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Area Code 2, $1=26.34 E=20.11kc, April 10, 2004

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!Warning Many of the hostels listed below where full when we visited August 2000. We recommend either reserve ahead or arrive early in the day to look for a place.
Budget accommodation in Praha can be harder to find out of season than during the peak months of July & August. This is because many University and school buildings are converted into dormitories during student holidays.
The best value budget options are the hostels that run year round. Though, unlike many of the summer dorms, they are not in the town center, transport is excellent and most are no more than 20 minutes away.
When arriving at the train stations you will be greeted by many people offering you a variety of accommodation. Hostel runners will give you flyers from the centrally located summer hostels for (mainly) basic dorm beds 300-500kc. Grandmas will offer you rooms in private homes and pensions, usually a metro ride from the center, singles from 600kc.
Whilst most of these people are genuine you should be careful about who you choose to go off with, particularly if you are alone and you should also clarify the location.
The tourist office and many agencies also reserve accommodation - from hostels to high class hotels.
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You may be able to book throgh following web site.


All year round:
h Pension V Podzamci: V podzamci 27, Kacerov, P4. T41444609 sb dr280kc, d330kc/p bf(40kc) C5 I La kitchen STV Cosy, furnished, spacious loft rooms 2-4 beds, sinks. Sociable lounge. One of the best hostels in E. Europe. The staff are like family and have created a home for travelers. A great place to take a break from the travel circuit. Strongly recommend to book a few days in advance.Highly Rec
Metro C: Budejovicka then take bus #192 to 'Nad Rybniky' or Metro C:Kacerov and walk 10min.
h Boathaus: V Naklich 1A, Slavoj-Wesico, P4, T4021076 sb dr250kc bf-50kc,dinner-70kc,C4 I La CTV
Very popular. Institutional looking building, near the river. 4-5 bedded rooms, well-run, sociable. Sometimes overbooked.

from Hlavni Nadrazi: walk through the park to Jindrisska, take tram #3 to Cerny Kun, walk towards the river (follow the yellow signs).Highly Rec
h Clown & Bard Hostel: Borivojova 102, Zizkov, Praha 3, T22716453 dr250-350kc C3 I K bar
Very popular hostel in an interesting area of town. Sometimes overrun. Has a wide selection of accommodation. Noisy, party atmosphere. Sociable bar with live music.
Transport: Metro A: Jiriho z Podebrad Rec
h Hostel Sokol: Nosticova 2 P1, T57007397, sb dr270kc, C2 K Great location, 3 min from Charles bridge. Attractive old building, rooftop terrace, lots of stairs. spacious, 10 bedded dorms, no bunk beds. Scenic views from the windows. Rec
Metro A: Malostranska or tram #12,22,23 to Hellichova.
h Hostel Vesta: Train Station Complex, The other side of the main train station(Hlavni Nadrazi). Wilsonovo nadr. P2. T2421-1563, dr 500kc/p bf-70kc, Reported very clean. Good location. Often full

Hostel SPUS: several branches. Reductions for Student/HI Cards. They open only for summer.(July 1 to Aug 24)
h Hostel SPUS Center: (All year round) Dittrichova 15 P1, T/F24915380 sb dr380kc ab d450kc bf-60kc dinner100kc Transport: Metro: Karlovo nam.
h Hostel SPUS Strahov: Block 4, Chalupeckeho T83882572 P6, dr250kc s480kc, d600kc Transport: Metro: Dejvicka then bus #217 to Stadion Stalion
h Hostel SPUS: Podoli Block B, Na Lysine 12,
P4, Reception is at the gate T/F0513419,
dr 250-350kc/p bf-60kc dinner-100kc Metro Prazskeho Povstani. Then bus #148 or walk 10min.
h Hostel Petros: Podoli Block B, Na Lysine 12, P4,
T/F0513419 ext 117
s480kc d700 bf-60kc dinner-100kc C3 Metro Prazskeho Povstani. Then bus #148 or walk 10min.

Summer only hostels There are a lot more than listed below but these are the most central.
h Lazenska: Lazenska150m from Charles Bridge. T57320320 (98 info) sb dr300kc s/d?00kc+/person C3 Opens end of July. Great location near Charles Bridge. 6 bedded-dorms. Basic facilities. Great views of the castle. Transport: Metro A: Malostranska or tram #12,22
h ESTEC Hostel: Vanickova 5, block 5, P6 Brevnov T57210410 W side of the river, sb dr240kc/p C? Transport: Metro A:Dejricha or Bus#217/143 to Stadion Strahou.
Travellers Hostels: 5 branches all centrally located. Open from mid-June to mid-September(except Dlouha). Need to check the dates. All except Pension Dlouha & Husova branch are basic dorms with many beds priced from 450kc, usually including good breakfast. With Europe Hostel Card or ISIC Card, 7th night free- check with hostel.
h Dlouha-pension 33: (Open year around) Dlouha 33 P1, T2482-6662 sb dr370kc I bar bf @ K la C?
Metro nam Republiky, 3 min walk
h Island: (Jun18-Sep9)Strelecky ostrov 36 P1: T2493-2991 sb bf dr300kc, C2 I bar garden trips, open-air cinema Beautiful island location in the center of Praha. A party hostel with fun staff & lots of entertainment: boat trips - swimming, picnic lunch and beer; entertaining pub tours. If you don't mind noise, crowded, very basic conditions, you'll have a great time. Transport: Metro Narodni then walk W or take a west bound tram #5,9,22,23,57,58 Rec
h Husova: (Jun30-Aug21)Husova 3 P1, T2222-0078, sb dr450kc d62kc/p bf I TV bar C3, Great location in historic area. 4-5bedded rooms - no bunks. Attractive building, much quieter than the other summer hostels, helpful staff. Transport: Metro:Mustek Rec
h Josefska: (Jun30-Aug22)Josefska 5 P1, T57534577 sb bf dr 300kc C2 Bar Transport: Metro:Marostranska 5 min on foot. or Tram #12, 22, 23 to Marostranska nam
Excellent location between Karlvo Bridge and Praha Castle
h Ujezd: (Jun16-Sep12)U lanove drahy 3 P1 T57312403 sb bf dr 220kc I bar C2 Located in a beautiful park at the foot of Petrin hill. Transport: tram no. #6,9,12,22, 23 to Ujzed. Basic, large dorm in gym.

Private Rooms: If you arrive at a train station or a bus station, people may approach to you and offer a room in their house.
h Private house: Rzjkov Konevova 148, P3 sb d500kc/p
Tram #9 to Vapenka(9th stop from the Central train station) Marta Spackova's private house. She hangs around the train station. she is very kind.

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