Ceske Budejovice, Czech Rep.

$1=37.8, July 25, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

For current time tables for trains/buses, check at

Bus Terminal: Kazarenska
Information counter - may not speak English but are used to dealing with foreigners. Write down where you want to go and there shouldn't be a problem.
Left luggage
8kc M-F6:30-18, Sa6:30-14, Su14-18
Bus code is very complicated. Click
More services to other W European cities - Genova, Pisa,etc. ask at Bus station.
Destination Price Duration Timetable
Vienna 180km 290 3.5h F 6:40
Linz (Austria) 109km 130? 2.5hr W Sa 6:45, Fr 8:15
Salzburg 440kc 3.0hr Sa 8:00, 8:45
Munich 800kc 5.0hr ThSa0:30, Su17:30
Milano 1730kc 14.0hr WThSa0:30
Genova 1800kc 14.0hr Th20:25
Frankfurt 1100kc 9:0hr Sa0:05
Nice ?kc 16.0hr F16:10
Pula(Croatia) ?kc 13.0hr FSa20:15

Destination Price Duration Timetable
C. Krumlov 20kc 1hr M-F Many 4:30-22:30
Sa 7:50,9,9:30,9:55, 12:35,14:35,16:15,18:15
Su 7:50, 9:30,10:00, 12:35,13:30, 14:35, 16:15, 17:15, 18:15, 19:30, 21:25
Praha 110kc 2hr Many 5:20-18:30
X5:20, bN5:30, 5:55, V6:15, PV6:30, S8:00, X9:00, 9:30, S12:00, bN13:50, X15, N15:45, X+N16,, N17:30, N18:30
Pilzen 110kc 2hr M6:45, 7:45
Telc 77kc 2hr X12:45, b13:15, V13:30, 15:00, N16:00, N16:54
Brno 150kc 4hr bN5:40, 7, V+9, b13:15, VN13:00, 15:00, N16:54,

Train Station Nadrazni. Information will give you computer printouts of specific routes timetables.
M-F6:50-18:15, SaSu 7:15-18:40: coin locker
Return tickets are valid for 2 months. Can stopover on route
Supplements for 'EC' trains.
60kc, IC 30kc Reservation 20kc
International train to Austria
To cut the train fare as much as possible: We did not take this route. However if I apply the same rule at Breclav, you should buy a ticket to a Czech border station, Velenice or H.Dvorise, then you buy the rest of the journey on board.
Vienna 811 kc Linz 423kc
Saltzberg 892
The following the time table in 1998. We will update the time schedule as soon as possible.
Train to Velenice or V.n.Luznici(Czech border station) and change a train to Gmund, and train to Linz/Saltzberg.
C.B. dep Velenice: arr/dep Gmund, arr/dep Vienna arr
fare 36kc 95kc? 811 kc
5:42 7:01/7:32 7:37/8:40 10:55
8:24 9:36/10:16 10:20/ ?
12:03 13:05/14:20 14:25/14:40 16:57
16:56 18:01/18:21 18:25/18:40 20:55
C.B. dep Vn.Luznici arr/dep Gmund, arr/dep Vienna arr
In addition to the above trains there may be others via V.nLuznici. below is 1 option.
8:38 9:10/9:22 10:20/10:40 12:55
Train to Horni Dvorise,Czech border station, change train to Summerau, for train to Linz/Salzburg
* trains are through trains. We are not sure whether you have time to get an onward ticket in Austria.
C.B. dep H.Dvorise arr/dep Summerau arr Linz
fare 38 kc ? kc 423kc
05:23 06:48/07:07 07:16 ?
10:02* 11:03/11:08 11:17 ?
12:15 13:52/14:10 14:19 ?
17:58* 18:59/19:08 19:17 ?
18:59 20:05/20:10 20:19 ?
22:50 23:56/00:02 00:11 ?
Destination Price Timetable dep time(Arrival time)
C. Krumlov 23kc? ?05:15(A6:18),7:17(A8:21),8:56(A9:47)
15:03(A16:05),17:18(A18:28), 19:17(A20:19),22:43(A23:33)?
Praha 110kc 169km, Many. between 5:40-21:30
Pilzen 90kc 176km, Many trains
Brno 152kc 232km, 8:30(12:59), 14:20(18:40), 16:39(21:13)@May requires to change at Veselin and Jihlava
Telc 90kc 136km, 5:20(8:56), 6:40(10:25), 8:38(11:27), 12:00(16:04), 14:20(17:35), 16:20(19:32), 16:39(19:32), 16:44(21:10)
May requires to change at Veselin and Kostelc

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