KUTNA HORA, Czech Rep.

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Monday isn't a good day to visit - the Cathedral and the Silver Mine are closed. In most of the places, you will be handed a paper explaining the sites. Available in English and many other languages. You should return it when you leave.
S.W from the main square. on Barborska
S1 Cathedral of St Barbara: S end of Baborska
Mon closed. Nov-Mar9-12, 14-16, Apr, Oct 9-12, 13-16, May-Sep9-18 last admission 30min before closing.
50kc, St.25kc. Built 1388-1588, Gothic/Baroque style. An impressive building with beautiful gothic and renaissance murals. The area is a popular place for walks.
S2 Jesuit College: Barborska, Built late 17th C. Baroque style, in the shape of a letter 'F', in honor of the Emperor Ferdinand II. In front of the college there is a promenade of Baroque sculptures.
S3 Hradek Castle(Silver Mine & Museum): Barborska, Mon closed. Apr,Oct 9-17, May Jun,Sep 9-18, Jul, Aug 10-18:00 Nov to March closed. Entry fee to Museum and Silver Medieval Mine 100kc, St50kc. Can be visited by tour only. If you take a mine tour which lasts 1.5 hrs. English guide 400kc. It is very popular site so you should book it early in summer.
W from the main square
S4 Plague column: on Sultysova.
S5 Kamenny dum (Stone House): Vaclavske nam.
Apr,Oct 9-17, May,Jun, Sep9-18, Jul,Aug10-18:00, Nov-Mar closed.
40kc/ St 20kc. Burgher's house, built 1487-1515, High Gothic style.
S6 The Stone Fountain: Built 1495, Gothic style.
S from the main square
S7 St James Church: Jakubska, Built 1330, Early Gothic style. The 83m high tower, is a town landmark. Entry limited to religious services.
S8 Vlassky Dvur (Italian Court)/Coin Museum:
Nov-Feb10-16, Mar,Oct 10-17, Apr-Sep 9-18:00
Entry fee: Rooms & Coin Museum:70kc, St.50kc,
visted with guided tour only. English guide is available. Under scaffolding at time of research (2003). Built late 13th C. Originally used as a Royal Palace, then as a Royal mint. Concerts are held here during festivals. Gardens surroundings with scenic views overlooking the valley.
N. of the town: near the Main train station
  Alchemy Museum, Sankturin House: originally gothic, rebuilt in Baroque style building is home to the new, world's first alchemy museum. Apr-Oct10-17, Nov-Mar 10-15:00. 30kc/St. 20kc. homepage:
S9 Graveyard Church of All Saints & Kostnice: (Ossuary) Sedlec. Apr-Sep 8-18, Oct9-12/13-17 Nov-Mar9-12/13-16:00
10 min. walk from train Station. Walk as far as the big church, take the road opposite - follow the sign.
Entry fee: 35kc, St.20kc, Camera charge 30kc-15min, video charge 60kc-15min. Combined ticket with Katedrala P. Marie 50kc, St25kc

Kutna Hora's most famous sight - the 'bone' church. When the attached cemetery became overfull, the chapel was used as an ossuary - bone storage. In 1870 a woodcarver called Frantisek Rint, made ornamental decorations out of the bones. The chandelier and the altar are the finest examples of his handiwork. Modest looking church. (Scaffolding surrounds the Church but it is the interior that is the main attraction). Built end of 14th C. Originally in Gothic style, rebuilt in 18th C in Baroque Gothic style.
S10 Katedrala P.Marie: Sedlec. Temporarily closed (2003) Nov-Mar need reseervation by phone, Apr-Sep 8:30-12/13-17:30, Oct 9-12/13-17
10 min. walk from train Station.
Entry fee: 30kc, St.15kc, Camera charge 30kc-15min, video charge 60kc-15min. Combined ticket with the born church 50kc, St25kc

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