmazujvarosi ut(in METRO department),
Kishatar ut 7. (in CORA market),
Kossuth utca 20. (Police station) many more in town.
ta IBUSZ: Revesz ter 2. T415-555, F410-756 M-F8-17:00, Sa9-13:00
P Police: Kossuth u. 20, T516-400
H Hospital: Bartok Bela ut 2-26, T511-777
M0 Post Office: Hatvan utca 5-7. T315-200, M-F7-19:00 Sa8-13:00

Festival 2005 ( Location )
February 17-19 Masquerade: (Vojtina Babszinhaz Skate Link)
March - April Spring Festival: (Fonix Csarnok, Lovarda, Bartok Terem, Vojtina Babszinhaz)
March 15-April 15 Spring Exhibition: (Medgyessy Ferenc Emlekmuzeum)
April 11 Debreced Day: Kossuth ter, Piac u. 
April 20-24 Expo: (Kossuth ter, Piac u.)
May 7-8 Mihaly's market Day:  Boszormenyi ut 
May 22-29 Europe Heat Balloon Contest: (at he airport)
May 24-28 Children's Dance Festival: (Kossuth ter, Civis Grand Hotel Aranybika, Bartok Terem 
July Summer Theatrical Festival: (Regi varoshsza udvara)
July weekend People's street: (Kossuth ter setaloovezet es szukebb kornyeke, Piac utca)
August 5-7 Wine Festival: Nagyerdo(Bekas-to melletti ter)
August 3rd Weekend Farmer's Expo: Debreceni Egyetem Agrartudomanyi Centrum 
August 15-20 Flower Festival: (many in town)
August 16-19 Book Festival: (Civis Grand Hotel Aranybika)
August 16-20 Beer Festival: (Civis Grand Hotel Aranybika)
Sep 8-11 Jazz Festival:
October Autumn Festival: (Fonix Csarnok, Lovarda, Bartok Terem, Vojtina Babszinhaz)
Dec 31-Jan 1 New Year's Day Party:  Kossuth ter 

@ Internet @
@ DataNet Cafe: Kossuth u. 8, 6Ft/min(8-22:00), 4Ft/min(22-8:00)
@ DataNet Cafe: Egyetem sugarut 54, (8-22:00), 6ft/min, 22-8:00 4Ft/min
@ INTERNET CLUB: Timar u. 15, near the train station
@ HAON-Cafe: Kossuth u. 8. T536724 M-F8-24 00 SaSu 9-24 00 21PC 8:00-12:00 5ft/min, 12-22:00 7ft/min, 22-24:00 5ft/min
@ Space Center: Lehel u. 20.

Local Transport
The town is small and easy to walk around.
B Bus/Tram/Trolley bus: same tickets. single 140Ft
rb rental bike: Egeszseghaz u.11, 1000Ft/hr, after 300Ft/hr 2800Ft/day

T Train station: Petofi ter 12 T417-934. From the center, walk S on Piac street 1.5km, about 20min on foot through a park or take Tram, #1
B Bus station: Szoboszloi u. 4-6, From the center, walk W. very close and convenient location.

Train * IC ?Ft added
Destination Fare distance time departure time
Budapest 2130ft 221km 3.0hrs
Miskolc 1282ft 140km 2.5hrs
Eger 1094ft 120km 2.5hrs
Szeged 2416ft 266km 3.5hrs
Train to Romania:
Debrecen is located in E part of Hungary and it is very close to the border to Romania. Buy a round trip ticket because they are cheaper than one way tickets.
to Oradera(R): Border Nyirabrany(H)/Valea lui Mihai(R):
From Hungary, 3 trains/day to Valea lui Mihai. From here 2trains/day to Oradea. But the connection is not good at all. In Romania, you have to book a seat for most fast trains and pay Express fares.
/c: change trains.
xx:xx/xx:xx arrival time/ departure time
A: Accelerate train(cheap express)
Budapest Debrecen Nyirabrany Valea lui Mihai Oradea
-221km 0 km 30km 39km 105km
Ft Ft Ft Ft Ft
The fare from the border $1=21,800lei(00.7.1) 0lei lei
05:00 05:42/06:20 07:35/
08:05 11:24 12:04/12:30 13:45/cA18:04 19:24
13:05 16:37 17:17/18:05 19:20/cA03:15 04:12

Budapest: 2660f 


4hrs(need to change train once.)
Miskolc: 1740   145km 2.5hrs, Many 5:30-22:10
Eger: 1,500Ft


2.5hrs 10, 13:45, 15:15, 16:30, 17:30

Szeged: 3,120Ft


2.5hrs 5:30, 6:35, 9:05, 10:55, 16:15, 17:30, 18:25, 20:31, 21:21 more.



186km 4.0hrs, M-Th7:00(11:00)


82km 2.5hrs, 12:50, 14:00, TuTh6:30

Since it is a University town, there are many student accommodation which are clean and cheap. You do not have any problem to find one.
h Nimethy panzio: Peterfia u. 50. T444480 F444480 d4000f/p clean nice room. Bf extra 500Ft
h Vaci Mihaly Szakk. Kollegium: Debrecen Apafi u. 16 T412252 1000ft/p Summer only. 6 bed rooms. The cheapest in town.
h Ujkerti Altalanos Iskola Diakotthona Jeriko u. 17, T413922 sb 1415ft/p FSa only, 4 bed rooms
h Gulyas Pal Kozepisk. Kollegium: Sumen u. 3 T349-644, F349492 1250ft/p 4 bed rooms, Summer and weekend only Trolley #2, Bus #3, 21, 30
h Kozepiskolai Sportkollegium: Moricz Zsigmond korter 4, T486003 1300ft/p 4 bed rooms, Student vacation and weekend only
h Marothi Gyorgy Kollegium: Blahane u. 15 T410-166
sb/ab 1495-2300-2990ft/p all year around Bus#31
h DATE-Veres Peter Kollegium: Boszormenyi ut 140, T414255, 1500-2000ft/p 4 bed rooms, summer only Bus #14, 28
h Moricz Zsigmond Kollegium: Egyetem sgt. 75, T536698 1100ft/p+tax 8 bed rooms, summer only
h DOTE-III.Kollegium: Moricz Zsigmond korut 22,T411717 ab t5000ft July 1 - Aug 30 Bus#10, 26
h EKKO Kft. Kollegiuma: Vamospercsi u. 84 T410033
ab 1500Ft/p 2-3 bed rooms
h DE - Tothfalusi Sandor Kollegium: Egyetem Ter 1. T316666 ab 3200-4800 Ft/p During student vacation, it has many beds available but other time limited number of beds.
h DE Benczer Gyula Kollegium: Pallagi u. 11, T316933
1700 Ft/p all year around Bus#10, City train #1
h Gabor Denes -Muszaki Szakk. Koll?giuma: Furedi u. 69, T537215 1235 Ft/p Weekend and summer
h Debreceni Konzervatorium Kollegiuma: Egyetem tdr 2.T419366 Summer only
h Nagyerdei Kollegiumok: Egyetem ter 1, T512900,
1800 Ft/p limited number of beds but open all year around Trolley#1
h Debreceni Marton Aron Szakkollegium: Egyetem sgt. 13, T536723 1500 Ft/p All year around

r Babalu: Piac utca 29. (Gambrinus koz) Mexican, Italian, French, International food. Good drink selection. Mid range.
r Klub Barabas: Var utca 11, Su all you can eat 1500Ft Hungarian mutton boar and many more special food. M-Th11-23:00, FSa11-24:00, Su11-17:00 Mid range
r Flaska vendeglo: Miklos utca 4, Central location. M-Sa11:30-24:00 Su11:30-22:00 Traditional Hungarian Very popular,
r Leveles Csarda: Medgyessy setany 11:00-, Cheap. Hungarian Open since early 20th C. Popular for students. Good fish dishes.
r Matyas pince: Peterfia St + Ajto St, M-Sa12-24:00 International Popular from youngs to olderly. Many writers come here.
r Regi Vigado: Nagyerdei park 1, Middle of the forest (Nagyerd) Hungarian Mid range, 19th C. building used for hot spring facility. In summer, food served in the terrace.

   fee adult/student

Deri Museum: Deri ter 1, W from Reformed Church, T322207, Apr -Oct Th-Su10-18:00, Nov-Mar Th-Su10-16:00 Permanent Exhibition-350/175ft Munkacsy Mihaly section only 250/115ft, all Exhibition-580/290ft. It exhibits Debrecen History and folklore and Hungarian artist Munkacsy Mihaly's work Tram #1

S       Reformed Church  Kalvin ter, Center of town. T412-694, Apr-Oct M-F9-16:00 Sa9-13:00 Su11:30-16:00 No entry during ceremony 200  /under 18 years old 100   The sybmbol of Debrecen, classic style church built between1805-1820. On Apr 14, 1849, Hungary decleared independence from Habsburgs.
S Reformed Church Museum: Kalvin ter 16, near Reformed Church, T414744 Tu-Sa9-17:00, Su9-13:00, 200/100ft, Museum of renovated former library building. It houses antique, painting, etc. Tram #1
S Medgyessy Memorial Museum:120/ 60  
A museum comberted from his birth's house to ceraburate his 100th birthday. 1                                     
S Debrecen University Center: Neo Baroque sytle building built between 1927-1930
S Nagyerdo Park: 1082 Hectare park, protected park. On Piac street, 2,5-3km from the train station. Ideal park to take a walk. It has hot spring facility of 6 indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tempurature between 20-40 degree which you can use with bathing suits. (Traim #1, Gyogyfurdo stop, 9th stop from the train station, 15min)
Hot spring: Nagyerdei park, T514-100, 7-21:00 until 13:00-564/450ft, 13-20:00 840/660ft
Indoor swimming pool:
Sep-May, 8-13:00 295/250ft, 6-8:00,13-19:00 400/360ft
Out door swimming pool:
May -Sep6-19:00 720/610ft
S White House: The oldest house in Hungary opened since 1688. In 1986 it was renovated to a beautiful art nouveau hotel.
Hortobagy: National Park of a plain protecting wildlife. One of the best bird-watching area preserving more than 300 species. It was added to the UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1999. To visit this plain, best to join to a tour. Ask at the information office, near the Agricultural Museum in town.
July first Sa Rodeo's day, August 19, 20, Bridge Festival
Access: from Debrecen 9 trains/day 50min, 386Ft or bus 5/day 40min 463ft
S Agricultural Museum: Petofi ter 1, T52/589-321, May - Sep 9-18:00, other season reservation required 250/150ft
S Zoo of Plain  next to the bridge. T701-037, May-Sep 9-18:00, 250/150ft

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