TELC, Czech Republic

$1=29.479kc, Aug 25, 2003

The telephone numbers on this page have been corrected.

There are many Pensions in Telc, several in the main street. The tourist office reserves rooms. Many are 250-350kc/person, cheaper if out of Telc, no reservation charge. They have an "Accommodation list" - a small paper which lists a wide variety of accommodations from basic to luxury with prices and details. They have an additional accommodation file that includes photos of most options on list.
If you opt for a room outside of Telc, check public transport as local bus and train services are very limited.

h1 Volejbalove: Kuizty sk Telec, T567-243-838 75-85kc./p the cheapest option. You need your own sheets or sleeping bag.
h2 Veterinani Stre disko: Lucni 413 T567-243-226 160kc/p.Also very cheap option but often full. You need reservation ahead.
h3 Bouskov Jitka: Polni 237 T567-724334 250kc/p.
h4 Bouskova Jitka: Polni 237, T756 724 334 250kc/p.
Out side of the town
h5 TVR2, Cernic -5km from Telc: Contact: Casper Jacobs T0602-107281 The Tourist Office may not telephone you becuase the their telephone is mobile in this case you pay the cost and ask to phone.
d 150kc/p, Sb C4 bf50kc
Architect and his wife are gradually renovating an old mill dating from 14th C. It's located in a tiny village with no shops, 1 pub where you can order simple meals. At the moment there is only one room available for guests (Telephone beforehand). A beautiful, stylishly furnished, spacious loft room, with duvets, desk and furnishings. Friendly, helpful hosts who make you very welcome.
Highly Rec
Train to Slavibo, 8kc - Tourist office will give you information - the train stops just to let people off so be quick. Turn right after getting off the train, walk through the village of Cernic, head towards the lake, you'll see a complex there. (2000 info)

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