BRNO, Czech Republic

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Most of Brno's sights are in the center of the city and can be seen in one day. There are several possible daytrips from Brno to caves in the region or the historical towns of Olomouc and Telc.
S1 Castle(Hrad) Spilberk:.On the top of the hill W from the old Brno. Open Tu-Su 9-18:00 (Jun-Sep), 9-17:00 (Oct-May). Entry fee 20kc, st-10kc, English guided tour 10kc/p(need min. 10) If you are less than 10, just wait and look for other foriegn travelers. Gothic style built by Pfemysl Otakar II in 13C. Once used as a prison, now houses a museum. Current exposition 'Jail of Nations' on Spilberk's past criminal and political prisoners. The Castle Casemates are open daily 9-18:00.
S2 Capucin Church Kapucinske nam. M-Sa9-12, 14-16:30, Su11-11:45,14-16:30 Entry:40kc St.20kc The main attraction is the collection of exposed mummified bodies on show in the crypt. To entrance follow the sign KRYPTA
S3 Stara Radnice (Old City Hall) and Svodody nam(main square): The tower dates from 13C, but the more impressive Gothic portal was added in 1510-11.
S4 Cathedral of St Peter & Paul Petrov Hill The black spires are visible from everywhere in the city. Gothic style, built in 12th C, rebuilt, baroque style, in early 18th C, rebuilt again early 20th C in neo Gothic style. Crypt Exhibition M-Sa11-18, Su13-18:00 Entey:10kc, St 7kc.
Tower 124 step
M-Sa11-18, Su13-18:00 Entey:20kc, St 15kc.
S5 House of Art Malinovskeho nam 2 Tu-Su 10-18 Entry fee:30kc, St15kc, free on Wed. Changing exhibitions, supposed to be one of the best art galleries in the Czech Republic but seemed badly maintained when we visited. .Rec.
S6 Cabbage Market Zelni trh M-F Early morning until 17/18:00 Many fruit and veg. stalls in the square. Has a local atmosphere. The open air cafes around the square are a pleasant place to have a coffee or pivo.
S Museum of Applied Art Moravske Galerie v Brne, Husova 18. W, F-Su 10-18:00, Th 10-19:00, Entry fee:60kc, St 30kc, free on 1st Friday of month.
S Basilika Nanebevzeti Panny Marie: Mendlovo nam 1, M-Sa17-19, Su7-12,17-19:00. It has a oldest wooden icon, black Madonna, 13th C. The interior is beautifully painted.
S Mendelianum: Mendlovo nam 1a, M-F8-17:00 SaSu9-18, comemorating Mendel's work. Entry 8kc/st-4kc
Moravsky Kras - 20km from Brno.There are many caves around this area. The most famous one is Punkovi Caves, in which people enjoy the cave by boat. Need reservation T0506-418602 Entry fee: Sep-Jun 50kc/st-16, Jul-Aug 70/st-25kc Tours maybe full in high season so go early. Underground caves full of impressive stalactites & stalagmites. Tours through the cave include a 1km walk and a short boat ride.
Other caves do not need any reservation. Openning hour varies. 8-16:00.
Entry 30-40kc
Access: train to Blansko30min. - 6:50,9:50,10:55 then Bus from Blansko to Skalni Mlyn - 7:40, 9:35, 11:40
To return Skalni Mlyn - Blansko 12, 15:20, 17 then Train Blansko-Brno - 12:30, 15:56, 17:58
S Olomouc: The small historic town of Olomouc is 1 and a half hours by bus or train from Brno. There are regular services throughout the day. Last train from Olomouc is 20:21 arr at Brno 22:03 Train 110km 72kc

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