Ceske Budejovice, Czech Rep.

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The old town center with its huge square and attractive architecture - a mix of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, is enjoyed best by walking around. The city sights can easily be seen in half a day. If you plan to do the brewery tour as well allow a whole day. A trip to Hluboka Palace will take another half day. It's possible to visit Ceske Krumlov for a day from Ceske Budejovice but it's such a beautiful town with lots to see and do that it's better to stay over at Krumlov at least a couple of days.

Photo: View from the top of Black Tower

S1 Namesti Premysl Otakar II Square in town center 10min walk from train/bus stations. The largest square in the Czech Republic. Most of the buildings are Renaissance style but there are a few important examples of Baroque and Gothic architecture.
S2 Samson's Fountain Center of Nam. Prem. Otakar II Built between 1721-27 - Baroque style. The Sculpture on the top of the fountain is of Samson killing a lion.
S3 Radnice (City Hall) W side of Nam. Prem. Otakar II Built between 1727-1730 - Baroque style. Ornately decorated with gargoyles and other sculptures. The 4 main statues symbolize Justice, Courage, Wisdom & Caution.
S4 Kostel sv Mikulase (St Nicholas Cathedral) Open 7-18:00 The original Gothic style Cathedral was burnt down in 1641, the present, Baroque-style building, was built shortly afterwards.
S5 Cerna vez: (Black Tower) U Cerne veze, N from the square. Open 10-18:00.
Entry fee:10kc
Built 1549-1557. 72m high tower with great views of the city.
r1 Masne Kramy: (Butchers Market) Krajinska 13 Formerly the meat market, converted into a restaurant. The present building dates from 1554 - Renaissance style.
Original cloister church of Virgin Mary, Dominican monastery and White tower: just NW from the square. M-Sa 10-12, 14-19, Su9:30-12. 14-19:00.
S South Bohemian Museum: SE from the main square. on the ring road.Tu-Su 9-17:30, 35kc st-50% off.
S Horse Railway Station: Manesova Tu-Su 9-17:30 6kc
The oldest Railway Station in Europe. Has an exposition on the Horse Railway line that used to run between Ceske Budejovice & Linz. Small exhibition in Czech and German. Just walk S from the tourist office until you hit the ring road. You will see a wagon.
S Budweiser Brewery Tour: Svetle 4 .T7705341 M-F70kc., Sa100kc Usually tour starts 14:00
Transport: Bus No #2 to bus stop Budvar, from bus station or from Marianske nam, just N from old town - 6kc
S Hluboka Castle Hluboka nad Vltavou, 15km N from the city. Open: Jul-Aug 10-17, Apr-May/Sep-Oct Tu-Su10-17. Can be visited only with guided tour. There are 4 different tours. Student can get 50% off. Fee Czech tour/Foreign tour
Tour A-Main Tour:
Tour B-Armory: (not available at this moment)
Tour C-Grand Tour: Armory, Theatre, Chapel,
Tour D-Kitchen Tour:
For foreign language tours are available in English, German French. However, they cannot offer this service only the staff available. At the time of the research, only Tour A was available with E/G/F. The others are all in Czech.
A fairy tale castle. Built in 13th C in Renaissance/Baroque style. The castle was completely renovated between 1841 & 1871, copying the design of Windsor Castle. Can only see the interior on a guided tour - the library is particularly impressive.
Gallery: The next to the castle.
30kc st-15kc 9-11:30, 12-18:00
Transport From Bus station or stops on route. Take Bus heading to 'Tyn nad Vlt.' 12kc. Pay the driver. Get off at Hluboka nad Vlt., with most of the other people. Walk up the hill past the castle-like luxury hotel.
To come back to C.B, M-F many buses, Sa many except between 12:31-15:33, last bus 19:10, Su many except btw 13:08-16:45, last 18:50
S Holaspvoce: UNESCO World Heritage site. The entire village and the life style of the village.
Transport: Bus from Ceske Budejovice 16-29kc M-F5:45, 6:30, 6:45, 7:00, 11, 11:30, 11:50, 15:00, 16:00, 17:15, 18:35
For Sa 12:15, Su 14, 18:35
To return to CB many, Sa 13:05, Su 12:50, 17:40

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