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Area Code 2, $1=26.34 E=20.11kc, April 10, 2004

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As long as you avoid the obvious tourist rip-off places, eating out in Prague is a pleasure. There are a wide variety of restaurants and cafes with reasonably priced menus. Many excellent restaurants serve the large Western community living in Prague. Most restaurants have menus posted outside, many have menus in English, however the cheapest daily specials are often written in Czech only.
!Warning There will often be extras added to the bill - cover charge, tax, charge for bread, tomato ketchup, etc. These are legitimate but check carefully because sometimes waiters are just ripping you off.
There are very few Asian restaurants, the main ones are Chinese and they are very expensive with few customers.
Metro-Museum or Mustek Area
A street from the national museum to the old town district. It seems to be the most touristy area but there are a few cheap and good places to eat on this street.
r Several cheap standup bufets in Vaclavske nam serving basic meals. 1 of the best is Zemark Lahudky (near American Express) - delicious open sandwiches.
r Ceska Hospoda, V Krakovske: Krakovska 20 P1, 11-23 Czech 120+-kc beer 17kc+ Delicious. One of the best places to try Czech cuisine. Highly Rec
r Vaclavka: Vaclavske nam.48, End of courtyard, past El Al. 11-22:00, Czech/Vegetarian 30-70kc beer 12/18kc
Central location. Popular with local office workers and visitors. Outside terrace and quieter inside area. Excellent value, tasty meals, efficient service. No 'extras' added to the bill.
Highly Rec
r Ovocny bar Lahudky hajek: Vaclavske nam.52 upstairs from an icecream stall Deserts/icecream
Very cheap, very popular with locals. Candy colored interior. Delicious deserts/fresh fruit salads. A daily visit is recommended. Highly Rec
r Dobra Cajovna Tea House: Valclavske nam. 14, M-Sa10-21:30, Su18-21:30, Pot of tea 40+kc, tiny snacks 15+kc, Great location. A serious tea shop with a huge tea menu - 10 varieties of Japanese tea alone. Relaxing environment - the place to go to escape the crowds for an hour or two.Highly Rec

Metro-Staromestska and Jewish Area
The heart of the old and touristy place of Prague.
r Bufet: Dlouha #23, There are two bufets which are convieniently open on Sunday and late until 20:00.
r U Rotta: Male nam 3, near the Staromestske nam, 11-24:00, Czech/Bufet/ Cafe/ Deli/ Vinarna, Czech equivalent of London's Fortnum & Mason - much cheaper. Historic building, recently renovated gothic cellar Rec
r Pivnice u Milosrdnych: Kozi 21, Jewish area.
Czech 80-1200kc 10-22:00, Local eating/drinking place. Tasty filling, beer hall style meals. Check the bill carefully as they have been known to overcharge tourists. Rec
r Blatouch Cafe Vezenska 4, M-F 12-26:00, Sa14-26:00, Su14-24:00, Stylish, trendy cafe. Jazz music. Salad Bar
r U Rudolfna: Krizovnika #10, just W from the Metro, 11-23:00, Czech 65-90kc Full of locals, mainly enjoying beer in the evening but you can enjoy chap and delicious meal as well. Rec
r Salad bar cafe/Konirna: Anenska,S from the Charkes Bridge, M-F9-24:30, Sa18-24:30, Su18-24:00
Salads 12-15kc Coffee 14-21kc
Limited menu - salads, coffee (Good & cheap) & alcoholic drinks. Can escape the crowds of the old town, relax, read, write a postcard. Rec
r Country Life: Melantrichova 15(little closer to Metro Mustek.), M-Th9-20;30, F9-18:00, Sa closed. Su 11-20:30. Vegetarian, good portioned inexpensive food. Very popular with backpackers.

Metro-Narodni trida Area
The area W from Vaclavske nam, is not so tourisy at all. Really good restaurants and cafes for local people can be found in this area.
r Gany's/Louvre: Narodni tr. 20 P1, upstairs. Czech 100+ Pasta79+ Deserts 19-39kc, coffee 15+kc, beer17/25kc During the early 1900's it was a fashionable cafe. In 1948 it was declared a bourgeois institution by the Communist regime and closed. Renovated and re-opened in 1992. An elegant classical cafe with a history. Has a selection of international newspapers for a (free) read. Rec
r Le Patio: Narodni Tr. 22, M-F8-23:00 SaSu 10-23:00
Cafe coffee 30+kc, Beautifully decorated interior design store/cafe, arts/antiques environment. Rec
r Rest. Ewald: Narodni tr. 28, downstairs (attached to the cinema) Czech lunchtime 80kc 11-23:00. Excellent value, daily specials. Popular with local office workers and cinema visitors.Rec
r Kava Kava Kava: Narodni Tr. 37(in a court yard), M-F7-22, SaSu9-22:00 Cafe/cake coffee 50+kc, Excellent coffee and cake selections. 15min-free internet with 50kc+ coffee Rec
r U Medridku: na Perstyne 7,Walk N from TESCO. 11:30-23:00 Czech daily specials 70+kc, other menue 80-100kc, beer 24kc, Always crowded. Historic restaurant still popular with locals. Delicious traditional meals however don't like tourists ordering from specials menu - may say they are finished when they're not. Highly Rec
r Klub Architektu: Betlemske nam. 5a P1, 11:30-24:00, Czech/ Int'l Converted wine cellar, arty furnishings, sophisticated atmosphere. Pleasant outside area in courtyard. Walk N from TESCO. HighlyRec
r Velryba Cafe & Gallery: Opatovicka 24(S from Narodni, W from TESCO), M-F10-2, SS17-24, T2412391 Czech/Int'l 60kc+ beer25kc coffee 14kc, A meeting place for trendy young Czechs and resident Westerners. Attractive interior - high ceilings, antiques and paintings, gallery attached. Large menu, big portions, no tipping. Rec
Kmotra Pizzeria: V Jircharich 12 P1, 11-1:00 Pizza 70-160kc beer 17kc Always full. Delicious pizza baked in front of you. May have to wait but worth it. Highly Rec
r The Globe: Pstrosova, Su-Th10-23:30, FSa10-25
Salads/Vegetarian/International coffee 25, beer 12kc, meal 100kc+ Bookshop/Cafe.Popular with longterm Westerners. Large selection of new/2nd hand books (not many guidebooks though). Noticeboard - the first place to look if you're thinking of moving here. Reasonable Californian style food, mainly vegetarian. Comfortable place to browse, write postcards, listen in on conversations. Internet free. Highly Rec
r Restaurant Zofin: Island of Zofin Czech/Int'l coffee 70kc+ meal 120-230kc, Expensive restaurant, but they have tables in a beautiful garden. Having a meal or drink here look really luxurious. Rec

Metro Nam Republiky
Jakubska seems to be one of the famouse night spots area in Praha where is located between Metro nam Republiky and Staromestske nam
r Cafe Imperial: Na Porici 15, 9-25:00. Classical interior cafe. coffee + cake 28kc. Live music W-Sa21:00 a few times a week. no cover charge for music. Rec
r Govinda: Soukenicka 27 P1, NE from the metro. M-F11-17:00, Vegetarian 60kc+ Deserts 15kc
Hare Krishna run. The upstairs section serves a filling set meal - soup+curry & rice+desert. Downstairs is a cafe with Indian sweets & deserts (very sweet).
r Vzpominky na Afriku (Out of Africa): Rybna 5+ Jakubska P1, W from Metro Nam Republic, 10-19:00, small but serve real good coffee in 100's of varieties. local says the best coffee in town. Coffee to go Cappuccino 40kc. Highly Rec
r Marquis de Sade: Templova 8 P1, 12-23:00, Beer 25kc, Happy Hour M-F16-18:00 beer 18kc A favorite night spot. Live jazz, relaxed atmosphere, suits all tastes. Highly Rec
r Chapeau Rouge(Bar Chateau): Jakubska 2, P1., M-Th12-27, F12-28, Sa16-26, Su16-26:00. Another favorite night spot just around the corner from the Marquis de Sade. Large social bar, popular with the latin community. It has blues and DJ nights. Beer 30kc.
r Banana Cafe: Stupartska 9(S from Jakubska), 11-26:00, night spot. Beer 30kc, Crazy music bar where dancing occurs on the bar not on the floor. Popular with artsy crowd Highly Rec

Metro- Karlovo nam.
This area is definitely for locals. Many restaurants offers daily specials for 50kc. I listed a few, but more can be found.
r Restaurant Ucerneho Konicha: Mysikova 26.
r U Pomniku: Palackeho nam #3, tram Palackeho nam. stop.
r Hostinec: Naplavni #8,

W side of the river:
When you cross the Charles Bridge, you will come to a small square(Malostranske nam) where a big church in the middle and many restaurants, pubs, cafes are around the church.
r Chimera Cafe & Galerie: Lazenska 6, 12-24:00, before the square. Toasted sandwiches 35+kc, Coffee 25+kc, beer 22kc. Adobe-walled gallery, modern art paintings, antique furnishings, comfy chairs and settees. Relaxing, cozy, student atmosphere, some English language magazines for reading.
r Jo's Bar & Garaz: Malostranske nam. 17, P1. Mexican/Vegetarian 200+kc beer 30kc Great location just across the Charles Bridge. One of the first of the now many American style bars/restaurants. Dark interior, more pleasant outside area - under the arches.
r Dell Saint Nicholas: Malostranske nam. 10, P1.
Cafe/cakes. 9:30-20/21:00. coffee 30, cakes 30kc. A bit expensive but high quality food. Good place to have a break if you don't drink beer.
r U Maleho Glena: Karmelitska(From the square, turn left, South.) 23, 10-1:00 International 75-125kc
Upstairs is a restaurant/bar down stairs a club with live music (cover charge 70kc). Popular with long-term westerners. Serves food until late, weekend brunch.
r Malostranska Rest.: Karmelitska 25, (From the square, turn left, South)
Czech 80+kc Veg 70-80kc beer 11/18.5kc
Popular with tourists. One of the best eating options this side of the river. Attractive, low-ceilinged cavern, good value. Pleasant staff.
r Bohemia Bagel: Ujezd 16 P1(Go down Karmelitska, the street name changes to Ujezd.), T2481-2560, M-F7-24:00, Sa9-24 Trams 6,9,12,22 10min walk from Malostranska. Bagel 7kc/each, a bagel+cream cheese 40-50kc Coffee 35kc - bottomless cup. Modern, spacious, pleasant atmosphere. Deliciousbagels(10 varieties) with cream cheese. Brunch is on Masna 2 near the old square. Rec

Other Area
r Radost FX: Belehradska 120, Praha 2
M-F11-4:00, Sa/Su10:30-5:00
Popular with ex-pats and tourists. Decent, reasonably priced food. Has a huge, Mexican style weekend brunch(11:00-) (free coffee refills). Interesting classic/pop art interior - busts on walls, angel wing chairs. Free videos on Monday evenings.Complex also has a popular bar & disco.
Highly Rec Metro-C IP Pavlova
r U Namuno (U Knihomola): Manesova 79, Praha 2, Metro A:Jiriho z Podebrad M-Th10-23, F/Sa10-24, Su11-20 Mainly vegetarian snacks.35-80kc, Coffee 20kc. Basement cafe attached to a book store. Relaxing place to chat, read, write your journal. Live music performances. HighlyRec
r Fantova 'Train Station' Cafe: 2nd F (Street level), Hlavni nadrazi train station
Coffee 14kc+ If you have to go to the train station for any reason visit this art nouveau cafe, upstairs. A delightful surprise when contrasted with the grotty rest of the station. Highly Rec

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