KUTNA HORA, Czech Rep.

$1=27.410, Nov 14, 2004

Several of the restaurants in the main square have outside terraces (reflected in the prices). But if you go away from the main square, most restaurants offering good food with resonable prices.
On the square (Palackeho nam)
r Piazza Navona: Pizza/cafe Also operates fastfood lunchtime place on square.
Near the square (not on the square.)
r bufet?: Husova+Jakubska, Tu-Fr8-14, Sa8-11
Soup/Pate/Pork Basic, stand up bufet. Crowded with workmen. Limited menu - goulash style soup is the main dish.
r Grose: Kollarova 313 10-22:00
Czech Daily specials less than 60kc, Other 80kc+, Beer 14/20kc Popular with locals. Tasty, good value. Order from the Czech 'daily' specials (not on the English menu). Highly Rec
r McKfas-food: Kollarova, fast food McD's ala Czech style. Meal 60+kc. Basic but good value.W from the square
Little further W from the square
r Kata Konby Restaurant: Sultysova 164 11-23/24.
Czech 60-100kc pasta 75kc Daily student specials around 60kc. Basement cellar interior, trendy, contemporary decor.
r U Kamenneho Domu : Lierova 4, 11-22:00
Czech Daily specials under 75kc, Beer 22kc
Popular with locals. Tasty, good value. Pleasant environment. Highly Rec
r U Rytiru: Husova 123, M-F11-14, 17-20:30 Closed mid July/Aug Czech M-F Daily specials(11-13:00) under 50kc. I could not review this deal. If it is true, Highly Rec
r New Peking: Ceska + Vaclaske nam, 11-23:00 Chinese 120kc+, but (M-F11-14) daily specials less than 60kc. No review yet.
Barborska, street toward the cathedral
r K Grill: Barborska+Komenskeho nam. M-Sa9:30-17
Grilled chicken Tasty grilled chicken, good for picnics.
r U Varhanare: Barborska(behind the museum), 11-23:00 Czech/International, 70-100kc Garden seats near the wall have wonderful views over the valley. Highly Rec for the views
r U Hrncire: Barborska 24 Czech/Deserts espresso 24kc, beer 23kc. A small, quaint restaurant with outside, garden seating. Food is average but atmosphere is pleasant & cozy.
r U Hradku Cafe: Barborska 33 (Closed, Building under renovation at time of research) Coffee Tu-Su10:00-17:00
W from the St. Barbara Cathedral
r Sance: Kremnicka 46, Czech 70kc Beer 12/20kc
Popular local bar. Food is average but the beer's cheap and it's a good place to meet, play darts with the locals.
N from the center.
r Opera: Masarykova ?(on the main road to the bone church from the center. 250m from the S end of the street.), 11-22/23:00 Czech Daily specials less than 60kc,Beer 12/20kc Popular with locals. Very cheap but taste is not bad. It's open on Su.Highly Rec 2000 info

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