PRAHA / Prague Czech Rep.

Area Code 2, $1=38.8, Aug 8, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.
! Warning Visa requirements are subject to change. You should always check current requirements.
E1 USA: Trziste 15 T57530663, M-F9-12:00Transport: Metro-A Malostranska or Tram #12,22,57 to Malostranske nam.
E44 UK: Thunovska 14 T5740-2111 M-F9-12:00 for Visa Transport: Metro-A Malostranska or Tram #12,22,57 to Malostranske nam.
E1c Canada: Mickiewiczova 6, T27210-1800 M-F8:30-12
Transport: Metro-A Hradcanska, or Tram #22 to Kralovsky letobradek
E61 Australia: Klimentska 10, T9657-8350 , M-F9-12:00
E33 France:Velkporevorske nam 2, P1, T5117-1711,
Tu-F 9-12:00,
Transport: Metro-A Malostranska or Tram #12,22,57 to Hellichova.
E49 Germany: Vlasska 19 T5711-3111 M-F9-12:30
Transport: Metro Malostranska (A) or Tram #12,22,57 to Malostranske nam.
E81 Japan: Maltezske nam 6, P1, T5753-3546 M-F9:00-12:30 Transport: Metro Malostranska (A) or Tram #12,22,57 to Hellichova.

E355 Albania: Pod Kastany 22, P6 T3337-0594,
Visa Most national don't need visa but need entry tax at the border, $28!!!
E359 Bulgaria: Krakovska 6, off Valclavske nam. T22210230 M,Tu,Th,F9:00-12:00
No visa required: for most Western Nationals. This information is inconsistent with other Bulgarian Embassies, however it was what we were told by embassy staff. Please confirm. Other source says that AZ and NZ need visa, $55.
Transport: Metro-A/C Museum
E385 Croatia: V Pruhledu 9, P2, T3335-5695
E36 Hungary: Ceskomalinska 20, P6, T33324454, M-WF 8:30-12:00
No visa required: EU/US/Canadian/Japanese/NZ
Visa required: Australian - same day service $80, next day $65, 3 photos,Transport: Metro-A: Hradcanska
E48 Poland Embassy:Valdstejnska 8 (DON'T issue visas),
Visa Section:
49 Valclavske nam T24228722 M-F9-12, 13-16:00
No visa required: EU/USA/ Japanese
Visa required: Australian/New Zealand/Canadian/ , Single entry: 3 months - same day service 3040kc next day 2280kc. Transit 48hr Visa - same day 1520kc following day 750kc. 2 photos required. Transport: Metro-A/C: Museum
E40 Romania: Nerudova 5, T5753-4210 M,W,F 9:00-12:00
No visa required: Canada/Japan
Visa required: USA/AZ/NZ/UK 2790kc(This fee is too expensive. At border, incl. overland, many can get visa on arrival with $33), 1 photo, visa issued same day.
Transport: Metro-A Malostranska or Tram #12,22,57 to Malostranske nam.
E7 Russia: Pod Kastany 1, Praha 6 T3337-4100
E42 Slovakia: Pod Hradbami 1, P6 T3332-5443 Tu-F 8:30-12, No visa required: EU/US/Canadian/AZ/ Japanese
Visa required: New Zealand -630kc/$20, issued same day at 15:00. 2 photos Often queues.
Transport: Tram #8,57 to Prazny Most or tram 22 to Brusnica, Prazsky hrad or Metro-A: Hdranska
E386 Slovenia: Pod Hradbami 15 T3332-1441, M-F9-12:00. No visa required for most Western nationals/Japanese
E380 Ukraine: Charles de gualla 29, T312-2000
E381 Yugoslavia: Mostecka 15 T5732003, MWF9-12:00.
All Westerners, incl. AZ, NZ need invitation to get visa. Only transit visa is possible to obtain, 55DM
Transport: Metro-A Malostranska or tram #12, 22, 57 to Malostranske nam
!Warning the Information acquired from this embassy is inconsistent with that from Yugoslavian embassies in other countries - please confirm details independently.

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