Area Code 337 $1=Cash36.07, Jul 30, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

If you took a bus from Ceske Budejovice, the bus stops at Spikac bus stop which is probably the first bus stop. Ask local people if it is Ceske Krumlov or not, if so get off and cross the road by a bridge over the road and continue walking on the same street to the main square where tourist office is located. You can get all information you need.
i Infocentrum: Namesti Svornosti 1, T/F711183,Summer 9-19:00. Lots of information. maps, brochures, tickets for classical performances, hostel, hotel & pension info - has catalogue with photos of various accommodation, will reserve for you. Transport info - computer access to bus & train schedules. Exchange 2% com, min 30kc-cash, 50kc-T/C. Cash $1=36.43, T/C $1=37.14
i Unios Tourist Service: Zamek 57,(Castle grounds) T7212219 F712424, e-1-mail: Summertime 8-22:00, Private tourist office, but with lots of 'free' information. Also offers most of the services offered by government office - maps, transport info, etc. plus city tours - 130kc/p, left luggage, attached internet cafe - 50kc/30min, 90kc/1hr.
Banks are generally open M-F9:00-16:00/17. Higher rates for T/C than cash. Rates and commission policies vary so check around. Change bureaus open everyday but commission is higher, from 3.5%, the Tourist Office charges 2%. Open daily.
$1 Raiffeisenbank: Nam. Svornosti M-F9-16/17 com. cash 2%, T/C 1.5%
$2 IP Banka: Nam Svornosti M-F8-17. Com Cash 2% T/C 4%
$ Moravia Bank: Off SW corner of nam Svornosti M-F8-16:00, com cash 2%, min 20kc. T/C 1% min 30kc. Cash Advance. This place is good if you only want to change a small amount.
$3 Exchange Bureau Vlatva T/A: Kajovska 62
ATM: Several around the main square. Visa/Master Card
P1 Foreigner's Police Station Tovarni St, 500m from the gas station.
P2 City Police Station Namesti Svornosti, same building as tourist office. Come here first to report incidents - theft, etc.
H1 Nemocnice Hospital: Off Hrbitovni,
H2 Poliklinika: Trida Miru, near the cinema
Hp Pharmacy/Lekarna: Several on/near the square.
M0 Post Office GPO: 193 Latran M-F7:00-18:00, Sa7:00-11:00
M1 Telephone Office? Telephone Cardphone outside Post Office and on Na Louzi. Buy cards from Post Office or Tourist Office. 50 units 175kc.

Mainly connecting with Ceske Budejovice, 25km NE, is the main transport center.
T Train Station: 2km N from center, up the hill. Train to Ceske Budejovice, 1hr, 23kc?. Bus is faster, more convenient. There are 1-2 buses/hour between bus-train station. 4kc?.
B1 Bus Terminal Off Pod skalkou, E from Center.
Many buses to Ceske Budejovice 30min,
fare 20kc +luggage 5kc, reduced service at weekends. Some direct buses to Prague (more from Ceske Budejovice.)
B2 Spicak bus stop N from Center, near the Cinema. All buses stop here as well as the bus station, better access to the historic center.

Local Transport
The town is tiny, everywhere is walkable. Bicycle is popular for trips outside of town. Several Agents hire mountain bikes. May also be possible to hire from some Hostels.
rb Valtva: Kajovska 62 T711406

m Market ?
s Souvenir shops: Many around town.
s1 Supermarket: Jednota Kaplicka + Taverna M-F7:00-17:30, Sa7:30-11:30
s2 Spar mini-market: Linecka 49 M-F7:00-18:30, Sa7:00-18:00, Su9:00-18:00
s Photo Developing/Quality Several around town.
la Laundry at guest houses, around 100kc
Bicycle Rental:
h U Vodnika Po Vode: 200kc/day. For guests only.
rb Valtva TA: Kajovska 62 100kc/hour, 300kc/day

Th Open Air Theater Castle Grounds. A revolving auditorium that has a summer program of opera, ballet and classical theater. Ballet 200+kc, Opera 300+kc,Theater 160kc. Tu-Su 21:30. No performance on most Mondays. Tickets can be bought at infocentrum
c1 Cinema Jak: N from Post Office, near Spicak Bus stop. Evenings, 40+-kc.Program changes often.
sw Swimming Pool/Sauna: Flalkova, W out of town - check with Guest houses. Closed M. Sauna not open during summer. Swimming 18kc/session.

Paddling down the river is a popular summertime activity. Some of the Guest houses supply rubber inner-tubes for floating down the river. Great fun, but you will get soaked a couple of times, especially when going down the rapids. Canoeing is even more popular. Can even take classes.
Boat Rental:
ta Pepa Malecek: Horni, bottom of steps near Barbikan Pension T239771, 712508 internet:
canoe/boat hire from
180kc/30min. 450kc/2hrs, transport to starting point included.
ta Vlatva TA: Kajovska 62, T/F711978
Canoe/boat hire from
h Hostel 99: see accommodation info 40kc/hr, 300kc/day

Festivals: Summer 1998
No new information is provided at this moment. Use the info below for just reference.
Jun 19-21 Five Petal Rose Festival Medieval festival. Music and dance. Stage set up in main square
Jun 25-Jul 7 Festival of Chamber Musik
Jun 19-Jul 11 Performance of Shakespeare's A Midsumers Night Dream at 21.30, priceRusalka (The Water Nymph), by Dvorak at the revolving open air theater, Castle grounds.
Jul 10-19 Festival of Early Musik
Jul 12-25 Piano Festival
Jul 15-26 Performance of The Tempest by W Shakespeare at the revolving open-air theater, Castle grounds.
Jul 28-Aug 3 Organum hydraulicum Concerts take place in Churches along the River Vlatva
Jul 29- Aug1 Performance of Giselle Ballet, at the revolving open air theater, Castle grounds.
Aug7-22 International Music Festival
Aug 7-16  Performance of Magic Flute Opera by Mozart, at the revolving open air theater, Castle grounds.
Aug 20-30 Performance of Rusalka, Opera by Dvorak, at the revolving open air theater, Castle grounds.

@ Internet @
@1 Internet Cafe: Castle Courtyard, Zamek 57, 10-22:00, 15min-30kc, additional 20kc/15min
i Infocentrum: see information office 1kc/1min.

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