TELC, Czech Republic

$1=29.479kc, Aug 25, 2003

The telephone numbers on this page have been corrected.

The old part of Telc a long peninsula in the lake, stretching from NW to SE. For the sake of explanation for this chapter, we change the N point slightly. The old center is stretching from W to E. The train/bus station is on far E and the castle and tower are located on the W end of the town.
i Tourist Office: nam Zachariase z Hradce 10, Center of the town, S side. T567-112 407/8 July-Aug M-F8-18, Sa/Su10-18,Sep-June M-F 8-17, Sa/Su10-17. Maps(25kc), leaflets, sight & city info(30kc), Helpful staff. Train/bus info, comprehensive Telc accommoodation leaflet. Will make reservations for you (Pensions from 200Kc), no reservation charge. @1kc/min, minimum 10min,,
Exchange: All major currencies (cash & TC) accepted in banks and exchange bureaus.
$1 Bank: Ceska Sporitelna: nam Zachariase z Hradce 21 center of the square and N side. M,W,Th9-12:30, 13:30-17, Tu,F9-12:30, 13:30-16/17 rate: $1 Cash=29.18kc T/C=29.479kc
GB Cash 1=45.620, T/C=46.08, Eu Cash 1=31.57, T/C=31.89kc, yen cash 100 = 24.820kc

Comm. Cash/T/C 1%, min 50kc No Cash Advance
$2 Exchange Bureau: Brzek nam Zachariase z Hradce 42 9-12, 13-17:30 rate: $=29kc GBP=45.30kc, Eu31.50 Comm.Cash 1% min 20kc, T/C 3% Cash Advance - Visa/AmEx 3% min 50kc . Sells telephone cards - Go300/295kc, Go500/490kc, Smartcall - 150kc /300kc /500kc /1000kc
$a ATM: E side of the square and at B1
P Police Station: Parkan 123 T962633, Near the bridge in the E side of the town.
H1 Hospital: Poliklinika: Masarykova 62
Hp Pharmacy/Lekarna: Masarykova 62
M0 Post Office GPO: Stankova 294 M-Sa7:30-12, 13-17:00
M0 Telephone Office GPO: Local phone call costs 3kc. Trunk calls 5kc. Can make international calls from most cardphones. Buy from Post Office, Tourist Office and newsagents. Go and Smartcall international phonecards available from Exchange Bureau ($2 above)

Bus is the main transport in this region. Buses to Brno, Ceske Budejovice, Trebice. Bus and train station are E from the center, 10min walk.
T Train Station: E end of Masarykova,
Can get here by train from Ceske Budejovice and Brno but must change several times and the journey is about twice as long as bus. luggage
B Bus Terminal: Slavikova, E of center, 5 min walk. The small bus station has a cafe toilet charge 2kc. Buy tickets on the bus, large luggage 5kc charge.

Local Transport
Town is very small. Everywhere in town is walkable.

s Souvenir shops: There are lots of souvenir shops in the main square. Bohemian glasses, wood carvings, etc.
s Coop supermarket: Masarykova, the street to the train station. M-W6-17:30, Th-F6-19, Sa6:30-11, Su8-11:30

Festivals 2003
Early April: Rites of Spring: Rites of Spring: Street festivities, people dress in traditional costume - It is held every other year.
April 12: Thrashing of girls
April 30: Burning witches.
June 14-16: European days of Music:
Jul 1-11: Music concert: performances by the French-Czech Music Academy
Jul 5-12: European festival of folk dancers groups
Jul 12-20: Renaissance Telc Music Festival: International guest artists, Performances held in Castle and Churches.
Jul 24-27: Hot-air balloon races: cultural program
Aug 1-17: Prazdniny v Telci: Holidays in Telc Concerts, exhibitions, folk festival, historical entertainments, traditional street performances.
Aug: Letni kino Summer Cinema: open air movies in the Castle grounds. 65kc
Aug 30: Telc 2003: Town celebration, concerts, theatres, exhibitions
Also many concerts in September and Xmas holidays.

@ Internet @
@ Information office: See the detail above. This is the only place in town. 1 PC but very few people use it. 1kc/min, minimum 10min,
@ internet cafe: Masarykova (behind flower shop). M-Th 12-15, 16-21 F-Su 13-19:00. 15min 15kc, 30min 25kc.
There are a few places with one terminal along the main square but this will probably change - ask around.

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