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There are several well-run, good value hostels here, run by owners who understand travelers needs. All charge around 400kc/bed. Either reserve ahead or get here early as all hostels are quite small - usually around 12 -15 beds. The tourist office have accommodation-information boards on the wall which contains more than we list here. Pensions are everywhere for those who want to upgrade or can't find place in a hostel. Prices from around 800kc/double. The 2nd Tourist Offices have information on all kinds of accommodation, and they will reserve for you, no charge.

S E from the center: Take Horni E from the square and cross the bridge. The first three places are near the bridge but to get the next three, take a street(Rooseveltova) on the right and go further down.
h5 Theater Hostel(not a real name): Just after crossing the bridge, there is a theater on the left and go to a garden behind the theater, there is a entrance for the hostel. sb dr250kc C5. Beautifully renovated attic rooms. Rooms are doubles, triples.
h11 Hotel Ruze Horni 154, T711141,
sb d600kc-if reserved at Tourist Office, 740kc if reserved at hotel.
Historical building - 16th C Jesuit University. High class hotel with a small number of simple rooms (converted monks' cells)(98 info)
h12 Pension Barbakan: Horni ul. 26,27 T337-5017 (98 info)
ab d1200kc bf R C5
Traditional building, beautifully restored, great location. All rooms are large, airy, elegantly furnished with superb views of the river. Luxury at a very reasonable price. Rec
h6 U Vodnika: Hostel U Vodnika, Po vode 55, T7119 35,, d250Kc, d600Kc, La, I, K.C3, Known as the place to be, the US owners cater for the rowdy and sociable crowd. Highly Rec
h7 Krumlov House: Rooseweltova 68, T 7119351, dr250Kc d600Kc, La, I, k, C3, Sister to the above has a fantastic view of the town. Slightly more arty with strange things such as a red room for photo development. Feel free to pick up an instrument and start playing. Very peaceful, friendly staff and good security.
h8 Hostel Bar Bar: Dolni Namesticko 94, off Po Vode, T712508 sb dr120-160kc, d 160-220/p bar (98 info)

Vnitrni Mestro(Near the main square)
h1 Moldau Hilton Hostel: Parkan 116 (off Radnici, from the tourist office head N, and turn right just before the bridge), T 0606256145. d200Kc, 1 shower & toilet La, K, I, C3 Spacious recently renovated homestay situated on the banks of the Vltava river. The owner Yalli, is friendly and care free, making your stay in her airy attic a pleasant one. Rec
h2 Travelers Hostel: Soukenicka 43(W from the square), T 71 13 45. dr 220Kc, bf TV, I, k, La.C3
The best situated hostel in town and probably the most sociable. A bit cramped when full, but it does have a great bar downstairs where backpackers from other hostels come to. Nightly movies.
h3 Na Hradbach: Kajovska 59 T0606256145,
sb dr200kc Kitchen I free tea/coffee C4 la30kc

Appartment feel, best value double rooms. Good facilities. Also has Czech guests.
Highly Rec
h4 Ryba: Rybarska 5(Go S from the square and cross the bridge. You can see the hostel sign from the bridge.) T711801 sb dr250kc kitchen La I C4 fireplace terrace Attractive location on the river. 3 x 5 bed dormitories. Rooms are spacious and snowly-white-clean sheets supplied.7th night free. Highly Rec

h9 Hostel 99: Hostel 99, vezni 99 (off Latran. N of the town. Just after get off a bus at Spicak, cross the bridge. You will see a sign on the left.),
dr200Kc, CTV, rental bike, Bar @ C3 Social hostel filled with long timers, who like to smoke things other than cigarettes. Such as bike hire, cable TV, Bar, Tube and bike hire, internet access. The young pair of owners are former backpackers, so they know what we want. Rec
h10 Skippy: Plesivecka 123,(From the square, go S, cross the bridge, take stairs up and walk 10min.) T728380
sb dr175kc d380kc La Kitchen C3
Simple home-stay style with friendly, untidy hosts. Maximum 8 people. Owners are musicians. Excellent river views.

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