Eurolines Bus Pass

August, 2000

Passes are available for 30 days and 60 days. These allow you unlimited travel for through out Europe but selected cities only.

England : London, Glasgow, Edinburgh
Ireland: Dublin, Cork
Sweden Stockholm, Gothenburg
Denmark: Copenhagen, Aalborg
Estonia: Tallinn
Lativa: Riga
Holland: Amsterdam
Belgium: Brussels
France: Paris, Lille, Strasbourg, Tours, Nantes, Lyon, Bordeaux, Toulouse
CAvignon, Montpellier, Marseille, Perpignan
Spain: Madrid, Barcelona
Switzerland: Zurich, Basel
Italy: Rome, Florence, Milan,Venice
Austria: Vienna
Czech: Prague
Poland: Wasaw, Krakow
Slovakia: Bratislava
Romania Bucharest
Bulgaria: Sofia

The pass fare varies according to the seaons.
Low Season(L): November to March
Middle Season(M): April to May & September to October
High Season(H): June to August
Youth L/ Youth M/ Youth H | Adult L / Adult M/ Adult H
30 days 211/232/296|264/290/370,
60 days 262/288/324|327/360/430
30days 139/153/195/175/191/245,
60days 175/189/227/219/237/283
30 days 9070/9980/12730/11350/12470/15910,
60 days 11270/12390/14790/14060/15480/18490
30 days 52900/57900/739/659/729/929,
60 days 659/719/859/819/899/1069
30 days 7571/8325/10651|9473/10406/13276,
60 days 9401/10334/11626|11733/12917/15429
30 days 856/941/1201/1071/1177/1501,
60 days 1063/1168/1314/1327/1460/1744
Estonia ?
Latvia ?

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