Area Code 01, July 15, 00

E1 USA: V. Szabadsag ter 12, T475-4400 After hour 475-4703 ext. 4924. M8:00-11:00, Tu/Th/F8:30-10:30, W8.30-11:00 Since July 9, 1999, you have to make an appointment in the case of visa to USA. Call the embassy first.(30Ft/min charge) more info at www.usis.hu
Transport: M2 to Kossuth ter,or bus #15
E44 UK: V,Harmincad u. 6, T2662888, M-F9:30-12:00, 14:30-16:00 Transport: Deak ter
E61 Australia: XII, Kiralyhago ter. 8/9 T2018899
E43 Austria: VI. Benczur u. 16, T3516700
E1c Canada: XII. Budakeszi ut. 32 T2751200
E33 France: VI. Lendvay ut. 27. T3324980
E49 Germany: XIV. Stefania u. 101-3 T4673500
E Netherland: II, Fuge u 5-7, T326-5301
E Italy: XIV, Stefania ut. 95, T343-6065
E Israel: II, Fullank ut 8, T200-0781
E S Korea: VI, Andrassy ut 109, T351-1179
E81 Japan: XII. Zalai ut. 7 T2751275

Though all information below was collected from staff in each embassy we have met travellers who received different advice. Please use this info just for your reference and confirm.
E359 Bulgaria: VI. Andrassy ut 115, T3220824, M,Tu,Th,F 9:00-13:00
not required: British, USA (USA pay $20 on entry), Australia, New Zealand, Japan Canada
Transport: M1, Bajza u.
E385 Croatia: XII. Arato u. 22/b T2492215,9:00-14:00
visa not reqired for most citizens
Transport: M2, Moszkva ter, Tram #59
E Czech Republic: VI. Szegf 4, T3510539, M-F 8:30-12:00, not required: UK/CAN/USA/N.Zealand, Japanese, reqired: AZ-1 photos. 6900Ft 4 days.
Transport: M1, Kodaly korond
E48 Poland: VI. Varosligeti fasor 16 T3425566 M-F 9-13:00,
not required: UK/USA Japan
required: Canada,N.Zealand,Australia, $46,
1 day, 2 photos, same day service extra $12
transport: M1-Bajza u.
E42 Slovakia: XIV. Gervay u. 44 T2517973 M-F8:30-11:30
not req.: USA/UK/Australia/Japan,
required: N.Zealand-$40, 2 photos, 2-3 days.
transport: bus #7 Bosnyak ter
E40 Romania: XIV. Thokoly ut 72 T3436941,M-W8:30-12, F8:30-12, not required: US
required: UK/Canada/NZ/Australia $33, Japan $7,
no photo, receive afternoon Payment US$ cash only.
transport_F bus #7 to Stefania ut.
Moldova: T209-1191
E7 Russia: VI. Andrassy ut 104 ut. 35 T3318985 MWF9-12:00
Tourist visa: You need to show the voucher of the travel agency, the confirmation of the hotel, 3 photos, visa cost $75-150 depends on the nationalities.
transport: M1-Bajza u.
E386 Slovenia: II. Csatarka Koz 9 T3259207 M-F9-12
not reuired for most nationals.
transport: M2, Batthyany ter, bus #11
E90 Turkey: VI Andrassy ut 123 T3445002 M-F9:30-16:30
not required JAP,NZ,CAN
required USA$45, GB $55, AZ$30, Possible to get the visa on border as well
transport: M1-Bajza u.
E380 Ukraine: XII. Nogradi u. 8 T3552443
Visa requirment is same as Russia.
transport: M2, Moszkva ter, bus #21
E381 Yugoslavia: VI. Dozsa Gyorgy ut 92/a,T3221430 M-F10-13:00, not req: JAP
required: USA $45, CAN $55,UK-DM100, AZ$60, NZ -DM40 no photo
transport: M1, Hosok ter.

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