TELC, Czech Republic

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Telc is located in SW Moravia, 30km from the Austrian border, midway between Brno and Ceske Budejovice. It is a picturesque, historic town whose central main square has changed little in design over the last 4 centuries. The town's pastel-colored, 16th C. renaissance style architecture was created by Italian craftsmen, originally commissioned to rebuild the castle, they stayed on to make their homes in the town. Telc's historic center was added to UNESCO'S register of World Heritage sites in 1992.

The town center almost seems to be a small island as it is surrounded on 3 sides by water. After exploring the main sights, wander away from the center and enjoy the lake scenery.

If traveling between Brno and Ceske Budejovice, it's possible to break journey and spend a few hours in Telc en route rather than try to see it on a day trip (2hours each way by bus). You may be able to leave your backpack at the Tourist Office in the main aquare or at the train station.Supposed to be left luggage facility at train station BUT no staff were there when I checked.

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