TELC, Czech Republic

$1=29.479kc, Aug 25, 2003

The telephone numbers on this page have been corrected.

r1 U Zachariase: SE end of nam Zach. z Hradce
Czech Touristy restaurant. Large patio on the square.
r2 U Marusky: Palackeho, Next to Tower, 10/11-23/24:00, Czech 60-130kc budget-daily specials 60-70kc Popular with locals. Outside seating in attractive courtyard. Tasty traditional food. The budget menu, written on the wall is excellent value, much better option than the restaurants on the square.Menu is written in multi-language. Highly Rec
r2 Senk Pod Vezi: Palackeho, Next to U Marusky, Czech 100+kc/Pizza 50kc+. It is a bit more expensive but there are out seating behind the house overlooking the town moat. The atmosphere is excellent. Best place to have a nice meal in the evening. Rec
r4 Na Kopecku: Jihlavska 4, Czech 70-80kc. daily lunch specials 48-65kc. A local place, Go out from the N gate of the old town and walk 50m. Basic, local lunch place/drinking spot. Good value meals. Rec
r5 Cafe/Gallery: nam Zach. z Hradce, near Tourist Office Beer/Coffee Outside seating under the arches. Cool, pleasant place to sit and enjoy the atmosphere of the square. Rec
r6 Hotel U Cerneho Orla: nam Zach. z Hradce, near Tourist Office, Czech Outside seating in the square.
r7 Petitlista ruze Palackeho: opposite tower. budget price 45-90kc.
r8 Asijske: Svetaneska 119, only Chinese restaurant in town

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