PRAHA / Prague Czech Rep.

Area Code 2, $1=26.34 E=20.11kc, April 10, 2004

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

A Ruzyne International Airport: About 15km W from the center T 2011 1111
Access to/from town: Bus: #119 to/from Dejvicka, last stop on Metro A, 12kc for whole journey..
CEDAZ Airport Bus to Namesti Republiky, 95kc
300-600kc. Not recommended - they often try to overcharge tourists.


RT Prices in kc -non student advertised return fares
depature on June 30, 2004
Budapest(OK) 6300 Warsaw(OK) 7900
Berlin(OK) 6200 Rome(AZ) 9900
Amsterdam(OK) 4600 Paris(OK) 4600
London(OK) 4000 Madrid(OK) 10900
Athens(OK) 11500 Istanbul(OK) 10000
New York(BA) 20200 LA(AF) 37700
Sydney(NZ) 103200
Tokyo(SU) 23400 BKK(OS) 40300

Praha has extensive services to all over Europe There are 4 train Stations - always confirm station of departure.
T1 Hlavni Nadrazi (hl.n.) Wilsonova P1, Metro C: Hlavni Nadrazi Main station. Information offices on Gr & 1st F, Always long queues and staff are often unhelpful, send you somewhere else.-Better to get info from CEDOK agency, na Prikope. Wasteels Office, (upstairs from main hall) can give information/sell tickets for International services and under 26 discounts. There is a travel agency up the stairs near the Gr F information office, this also gives information, sells all kinds of transport tickets, accepts credit cards.
Tourist Office in main hall.
ATM in Gr F info office.
coin lockers:
10kc, You set your own code inside of the locker. If you forget your code, 30kc handling charge to open it.
Left luggage - articles up to 15kg-
15kc, over 15kg-30kc.
24 hrs but they take 30 min break, 3 times during 24 hrs. Check the time
Art nouveau cafe on 2nd F. Should visit, the only relaxing space in the station.
Wasteels office: M-F7-20, Sa8-15:00. sells discount international train tickets. For -26, 25% discount. If you are not -26, you may buy a card called "Rail plus" 900kc which allow you to buy ticket with 25%.
T2 Holesovice (Hol.): Vrbenskeho, P7
Metro C: Nadrazi Holesovice
T3 Masarykovo Nadrazi(Mas.): Hybernska, post office(1-24:00) Metro B: nam. Republiky.
T4 Smichovske Nadrazi(Pr.Smv): Nadrazni, P5,
Metro B: Smichovske nadrazi
Fare are based on 2nd Cl seat. The destinations listed below have many trains through out the day. Almost every hour. Make sure which station your train leaves and if your train requires supplement or not. If requires, buy the supplement at station to avoid surcharge on board.
Kutna Hora 98kc 1.0hr 73km
Many from hl.n. station. You may have to change at Kolin. But the connection is usually good. 2 stations: Kutna Hora hl.n.(3km from center, but near the born church.) and K.H. Mesto(near center but require another change at hl.n.). You may buy the ticket to mesto, if you don't know which one you want to go.
Karlstejn 46kc 45min 33km
Many, Some from hl.n. & more from P.Sm. (8:04,9:04,11:04,14:04,17:04)
Brno 130kc? 3.0hr 257km
Many, Some from hl.n. & more from P.Sm $ Hol, EC Supplement 30kc. May need to change a train at Ceska Trebova. Buses are faster and cheaper.
Olomouc 294kc 3.5hrs 252km
Many trains. Mainly from hl.n. station. Some leave from Holesovice.
Plzen 140kc 1.5-2.0hrs 114km
Many, from hl.n. & P. Sm.
Karlovy Vary 274kc 4.0hrs 233km
Trains via Chomutov. Require changing a few trains. It is more expensive and takes more time. Not recommend to use trains.
Marianske Lazne 224kc 3.0hrs 190km
Mainly from hl.n. 4:20,8:20,10:20,12:20,14:20,16:20,18:20,21:45
Ceske Budejovice 204kc 2.5hrs+ 169km
Many. mainly from hl.n 1 train/hr from 6:17
Ceske Krumlov 230kc 3.5hrs 200km
No direct train, change at Ceske Budejovice or take bus from C.Budejovice.

Students & under 26 are often entitled to up to 20% discount on international tickets. Wasteels Agency (Hlavni Nadrazi train station) list and sell discounted tickets.
It's often cheaper to buy train tickets to the border towns and buy another within the new country than to buy international tickets however, our researcher had difficulty attempting this at both the Czech/Austria border and the Austria/Hungary border.
The fare between all border stations of Czech & Poland costs 15kc or 2zl such as Bohumin-Chatupki, Mezimesi-Mieroszow, Petrovice u K-Zebrzydowice, Lichkov-Miedzylesie
International Train Fares
Destination Normal/-26


Vienna 972/898 Salzberg


Linz 747/690 Budapest


Bratislava 591/na
Paris ?4764/3954? Rome


Berlin 1417//na
Krakow 918/811 Wroclaw


Warszawa 1361/1119
Beograd 2674/2090 Zagreb


Ljubljana 2111/1485 Bucharest




Athens 6328/4737 Istanbul


to Vienna(Wien)
* leave from T2. No mark leave from T1
To travel cheaply. You may buy a ticket to Breclav, and stay on the same train. Buy another ticket to Wien from Hohenau on the train.
Praha fare 6:26 8:26 *10:29 *14:29 17:26 23:15
Brno 9:15 11:15 13:15 17:15 20:15 -
Breclav 9:49/58 11:49/12:02 13:49/58 17:49/58 20:49/21:14 5:54/57
Hohenau 10:10/11 12:14/15 14:10/11 18:10/11 21:14 6:09/10
Wien Simmering 10:54 12:56 14:59 18:54 21:56 6:56
Wien Sudbahnhof 11:00 13:02 15:00 19:00 22:02 7:03

Train to Budapest via Bratislava, Slovakia
* leave from T2. No mark leave from T1, c:change train
Praha 23:49/0:21 6:08 /8:26 *10:20/29 *12:20/29 /16:26 /23:34
Brno 4:12/15 -/5:14 9:38/46 11:15/17 13:15/17 15:15/17 19:15/17 2:53/57
Breclav 4:50/5:03 5:52/6:00 10:20/28 11:49/53 13:49/c54 15:49/53 19:49/53 3:32/37
KUTY 5:18/5:22 6:18/22- 10:43/48 12:08/11 14:09/14 16:08/11 20:08/11 3:52/4:22
Bratislava 6:06/- 7:06/15 11:32/58 12:47/52 14:50/53 16:47/52 20:47 5:05/5:23
Sturovo 8:50/9:10 14:11/16 18:11/16
Rusovce - 12:31/32
SZOB 9:20/21
Rajka 15:31/41 6:02/12
Mosonmagyarovar 17:24/26 6:29/30
Budapest 10:14/- 15:33/- 15:11/- 17:38/- 19:10/- 8:08/30
Train to Berlin, Hamburg via Dresden Htf
Praha T1 -/7:08 -/9:08 -/13:08
Praha T2 7:18/24 9:18/24 13:18/24 15:05/15:24 17:05/24 19:05/24
Decin 8:49/54 10:49/54 14:49/54 16:49/54 18:49/54 20:49/54
B Schandau 9:14/16 11:14/16 15:14/16 17:14/16 19:14/16 21:14/16
Dresden 9:52/10:08 11:52/12:08 15:52/16:06 17:52/18:08 19:52/55 21:52/c23:11
Berlin 12:07/10 14:07/11 18:07/11 20:08/11 22:07/10 6:57/- %
Hamburg 14:50/15:25 16:50/17:02 20:56/21:03 22:50/53
% need to change trains 3 times
Other Direct International trains
Many more trains if you change trains
Linz 9:17(A14:21), 15:17(A20:45), 18:17(A22:41) 9.5hrs
Wroclaw 15:13(A21:49), 19:23(A1:04) 6hrs
Krakow 21:16(A5:48) many more via Katowice, 8.5hr
Warsaw 11:00(A20:00),19:23(7:35),21:16(A6:50)
Munich 21:45(A6:26)many more via Regensburg

Praha has extensive bus services international and domestic, leaving from many different stations. When buying ticket always confirm departure point.
B1 Praha Florenc: Krizikova,P8, Metro B or C: Florenc. Main station. Always long queues at ticket office and information desk. The staff at the info counter speak simple English.
International buses: You may buy a ticket at the counter or the bus company, Tourbus office(upper floor 8:00-20:00), Eurolines(ground floor,T24298680) or from travel agencies. Domestic buses: On some domestic routes you must buy the ticket from the ticket counter, others you buy from the bus driver. It's very confusing.
left Luggage: upper floor,
30kc/day. 5-23:00
No cafe at the bus station. Some bufet near the bus station.Very few places to wait for the bus around the bus station. Probably MacDonald near 5 min on foot.
Super maket: near the Metro station.
Exchange: M-F7-18, Sa7-15, Su8:30-15:00. Cash 1.5%, T/C 3%, min. 20kc. $1=26.31, GBP1=48.10
Public toilet:
B Zelivskeho bus station: Metro A Zelivskeho
B Smichovske Nadrazi: Metro B
B Holesovice Partyzanska: P7, Metro C: nad.Holesovice
B Roztyly Rysaveho: P4, Metro C: Roztyly

National The main bus station is Florenc but many buses leave from Zelivskeho St and Roztyly Metro St. and more.
! Warning Always confirm the bus station and platform no. as buses leave from different departure points.
For most of the buses listed below you can buy the ticket on the bus. Check beforehand at the ticket counter inside. (Long queues, unfriendly staff).
There may be an extra charge for luggage. Bus Code

Warning: On Sa Su, the number of buses is reduced very much.
Destination Fare Duration
Terezin(61km) 61kc 1hr10min
M-F 9,9:30,10,10:30,,,14,15,16,17:00 etc.
Sa 9:30, 12:00, Su 5:45, 9:30, 20:30
Not all buses FROM Terezin stop at Florenc Station, some buses stop at Vltavska: Metro C
Kutna Hora (68km) 64kc 1.5hrs
Florenc Station:
X8:15, X11:55, X12:50, X13:20, X14:55, X15:15, XN16:00, X16:50, X17:50, X18:40
Brno (210km) 150kc 2hr30min
Florenc Station: Many, almost every hour
Telc (163 km) 108kc 2.5-3.0hr
Plzen (99km) 80kc 2.0hr
(Florenc St)Many, about every 30min
Karlovy Vary (132km) 100-150kc 2.5hrs
Florenc Station. many
C.Budejovice (167km) 125kc 2.0-2.5hrs
Florenc Station: 8:15, 9:15, Roztyly - MetroC: Many
C.Krumlov (172km) 110kc 3.5-4.0hrs
M-F Na Knizeci Station: 7:10, 8:30, 10:30, 13:50, 17:00, Florenc 7:30, 8:15, Roztyly: 15:15, Sa N:7:10,8:30,9:15, 17:00, F:7:30,8:15, R:9:15, 15:25, Su N:7:10, 8:30, 14:45, F8:15, 10:40,16:30, R15:25 More buses from C.Budejovice.


There are many different bus companies. Listed below are some of the main ones: The fare varies so you'd better to ask travel agents to book the cheapest and most convenient bus.
CSAD: the National Company - is based at Florenc bus station. Buying tickets here is a struggle.
Information is difficult to get, there are always long queues.
Eurolines: Opletalova 37 T24213420F24210835 M-F8-17, Sa/Su9-16
Tourbus: Krizikova 4-6 T/F24210221 8-20:00 Also has agent upstairs at Florenc bus station
Bohemiatour: Zlatnicka 7 T24213420 F24210835
Bohemian Lines: Sternberkova T22312355
Capital EXpress: U Vystaviste 3, T20870368,

Travel agencies: CEDOK, CKM and GTS (Popular with the Ex Pat community) reserve international bus tickets. Staff speak English and are generally helpful and familiar with travelers needs.
Prices vary between bus companies - check around if you want to get the best deal. Prices below are full adult prices quoted either by

Please use the price list/timetable as a general guide only.
Students with ISIC card or U26's with Go 25 cards may get discount between 10-20%
! Warning
- There is a 2-tier price system, for bus tickets, a cheaper price for Czech citizens and a more expensive one for non Czechs.
! Warning Always confirm which station your bus will leave from.

Destination Co. / Fare Timetable
Bratislava 270-320kc Many 6-21:00, 5hrs
Kosice 520kc 6:00(17:50) Su-Th 21:00(M-F,M7:00)
Budapest 1230kc TuThFSu22:15(6:30+1)
Gyor 1130kc TuThFSu22:15(4:45+1)
Vienna 480kc M-Th9:00(13:50), F-Su14:00(18:50)
Linz 590kc F8:00(13:30) Su15:30(21:00)
Salzburg 890kc Sa 8:00(A.15:45)
Wroclaw 630kc Tu Th Su 21:00 (1:45+1)
Warsaw 770kc Tu Th Su 21:00 (7:30+1)
Berlin 850kc MWFSu8:00(15:00)
Dusseldolf 1550kc WFSu21:00(A10:00)
Hamburg 1600kc ThFSu20:00(6:15), Sa12:45(?)
Frankfurt 1250kc TuThFSu21:00(5:30+1)
Munich 950kc M-Sa9(16), TuThF23(5:00+1) Su15:00(A22:20)
Other Destination N & NE
Oslo 2990kc Tu20(18:15+1),W20:40(21:45+1),Su15:40(17:00)
Stockholm 2990kc M-F17:15(19:30+1),F20(18:30+1),Su16:45(18:30)
Helsink 3290kc Take a bus to Stockholm and change
Copenhagen 1990kc TuFSa20:00(9:30+1)
Amsterdam 2000kc Su-F18:30(MThSu8:30+1,Tu13:00+1,WF10:15+1)
Paris 2180kc 18:00(8:00+1), TuThSaSu17:30(8:00+1)
London 1800/kc 18:30(13+1), Tu17:15(11:15+1), MWFSa12:30(6:45+1)
Brussels 1590kc WFSu19:00(7:00+1)
Milano 2090kc TuF22:15(A14:30+1)
Venice 1820kc TuF15:30(A6:25+1)
Rome 2680kc TuF15:30(A14:30+1), Th15:00(13:30+1)

Car Sharing
Town to Town: Praha 1, Narodni 9, T2207-5407, This organization will match passengers with drivers heading to the same direction. The fee is set according to the distance + passenger insurance.
Amsterdam 1299kc Barcelona 2066kc Berlin 522kc
Bremem 836kc Copenhagen 1105kc Fransfurt 793kc Geneve 1292kc
Hamburg 958kc Hannover 784kc Koln 999kc London 1504kc
Leipzig 427kc Marseille 1755kc Milano 1282kc Munich 592kc
Paris-1338kc Rome 1645kc Stuttgart 740kc Wien 444kckc
Zurich 998kckc more

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