BRNO, Czech Republic

Area Code 5, $1=37.8, July 20, 2000

Czech's Telephone system has been changed. See more details.

Many of the touristy restaurants in the main square have outside seating. From Monday to Friday luch time, Many restaurants are offering Menu around 70kc which are very good value. We did not include in our list but there are many open sandwich shops in Brno. They look very good, with 10kc. Size is bigger than ones in Vienna or Budapest. Specially one at Behounska look very nice.
r1 Pivnice Pegas: Jakubska 4 9-24:00
Czech 64-100kc
Popular beer hall. Tasty traditional meals in interesting surroundings - the restaurant is also a brewery, the vats are behind the bar. Light and dark home brews.
Rec for beer and environment however overcharging is common. Order only one with prices and service charge will be added to the foreigners.
r2 Diana: Ceska 25 Highly Rec M-F8:30-20,Sa9-13:00
Ice Cream /cafe stand. 8+kc
There are always queues for the ice cream. Wide selection, delicious nougat flavor.
r3 Terra Nostra: Ceska 32 Bakery/Cafe Cakes 20+ coffee 30kc+ Popular - delicious looking pastries, modern style cafe behind. Rec
r4 McDonalds's: Nam Svobody. Set manu 83-110kc
r5 Livingstones: Dominicanske, Czech/snacks Popular drinking place for young Czech's and students. Cheap student type food. Outside seating in the archways.Highly Rec
r6 Nefertiti: Josefska 1 Arabian Tea room tea/coffee 20+ more than 30 different tea and coffee are served as Arabian style in exotic tea room. fruit smoke(tobacco) with water pipe 70ks.. Rec
r7 Cukrarna: Josefska 4 coffee/cake cheap coffee, cakes less than 10ks. Very popular with locals enjoying beer in outside seatings.
r8 Gourmand: Josefska 14.Czech T4222-1614 M-Sa11-23:00. Very good restaurant. rather expensive but food is delicious . They have excellent Menu with 49kc. cover 10kc soda 10kc, service 10%. With 77kc you can have decent food for lunch. Rec
r9 Mescalito: Starobrnenska 3,near the Cabbage market. Beer, snacks Bar in stylishly renovated cellar. popular with Brno's young populace. Live music in evenings.

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