TELC, Czech Republic

$1=29.479kc, June 20, 2004

The telephone numbers on this page have been corrected.

Bus is the main transport. Buses to Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Trebice.
T Train Station: E end of Masarykova
Can travel from here by train to Ceske Budejovice or Brno but must change several times and the journey is about twice as long as by bus.
B Bus Terminal: Slavikova, E of center, 10 min walk. The small bus station has a small cafe(7-19:00) where you can use their toilet with 2kc. Buy tickets on the bus. luggage 5kc
to Brno: b7:50, 11:30, N14:20, X15:30, N15:35, S15:50, +16:51, 17:35, +17:51, +18:56, X19:00 . 84kc 2hr
to Ceske Budejovice: b8:10, X8:55, 11:10, X12:13, N12:30, b15:40, 18:30, N20:25 84kc, 2hr.
to Praha: X5:45, S6:05, b7:05, X8:16, +11:58, b15:05, dS16:10, N16:40, N17:30 102kc 2.5hr.
Bus code is very complicated. Click

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