PRAHA / Prague Czech Rep.

Area Code 2, $1=26.34 E=20.11kc, April 10, 2004

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.
Praha, the capitol of Czech Republic, is one of the most popular city destinations in Europe. Undamaged by the bombing that devastated so many other European capitals during the II WW, Praha is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.
Aside from it's architectural beauty, Praha also has many cultural attractions, Museums, galleries, particularly popular are the many music performances, classical and opera.

4-5 days is the minimum time to spend in this wonderful city.
District codes are indicated by P for Praha+no, eg- P8

Tourist Info Offices.
Many information offices - private & Government
Useful publications
'The Prague Post',50kc-a weekly English. Language newspaper(Wed). Tourist info, restaurant guide,entertainment listings.
'Prague This Month' full of good info but often disapear within a few days. Then some private info office sell it with 45kc.
i Prague Info Service (PIS): Staromestske nam 1, P1 T24482018, M-F9:00-19:00, Sa Su9:00-16:00
Maps- free and for sale, lots of brochures
'Cultural Events', 'Monuments & Galleries', Hotels, info on transport (within Prague only), sights, etc. Sells tickets for musical performances, tours, reserves accommodation (all types). Sells phone cards and transport tickets.
Metro-A Staromestska nam
i Branch: Na Prikope 20,P1, M-F9-19:00, Sa/Su9-17:00 Quieter than the main branch. Same services.
i Branch: Hlavni Nadrazi train station, main hall M-F9:00-19:00, Sa Su9:00-16:00
i Branch: Tower of Karlov bridge, Mala Strana: T536010
Open summer only 10:00-18:00 Exchange service
i CEDOK travel agency: Na Prikope 18,P1, T24197242 M-F9--19:00, Sa10-15,Su10-14:00
Very efficient travel agent. Good place for info on flights, trains and international buses. The staff are much more helpful than at the train/bus stations, ticket prices are the same and can pay with credit card. Also reserves accommodation, tours, performances.
AE American Express:Vaclavske nam 56,P1, T2280-0444 F2221-1131 Exchange 9-19:00 Other services M-F9:30-19:30 Sa9-14:00 Client Mail Service is available.
T/C encashment (any kind)- no charge & the rates are good. Cash exchange 5% Com. Min 50kc Cash Advance -Visa & M/C 3% charge. Not recommend to cash your money.
Cash/TC $1=25.99/25.82, 100yen=22.14/22.82, GBP1=48.68/47.01, Euro=?/?
Access M-A/B Museum
AE2 Branch: Celetna 17, P1 & Staromestske nam 5, P1. Exchange services only.

Most banks have exchange facilities. Most charge 2% commission and give higher rates for T/C than cash.
General Opening Hours: Banks M-F8:00-16/18:00. Exchange bureaus, AmEx, Thomas Cook open daily until 19:00.
$ Thomas Cook: Narodni TR 28 T21105276 M-F9-19, Sa9-18, Su10-18. Bad RateThomas Cook T/C no charge, others T/C- 3%. Cash-4% $1=25.14kc, GBP=46.09, E=?kc
$ Branch: Staromestske nam. T2481873 9-19:00
$1 Komercni Banka(KB): Na prikope 28 M-F8:00-17:00 higher rate for T/C, com 2% min50kc $1=26.04kc GBP1=47.99kc ATM- MC, Visa
$2 Union Bank: Narodni 24, P1, near TESCO. M-F8-18:00 T/C com 1% no min. cash 2% 30kc T/C rate $1=25.99kc GBP1=47.54kc
$3 Zivnostensa: Na Prikopech, M-F8:00-17:00com 2% min 50kc $1=26.09kc GBP1=48.01kc One of the best place to change T/C. Rec
$2 JAS Smenarna: Florenc Bus Station (Main Hall) M-F7-18, SaS-15, Su8:30-15:30 Com: Cash 1.5%, T/C 3%, min. 20kc. $1=25.72, GBP1=47.32
! Warning Bureau de Changes: Many charge high commission up to 9%. However, several places offering exchange near the Charles Bridge and in Jewish area were offering good rates for cash and charging 0-2%. Be careful, check around.
ATM Many, they are everywhere. Most accept M/C, Visa.
P1 Tourist Police Olsanska 2, P3,(Zizkov)
P2 Police: (Town center) Jungmannova nam 9, Praha 1, T61451760 If you are robbed, you need to file a report at the main Police Station in the area where the robbery took place.
H1 Hospitals: Na Homolce Roentgenova 2, P5. T 5727-2146, 24 hrs
H2 American Medical Ctr Janovskeho 48 P7, T807756-8
H3 First Aid Medical Service: Palackeho 5, P1, 24 hrs.
Hp Pharmacies: Many, non-stop Palackeho 5, P1
M0 GPO/Telephone office: Jindrisska 14, P1 (Poste Restante #17 M-F7:00-20:00, Sa7:00-13:00) parcels (less than 2kg). Over 2kg must go to Post office at Plzenska 130, tram #9
M Branch: Kaprova P1. M-F8-19:00
M Branch: Masaryk Train St., Hyberska 15 P1, 1:00-24:00
Local call 3-4kc/min, Phone cards from 50 units - 175kc. For International telephone system, see the general info page.
to Toilets: Metro Stations, train station 3-5kc, Some cafes allow you to use their toilet with fee, 10kc, unless you are a customer. McDonald charges 5kc for even to customers.

A Ruzyne International Airport: About 15km W from the center T 2011 1111
Access to/from town: Bus: #119 to/from Dejvicka, last stop on Metro A 20 min., 12kc for whole journey..
CEDAZ Airport Bus to Namesti Republiky, 95kc
300-600kc. Not recommended - they often try to overcharge tourists.
Praha has extensive services to all over Europe There are 4 train Stations - always confirm station of departure.
T Hlavni Nadrazi (hl.n.) Wilsonova P2, Metro C: Hlavni Nadrazi Main station. Information offices on Gr & 1st F, Always long queues and staff are often unhelpful, send you somewhere else.-Better to get info from CEDOK agency, na Prikope. Wasteels Office, (upstairs from main hall) can give information/sell tickets for International services and under 26 discounts. There is a travel agency up the stairs near the Gr F information office, this also gives information, sells all kinds of transport tickets, accepts credit cards.
Tourist Office in main hall.
ATM in Gr F info office.
coin lockers:
10kc, You set your own code inside of the locker. If you forget your code, 30kc handling charge to open it.
Left luggage - articles up to 15kg-
15kc, over 14kg-30kc.
24 hrs but they take 30 min break, 3 times during 24 hrs. Check the time
Art nouveau cafe on 2nd F. Should visit, the only relaxing space in the station.
Wasteels office: M-F7-20, Sa8-15:00. sells discount international train tickets. For -26, 25% discount. If you are not -26, you may buy a card called "Rail plus" Euro 25 which allow you to buy ticket with 25%.
T Holesovice (Hol.): Vrbenskeho, P7
Metro C: Nadrazi Holesovice
T Masarykovo Nadrazi(Mas.): Hybernska, P1 post office(1-24:00) Metro B: nam. Republiky.
T Smichovske Nadrazi(Pr.Smv): Nadrazni, P5,
Metro B: Smichovske nadrazi
Praha has extensive bus services international and domestic, leaving from many different stations. When buying ticket always confirm departure point.
B1 Praha Florenc: Krizikova,P8, Metro B or C: Florenc. Main station. Always long queues at ticket office and information desk. The staff at the info counter speak simple English.
International buses: You may buy a ticket at the counter or the bus company, Tourbus office(upper floor 8:00-20:00), Eurolines(ground floor,T24298680) or from travel agencies. Domestic buses: On some domestic routes you must buy the ticket from the ticket counter, others you buy from the bus driver. It's very confusing.
left Luggage: upper floor,
30kc/day. 5-23:00
No cafe at the bus station. Some bufet near the bus station.Very few places to wait for the bus around the bus station. Probably MacDonald near 5 min on foot.
Super maket: near the Metro station.
Exchange: M-F7-18, Sa7-15, Su8:30-15:00. Cash 1.5%, T/C 3%, min. 20kc.
$1=26.52, GBP1=48.55
B2 Zelivskeho bus station: Metro A Zelivskeho
B3 Smichovske Nadrazi: P5, Metro B
B4 Holesovice Partyzanska: P7, Metro C: nad.Holesovice
B5 Roztyly Rysaveho: P4, Metro C: Roztyly
Car Sharing Service:
C Town to Town: Praha 1, Narodni 9, T2207-5407 This organization matches passengers with drivers heading to the same city. The fee is set according to distance + passenger insurance. You can see the availabilities for the cars at

Local Transport
Prague has an extensive, cheap and efficient transport system. Metro and tram covers most of the city, buses operate mainly in outer areas. Tickets are interchangeable for bus, tram & metro.
! Cannot buy tickets on board. Buy from Post Offices, kiosks, orange machines and DP offices at some metro stations. Tickets must be validated in machines at metro stations, on buses & trams.
! Warning: Random ticket inspection - 800kc(spot payment 400kc) , 50kc for not obtaining the luggage ticket fine if you don't have a validated ticket. They dress normal cloth(not uniforms), but they have badges.
Bus & trams: regular services from 5-24:00 and a restricted service from 24:00 till morning.
Night trams No 51-58, the main transfer point is Lazarska st. Night buses 501-512, Several run from Wilsonova (Metro:Museum).
Charges: single: 8kc on bus(15 min) or tram(4 stops) -1 journey no transfers, 12kc for 1hr weekdays, 90min on Weekends or after 20:00. Transfers possible.
Baggage: larger than 25 x 45 x 70 - must have
6kc ticket.
1 day pass(24 hrs):
70kc, 3 days: 200kc, 7 days: 250kc. 15 day: 280kc.
Prague Card
560kc, St.460kc
for tourists, as well as covering transport for 3day, it also includes free entry to many sights, ask at tourist office for details.
Important routes:
1) Bus #119:
the airport to/from Dejvicka Metro A.
2) Bus #176: to/from Nove Butovice Metro B.
3) Tram #22: Passes many of the tourist sights. Be careful of pick-pockets.
Funicular: Operates up and down Petrin Hill from 15 mins. 9:15- 20:45 every 15min. Good views from the top. Use regular transport tickets. Tram: #6,9,12, 22, 23, 57, Ujezd stop
Taxi Metred. Drivers can charge what they like but they must list their charges, usually on the door. From 30kc/ km. Often overcharge. Better to use public transport. AAA Taxi is reputed to be one of the better companies.
Travel Agents
ta GTS: Ve Smeckach 33 P1, T222 211 204, M-F8-20:00 Sa10-16:00 Student organization that understands budget travelers needs. Rec
T220-113-008(daily 7-19:00)
ta Cedok: Na Prikope 18 24197618,
Gives info on and reserves tickets for all international transport (accepts credit card), domestic trains, accommodation, cultural performances -theater, opera, etc. You may have to wait a long time but the staff speak excellent English, the service is much better than at bus & train St.
ta Eurolines: Opletalova 37, Opposite the Hlavni nadrazi train station
ta Bohemiatour: Zlatnicka 7
ta Bohemian Lines: T231355
ta Tourbus: Krizikova 4-6 P8, 1st F of Florenc bus station. T/F24210221 8-20:00
ta Captal Express: U Vystaviste 3, T870368 Bus to London
ta CK Aisa Special: Na Povici 6 T2320616, M-F9:30-18:30,
NY-9650, BKK-13400, KL-15990, Syd-25950, Peking/Singapore 17490, HK17100, LA 13650ck(2000 info)

Souvenir shops
Karlov Bridge and throughout Staromestska area.
s Fantazie Kubenova: Rytirska 19, 10:00-18:00 A huge stock of marionette puppets.
s Krone: Vaclavske nam 21. Metro-A/B: Mustek
s TESCO: Narodni 26 M-F7-20:00, Sa8-18,Su9-18. Metro-B: Nadodni Trida
s Julius Meini: Rejna #8, M-F7-20, Sa7-16, Su 10-18:00, Metro-A/B: Mustek
m Market: Narodni behind TESCO. Fruit & souvenoir market. Metro-B: Nadodni Trida
m Market: Haverska, Fruit & souvenoir market for tourists. Metro-A/B: Musket
s The Globe: Pstrosova 6, 10-24:00, Metro-B: Nadodni Trida. Very good selection of English books & 2nd hand. Good notice board, excellent cafe and free internet.
s Big Ben: MalaStupartska 5,Metro: Nam Republic M-F9:00-18:3, Sa/Su10:00-17:00
Central location. Good English selection - large range of guide books, contemporary and Eastern European fiction, best sellers. No cafe but next door to one.
s Anagram: Tynska, courtyard off alley from Starometske nam. M-Sa 10-22, Su10-18. New shop with new & 2nd hand books. Excellent selection with discounts.
s U Knihomola Int.: Manesova 79, Metro-A Jiriho z Podebrad Also cafe, Excellent selection of foreign language books and magazines.
Some Hostels offer a laundry service -
la Laundryland: Londynska 71, 8-22:00 (Metro A-Nam Miru) Cafe attached.
la Cistirna Odevu: Prag City Center Klimentsk 46, M-Sa 9-22, Su 8-20. Wash & Dry 200kc.
la Laundromat: Karunni 14 P2(near the Most Legil bridge, just N from Narodni street.), Wash & Dry ?kc. Metro-B Narodni tr.
s Photo Developing: Fotografia: 36 film developing, small print - 1hr 342kc, next day 316kc. (98 info)
ma Massage: Golf Club, 510 Strakonicka (Metro B: Smichovski nadrazi), T57321229 280kc/hour(98 info)
sw YMCA: Na Porici 12, T2487-5811, M-F6:30-22, SaSu10-21:00, 1kc/min.(15min free to change cloth.) for swimming pool, machine room, classes for aerobics, sauna, etc. Excellent facilities. Transport: Tram Nam Repulbiky

One of Praha's main attraction is the wealth of cultural performances held here. There is an extensive program of reasonably priced, Opera, Classical and Church music (from 250+kc, st. 290kc), 'Black theater', Marionette Theater, Rock /Jazz Concerts, etc. The Tourist Office issue a free booklet 'Prague cultural events' (Monthly). The English newspaper The Prague Post, (weekly) and the free Domesta/Dowtown have weekly entertainment listings. If box offices are sold out then buy tickets from agencies, the Tourist Office, Cedok, etc. Returned/Leftover tickets are sometimes available at the box office, from 1hr before the performance.
Listed below are the main venues. (All info below is '98)
th1 Prague State Opera: Wilsonova 4 P1, Metro C:Museum T24227666 Box Office-T265353 M-F10-17, SaSu10-12,13-17:30 Prices from 400-1000kc
Performances at 19:00. Closed until Aug 17, 1998. The main Operas this season are Nabucco, Aida, La Traviata.
th2 Liechtenstein Palace: Open Air, Malostranske nam. 13, Metro A:Malostranska, tram 22 T530943 Box Office M-F15-19
Jul 10-Aug 16th 98, 20:30 features Don Giovanni (Mozart), La Traviata (Verdi),550+kc St450+kc
th3 The National Theater: Narodni tr. 2 P1,
Metro B:Narodni tr. T24901448 Box Office M-F10-18, Sa/Su10-12:30, 15-18:00 Prices 700+kc
th4 Estates Theater: Ovocny tr 1P1, Metro A,B:Mustek T24214339
th5 Bertramka, Mozart Museum: Mozartova 169, Praha 5, T543893 Metro B:Andel, tram 4,6,7,9,12,14
th6 Laterna Magika: Narodni tr. 4, Metro B:Narodni tr. T24914129 Evening performances 20:00, Matinees Sa 17:00. Theater holidays: Jul28-Aug24 Box office is open M-F10-20, Sa/Su15-18:00. Can also buy tickets at agencies such as the Tourist Office, CEDOK, etc Internet:
A different theatrical experience - using a combination of media - dance, film, mime, lights, pantomime. No talking.
450-600kc, discounts for students. A few other similar performances in Prague. Ask at tourist information office.
th7 Black Light All Colour Theatre: Rytirska 31, P1 T21610114, from 20:30 430kc Puppet performance under black light looks really fantastic.
th8 National Marionette Theater: Zatecka 1, P1, T24819322 Open at 20:00, June/Aug/Sep Th-Tu, March-May/Oct MTuThF, Dec 26-Jan 4. 490kc, st.390kc
Many in town, prices vary 60-120kc. Evening shows & newer shows are more expensive. Go early for a cheaper show.
c Open Air Cinema: Strelecky Ostrov island Jul- Sep. daily 22:00, 60-80kc Show Czech Films with English subtitles, a great opportunity to discover Czech film. Definately worth a visit. Blanik(Vaclavske nam 56) Broadway: (Na Prikope 31 80kc) Hvezda: (Vaclavske nam 38 110kc) Lucerna: (Vodickova 36 Art nouveau style cafe attached, live music in evenings.) Galaxie: (Haje, P4, 8 screens)
Pub Tours Tours of Praha's historic, literary and ghostly quarters with pub stops en route, are offered by a number of companies. You'll see posters around advertising them. The tourist office may have information.
Gordon at Travelers Hostel on the island S from Charles Bridge,organises one.

May Czech Chamber Music Festival Mozart tradition
5/12-6/2 Praha Spring Music Festival Classical concerts are held at different venues.
5/30-6/8 Praha International Pupet Performance Festival
6/11-19 11th International Music Festival
9/9-10/20 Praha Autumn-International Music Festival
10/28-11/1 Praha International Jazz Festival

English Publications
Newspapers: Prague Post Published weekly on Wed.50kc Comprehensive listing of entertainment and basic tourist info.
Magazines: Think Monthly, free. An alternative magazine with an attitude: smart, amusing and vicious.

@ Internet @
There are many new internet cafes in Prague now. The speed is very comfortable. But the prices stay very high.
Free internet
@0 The Globe: Pstrosova 6 P1, 10-24:00, Metro-B: Nadodni Trida. about 8 PC for free to use. 15min free. If you have your own laptop with LAN facility, you can connect to their network. Highly Rec.
@1 Kave Kave Kave: Nadodni, 10-24:00, Metro-B: Nadodni Trida. This is a coffee shop. If you order a coffee more than 50kc, 15min internet is free.
Central Area
There are too many to list now. But they are very expensive.
@2 Cybeteria Cafe: Stepanska 18 T2223-0707 M-F10-20, Sa12-18, 25kc/15min. Metro Museum or Mustek
@3 Internet Cafe Prague: Narodni tr.25 M-F9-21, 30kc/15min. Friendly, helpful staff & very fast service, however not a cafe, cramped environment.
Metro-A/B Mustek or Narodni tr.
@4 Obecni dum: Nam. Republicy 5, P1. Housed in a magnificent Art Nouveau building, attached to a high class restaurant, most expensive facilities. 40kc/10min, 3kc/extra min.
Others in the center. Grandma's Internet & Tea: Na Prikope 25(2kc/min.), Hermes: Nekazanksa 10(100kc/hr)
a little far from the center
@5 The Terminal Bar: Soukenicka 6 P1, NE from the center, 10-25. M-F 1.5kc/min. SaSu 1kc/min. Very popular, trendy, stylish cafe with fashionable environment. Bar, bookshop. Occasionally has spiderwoman evenings - free internet for women. Tram #5,8 or14 at Dlouha trida.
@6 Spika: Dlazdena 4 P1, T2421-1521 NE from the center, E 8-24:00, 20k/15min. Transport: Metro nam Republiky/train station Masarykovo(E from there)
@7 Blue@mail: Konviktska 8, W from the center, P1 N from the Narodni street. T2422-1099. M-ThSu10-22, FSa10-23:00. 18kc/15min. a bit hard to find but the good facility.Metro-B Narodni tr.
@8 Electra: Rasinovo Nabrezi 62, P2, T297038, SW from the center, M-F8-24, SaSu11-24:00 40-80kc/h. Their system shows the time and prices on the screen. Very useful. Tram #4,7,10,14,52 Karlovo nam. Rec
The other side of the river
@9 U Paulanskych: Ujezd 31, W from the center, M-F10-22, SaSu12-22. 2kc/min. tram #12, 22, 23, 57 Ujezd near the funicular station.

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