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There are a lot of budget options, particularly during the summer months when University dorms are converted into hostels. Touts from the University dorms will approach you at the train station, they will even wake you up on the night train from Praha to sell their hostels. All offer a range of options from very basic, crowded dorms with noisy attached bars, to quieter furnished singles & doubles in various locations. The Universum hostels are generally the better value and the touts are also less aggressive. They provide transport from the train station.
Travelers Hostels 9 branches (1 open all year round).
Prices from
sb dr 2500ft+/p, sb room 2750-3300Ft/p, ab 3400ft/p, a/c 4600/p Most have: HW K La TV lounge. internet
Contact Mellow Mood LTD Reservation Centre of TYH
XIII, Dozsa Gyorgy ut 152 T3408585



Near Keleti station
h Teresa's GH: Bezeredi u 6, 10min. walk from Keleti train station. T333-2452, dr 1300Ft , HW, K, La-600Ft, Bf-200Ft. rb 450Ft Popular with Japanese.Go out from the main gate and walk almost in the same direction(Rakoczi u) on the left side. Turn left at Kiss J u, turn right at Bezeredi
h Museum YH: VIII, Mikszath kalman ter 4, T3189508
dr 2200Ft/p K TV, La(1000Ft) C4, e-1-mail send 50Ft
4-6 beds each room. Rooms are beautifully decorated. very clean.
h Royal Guest House: VIII, Nemet utca 13, T3038302
dr 1800/p @ K La, Access From Keleti, take Metro to Blaha(next station)then Tram 4 or 6 to Baross utca(next stop) There is a park next to you. Go to the small street behind the park, which is Nemet. From Nyugati, take tram 4 or 6(S or left from the station) to Baross, 5 th stop, then same as above.
h Ananda YH: VII, Alsoerdosor utca #12, T322-0502 dr 1800Ft/p
From Keleti station, walk E(the direction of left) and go underpass on the main road. 2 nd street turn right. This is Alsoerdosor utca.
h Station GH: XIV Mexikoi ut 36/B, T383-4034 dr2000Ft/p
From Keleti station, take #7 bus to E(direction of left from the station), After pass the overhead train bridge, get off and come back to the road along side of the rail and turn left. This is the Mexikoi ut.
h Klauzal: VI, Klauzal Ter 16, T200-8869? dr$8+, d$24
From Deak ter walk E 10-15min.

Near Nyugati Station
h Caterina Hostels: VI. Andrassy ut. 47, 3F/18 door bell #11, T3420804 F3526147, sb HW dr 2500Ft.( la, k, fr, CTV, C4 I @550/30min. Great location in center. Excellent facilities, well-run, social. Spacious dorm. Transport: M1- Oktagon, Highly Rec
h Best: Podmaaniczky ut. 27,1/13 door bell #33, T3324934 e-1-mail:, sb dr2000Ft+ d5400 C4 I La K
New hostel in great central location. Staff try hard to please. Spacious dorms - no bunk beds, Lounge.
Transport: M3-Nyugati pu Rec
h Yellow submarine Lotus Youth Hostel: VI Terez kt 56, 3F T3319896 IYH dr2000-2500Ft nonmember some extra, d 7000Ft, bed sheet 200ft. la 1000ft, minibus, STV, video. I K bf C3 Great location. Lots of info, very spacious dorms. Rec
M2 Ors Vezer ter.
From Keleti station, Take trolley #73 in front of McDonald's

Year round Hotels/Hostels/Pensions in Buda
h Back Pack Guesthouse: Takacs Menyhert u. 33 T2098406 Highly Rec
sb dr1600-1900, d 4500Ft?, HW La 800ft. C3, internet 15Ft/min. Cable TV, video k, fr, I(Excellent) trips, Garden

Very popular. Run by Atila, a Hungarian backpacker, who has traveled throughout the world. Sociable, lots of activities - Spelunking - Cave-crawling, horse riding, swimming. All Dorm room walls are covered with murals, they are crowded & casual, charge for clean bedding.
Transport: Bus 7 or 7A (black no.) from Keleti pu train station, or from Ferenciek Tere. Get off after you go under the railway bridge at Tetenyi ut., walk back under the bridge, turn left and then take the 3rd street on your right.
h Nicholas's: XI. Takacs Menyhert ut. 12 T3854870. sb dr1300ft, dr 6,000Ft, bedding extra 600Ft. TV k La C2
Social. Basic dorms, garden. Mainly for the overfill from Back Pack GH down the road.
Transport:. Same as Backpackers - see above.
h Citadella: Citadella Setany, Gellert Hill. T466-5794, sb dr 1643Ft abs/d $35? R C3
Scenic location in the fortress complex on top of Gellert Hill. (requires several transport changes to get there) or a steep 15min walk up the hill. An expensive looking complex but has a cheap dorm. Reservations recommended.
bus #7 (red no.) from Keleti train st. to Moricz Zsigmond Korter, then bus #27 up the hill.
h Martos Hotel: XI,Stoczek u.5-7, just between Szabadsag hid & Petofi hid bridges.T4633776. Rec sb 1800/p, ab d6000Ft Free @ C2 Old but free washing machine
student dorm open mainly summer, but you may be able to stay if they have empty rooms. Good value if you don't care too much about the shabbiness.
Transport: tram#47,49 Bertalan ut. and walk E

Out of town
h Bela's Guesthouse/ Townhousers International GH Attila ut. 123 T303442331
sb d/tr 1900/p HW C4 La K fr
Located in the Eastern suburbs, a bus & metro ride (30 mins) from the center. Cozy, homely, attractively furnished, spacious rooms. Feels like your own home. Highly Rec
Pick up from Keleti Train St. Otherwise bus #31 from Ors Vezer ter. M2 - to Dyofa ut.

IYH (Summer Time Only College Dormitory)
IYH card discount 10%
YH3 Hostel Schonherz: XI, Irinyi u 42 T366-5460
dr3200Ft/p, d7000, a/c d9200Ft.
Transport: tram #4 or #6,
W from Petofi hid.
YH6 Hostel Bakfark: II Bakfark u 1-3, T201-5419 25-2600/p
M2: Moszkva ter
YH Hostel Rozsa XI, Bercsenyi u 28 T463-4250 2900Ft/p
Transport: tram #4 S end of line,
E from the market
YH Hostel Landler: XI, Bartok Bola ut 17 T463-3621 2600Ft/p
Transport: tram #47,#49, S from Szabadsag hid

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